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MOBI Mattō ☆ ☆ Freestyle Haiku and Spiritual Poetry - Collection 1 Epub

This book contains the first four chapters of Mattō's freestyle haiku and spiritual poetry Chapter 1 The six months of haiku in this chapter chronicle my life and my feelings as I dealt with some painful experiences During this time I grew emotionally I learned a lot about the world and I became close to new friends By the end of this trying time I realized important truths about myself about love and about loneliness Chapter 2 During the five months I wrote these haiku I found myself drawn to elemental energies In particular I felt the wind Scientifically wind is the mixing of different bodies of air as they rise and fall To me wind is about change serendipity opportunity and renewal Air is essential in our lives and it is freuently taken for granted There's a lightness to air and similarly there's a lightness in many of these poems This chapter is about my spirit reconnecting with nature and the world It is in this chapter that my spirit breathes again mixing energy and life back into me Chapter 3 The Spring of 2011 was a wonderful time for me I found a new love I found Peace for a while and I felt a renewed connection to family friends and nature My positive and optimistic mind carried out into the world and these poems are a history and glimpse of this beautiful time Chapter 4 The Spring and all it's beauty had passed and in it's place I found an increasingly troubled mind The relationship I had so strongly yearned for had broken apart I faced wave after wave of layoffs where I saw my friends leave and the home I thought I found started to feel flimsy These challenges affected my words as well as my productivity I wrote far fewer poems in this time; a few less than 100 poems over the course of an entire year

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