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A mermaid haunts Adrianne's dreams is she coming to warn her save her or drag her down into the depths of the briny sea forever?When Adrianne comes face to face with the mermaid of Windwaithe Island of whom she has heard terrible stories all her life she is convinced the mermaid means to take her younger sister Adrianne fierce willed and courageous is determined to protect her sister from the mermaid and her family from starvation However the mermaid continues to haunt Adrianne in her dreams and with her song

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    Meh I wouldn't really say this book is about mermaids There's only a couple scenes in this book that involve the ocean or mermaids But the story was relatively okay even though I felt like I had read it before in other books I'd recommend it for someone who's looking for a nice quick read

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    It's kind of a cross between Cinderella and The Little Mermaid or to be precise one of those fairytales dealing with a fisherman lured into the sea by a terrifyingly beautiful sea creature Rather sad but featuring a strong heroine and concluding on a satisfying note35 starsLater clarification on the sadness partThe writing is good I just do not feel well when I am constantly pitying an almost angelic heroine and screaming in frustration for her the rest of the timeAdrianne's father had been stable master He died and his wife fell into depression leaving her 12 year old daughter to manage the household including their servants Adrianne did not know how to proceed and ran into debts by continuing to pay everyone instead of sacking them and selling the house She got blamed for losing her family's house and fortune later by her mean aunt Her mother never stood up for her daughter after she recovered The mother and the aunt work as seamstresses and Adrianne works her ass of as a cow shed muckeress The aunt sees to it that good for nothing Adrianne does not get new shoes or dresses and shortens her food rations to punish her for her supposed nightly pantry raids which are in fact done by the pampered nine year old sister Cecily who is the aunts favorite and who never admits she is to blame Cecily's every whim has to be accommodated Additionally Adrianne is ridiculed and gets threatened by the village boys and her old rival pretty Cora Lynn who tries to gain the affections of Adrianne's best childhood friend Denn whom Adrianne secretly loves On top of all that Adrianne gets marked by a mermaid as her prey when she saves her sister who went to the shore to have a good sulk Naturally mother and aunt sit at home wringing their hands as Adrianne braves the storm and the waves and are reluctant to pay the doctor when Adrianne falls into a short comaYou get the drift? Cinderella comes in many shapes

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    I really liked Adrianne I guess it was kind of important that she be the type of character that she was selfless and hardworking but it's still refreshing especially since she was only fourteen I come across so many whiny self centered characters in YA fiction and though I can appreciate them despite their faults it's nice to have one whom I can like and sympathize with at the same time Not to say that Adrianne's faultless she is way too hard on herself and allows herself to be undermined by the many less pleasant characters on the island It takes a mermaid ambassadormatchmaker of sorts for her to finally see the light She underestimates her value and I felt she really did deserve the life offered her unlike the people who have spent all this time putting her down Nonetheless I wasn't surprised by her choice at the end in a satisfying this is how it's supposed to be way because it fit her character While none of the other characters really compared to Adrianne several had redeeming qualities or at least some justification for their actions This story caught my attention from the start and kept me captivated

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    What an amazing book Sheila A Nielson has woven a beautifully imagined tale of magic and mermaids that is imaginative and wonderfully written I read this in one evening and found it absolutely impossible to put down I loved the central character Adrianne who is compassionate and empathetic and wholly unselfish After the death of her father she is left to look after her younger sister and mother She is responsible for ensuring that they have food on the table although there is little of that to go around She also has to deal with her unfeeling Aunt who favours Adrianne's younger sister The only good thing she has in her life is local boy Denn who she has grown to love even though she fears he will never return her feelings When she encounters the Windwaithe Island mermaid her life changes in unexpected waysThis story is just achingly gorgeous Sheila A Nielson says that she was inspired by Hans Christian Anderson's 'The Little Mermaid' but in 'The Forbidden Sea' she's made the mermaid genre all her own There are some twists and turns in the latter part of the book which fairly skips along and a perfect ending I re read the last few pages a couple of times over because I couldn't bear for the story to have finished I loved it I would adore a follow up book because I connected so strongly with the characters that I want to know what happens to them next This is Nielson's debut novel and I shall certainly be looking out for from her

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    This is a warm human story with enough suspense to grab you and hold you from the first page The characters were so real to me I couldn't put it down There is no needless explanations in the beginning or long episodes of backtracking in time The story stays in the moment and so does the reader Children and adults will both love this book I can't wait for the sequel

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    45🌟 Love it to the max except there were certain parts where I think could be cut of to be a bit shorter Anyway it's a great experience 😚

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    After the first nail biting chapter I knew this was not going to be one of those books I would have to feign praise for The writing is beautiful original and I instantly related to the main character AdrianneWhen Adrianne's father is killed in a riding accident her mother spends months listless on her bed leaving Adrianne to care for the household At 12 years old she was forced into early adulthood when the money ran out and she and her mother and sister became destitute Once pretty admired and spoiled 14 year old Adrianne now barely survives on two meals a day while working farm chores that make her constantly smell and sweat Her mother takes in mending from the town while her 9 year old sister does nothing Their Auntie Minna her father's sister lives with them constantly harping on Adrianne for the loss of her father and their moneyAdrianne's one true friend Denn whom she has loved since childhood pines away after the spoiled vacuous Cora Lynn Adrianne herself is tortured by the local bullies for her short hair she sold her long beautiful hair to a wig salesman to bring in money for her family and dirty appearanceWhile saving her sister Cecily from drowning a mermaid marks Adrianne and attempts to pull her into the sea When the attempt fails the mermaid continues to call to Adrianne in dreams in her mind and through her markAt this point the book reminded me very much of Harry Potter At some points in the series by JK Rowling I wondered how it could get any worse for Harry Adrianne's dismal plight seemed similarBeautiful and imaginative I wished I could have read about the world of the mermaids I'm madly jealous Sheila Amazing job

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    Reviewed by Kira M for TeensReadToocomWhen Adrienne's little sister Cecily goes missing she goes down by the beach and finds her sister unconscious on a rock While there she sees a legendary mermaid who has been known to pull humans into the sea When the mermaid attempts to grab them Adrienne and Cecily barely escapeAdrienne however is scratched and is unconscious for three days When she awakes the townsfolk avoid her and distrust her and she begins having dreams where the mermaid is calling to her When Adrienne visits a fortune teller she is told that the mark is a curse from her attacker and has marked her for deathIn an attempt to change her fate Adrienne enlists the help of her friend Denn to protect her Her efforts soon grow tiresome though and she revisits the spot where she was attacked There the mermaid tells her that she has been chosen to be the wife of the sea prince She can have a life in which she will know acceptance and happinessBut Adrienne is still reluctant to go with the mermaid Her family depends on her for financial support and she thinks she's starting to have feeling for Denn Will Adrienne go with the mermaid? What about what the fortune teller said? Who is telling the truth?A great book filled with fantasy horror love and friendship The characters are well developed and the plot moves quickly and is well done Readers who like non traditional fairy tales fantasy adventure paranormal fiction and mystery will enjoy FORBIDDEN SEA

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    I am not expecting this novel to turn out so damn good I had plenty of precious times crying over the beautiful words the insight of Adrianne our main protagonist This book opened a new eye on me towards appreciating life It changed me in a way I couldn’t describe

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    Loved this book it is a must read Grabs your attention on the first page and you can't put it downSheila knows what a great book is all about and knows how to write them She knows what the young readers like and so she put her soul and heart out there to grab there attention in a way a lot of writers don't know how to do You will love this book and can't wait for of hers to come out I would recommend this book for all ages Great job Sheila Love ya tons