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GG Snowboards The GG Series Book #1 is a fresh new chapter book series for readers ages 5 9 In each book the sassy spunky GG—an eight year old Hispanic girl who lives in a big city apartment gets to try a new extreme or action sport In GG Snowboards the vibrant GG boldly tells her family “It’s the halfpipe or nothing” But snowboarding is a lot harder than she expected Can GG brave the lift? Slide the rails at the terrain park with her cousin Carlos? Or even ride the ginormous scary half pipe? With photo illustrations by a former member of the US Snowboard Team

10 thoughts on “GG Snowboards The GG Series Book #1

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    “An epic ride”—Susie Floros Editor in Chief Snowboard Magazine

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    Absolute delight This is a clever chapter book about a young girl who learns to snowboard for the first time It's a great sports book for girls and even boys I loved the addition of the black and white photos that's the first time I've seen that in an ebook Very cool The writing was wonderful GG the main character looks at the superpipe and sees the snow like a wall of death She uses the term weird to describe some of the phrases adults use without a second thought but make no sense to children like referring to your feet as dogs Too funny It makes me want to go learn how to snowboard too I highly recommend this great to read aloud with your children or for a new reader just starting with chapter books Can't wait for the next in this series

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    Wonderful little book about friendships and about learning how to snowboard This one is a first in a series and is by my friend Marty Mokler Banks who's written it with her niece who was a member of the US Snowboard team It's also got some great pictures and a wonderful addition to an early chapter book reader's list It's the first in a series about kids sports and friendship I like how this one is big on friendship family facing challenges and fears and how kids need to try sports that might seem strange and scary at first but after you give it a try you learn fast and always wind up smiling and making new friends

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    I won this book through Goodreads First ReadsThis is a wonderful chapter book for both children and adults I found myself enjoying the story especially the writing style The excitement GG has for learning to snowboard is both infectious and entertaining I even learned a few things I didn't already know about snowboarding from this bookI will definitely be putting this book to one side to lend to younger members of the family I highly recommend this book

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    Though I know this book was written for younger children I read it before sending it on to my great niece While I found the book very informative in respect to snowboarding I found the main character undeveloped and had no real connection to her or any of the other charactersrather felt like a how to snowboard book than a story Will pass this on and get feedback from my niece perhaps I am just too old for this book

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    This turned out to be somewhere in the middle of fictkon and nonfiction The story isn't much girl tries snowboarding and after a few challenges get pretty good at it but that's not the point of the book This is the book you want to give your little boarder before they get on the first time so they know what to expect and aren't too impatient with the process It's one thing for an adult to say You're going to fall down a lot and another to sympathize with GG

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    This book was so much fun Great choice for elementary age Its a great read aloud book or good for new readers The pictures were fun and so timely with the Olympics right around the corner GG was adorable with her funny spunky attitude and the snowboard action was such fun Looking forward to this series

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    Kind of new and different with the cool photos Different for this type of book and it works really well And all kids want to learn to snowboard so this will speak to those who have and those who just dream about it A good book for pre Olympic time too

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    This book reads like a friend talking to you Great new chapter book to add to my library The author Marty Banks came to my school today and talked to 2 4th graders Students were begging to check out he book Great book

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    While I have yet to read this book two of my four Grandchildren have read it Both girls ages 9 10 can not wait for the next book Both were unable to put the book down they wanted to keep reading very good sign Now to see what the Boys think 8 year old twins