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Prime Freefall By Traci Hunter Abramson –

Great book I absolutely love Traci Hunter Abramson s work I am a judge for the Whitney Awards, a literary award One of Traci s books was a finalist and I saw that it wasn t the first in the serious I read the first couple of pages, loved the way she wrote and ran out and book the other two books and read those before reading the required reading Loved the whole series She s a fantastic writer and it s a great book. Lieutenant Brent Miller Arrived In The Middle East With One Objective Get Seven Hostages Out Of A Hostile Country The Plan Almost Worked But Now He Has Been Left Behind With One Of The Hostages It S Up To Brent To Get Amy Whit, A US Senator S Daughter, Across Miles Of Desert To Safety What He Doesn T Know Is That To Survive, He Needs Her As Much As She Needs Him I just finished this book and loved it It has a lot of adventure and romance, which are my favorites Appearantly there s a pre quel to it I was unaware of, but I was fine not to have read it first That s one of my pet peeves about LDS fiction However, I m going to check it out next because I loved this book so much. I ve seen these books popping up here and there and finally decided to read them I thought this was the first, but I guess It s actually Abramson s fourth book I think it s the first in this series though Overall, I enjoyed the story There is plenty of action and romance I liked Amy s character, she is sharp, understanding and knows how to take care of herself There were a few times that I thought she sounded too good to be true For example, there are about 17 terrorists that kidnap her, when she is rescued she is able to draw most if not all their sketches not only does she remember them but she draws them herself Eye witness testimony is so unreliable anyway, and for her to remember so many different faces under those circumstances seemed a little too farfetched for me But, it s a fiction novel, so who cares, right Anyway, I thought Brent was okay He didn t come across as tough as I would have liked, but I did like his character They had good chemistry together and I thought their story evolved well I enjoyed the story and plan on reading the rest of the series.I think the cover is a little misleading, the White House isn t in the story at all but is the main featuer on the coverjust an observation.Bookworm Rating 3.5 Sometimes a book just grabs you and holds on, causing you to read way late into the night when you should be sleeping This was just such a book for me There has been a lot going on in my mind lately, As such, I wondered if that was why it took me so long to get through the last book I read I anticipated the same of this book a good book that was in direct competition with my life.This book worked its way around my life and found itself in my hands engaged with the story at all possible moments It s been a while since I ve been so immersed in a quick, yet really good read.I m looking forward to the next in this series. Brent Miller and his four Navy Seal Teammates work together to rescue 7 hostages in the Middle East, then by an accident, he and Amy Whitworth, a senator s daughter, are left behind, so they need to find their own way out by depending on each other for survival They use every means of survival After being rescued, and then being protected by the Secret Service, as there ve been biological weapons being planted in cities around the world, the Team, with Amy s assistance, tries to thwart the terrorists When there s a leak close to the senator, Brent and his team snuff out the culprit Learning about the ways of a Navy Seal makes for interesting reading If you like twists and turns with some humor tucked in, you ll want to run to your nearest LDS bookstore to buy this page turner. This was a pretty good book and I definitely enjoyed it Amy Whit is a hostage behind enemy lines and he first part of the book is her and Lieutenant Brent Miller of the Navy SEALs struggle to get to safety The second half describes attempts to keep Amy safe when other hostages ones that were with Amy are killed Amy and Brent also find biological warfare threats against the US I don t mind about the CIA or Navy SEALs but most of the book was believable Not the part where Amy starts working for the CIA despite not applying to the CIA or having the normal clearance procedure or that she so much better at the job than people who have been working for over five years But if you can overlook some minor things that don t seem all that realistic it was good Ages 13 I enjoyed this squeaky clean action thriller with a bit of a love story thrown in The writing was a bit amateurish the characters were not developed enough, especially at the beginning All of a sudden the two main characters were holding hands What And the end was very abrupt I literally turned the page thinking there wasstory, and was startled to see that it was the end I don t know if I ll read anyof this series But it was totally clean and appropriate It just wasn t that well done. 3.5 stars The plot was good although a bit far fetched as far as a civilian getting a job after being rescued from terrorists.Also found it far fetched that she could sketch all of her captors herself several of them And the romance story bothered me a little it was too much of I love her him I can t have her in my life A little too much for me but the story was good and it did keep my interest enough to finish the book. This story had me hooked from start to finish My friend Diana Recommended this book to me and oh boy I am so glad she did I loved how there was such a great adventure, romance, fighting for what you want and believe in and solving problems all tied up in one So many great characters, including such a great storyline I loved the end I couldn t have asked for a better ending Highly recommend this book