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Seventeen Year Old Michael Anderson And His Deaf Kid Brother, Danny, Find Themselves In Mortal Danger After Their Parents Are Kidnapped Michael Discovers Danny Has A Special Gift He Knows What Happens After A Person Dies And Now Others Want To Know Too The Brothers Must Outwit And Outrun Samuel Herrington, A Lethal Biophysicist, The FBI, And Even Fellow Americans In A Harrowing Cross Country Chase, Because Whoever Gets To Danny First Will Have The Power To Rule The World

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    Warning Do not start reading this book at bedtime if you plan to actually sleep Once you begin, you will have to keep reading until the end.Flying to the Light has all the elements of a must read a three dimensional antagonist that is so creepy he makes you want to look over your shoulder a likeable protagonist in seventeen year old Michael who manages to stay one step ahead of the bad guys because he uses both his head and his heart to protect his little brother Danny an imaginative premise that makes you think long after you finish the story and a gripping plot so full of edge of your seat suspense you can t turn the page fast enough.

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    FLYING TO THE LIGHTA Gripping paranormal thrillerBy Elyse SalpeterA well written paranormal thriller about a boy with a special gift Publisher s Book Description How far can you run, until you just can t run any Seventeen year old Michael Anderson and his kid brother, Danny, find themselves in mortal danger after their parents are kidnapped Michael discovers Danny has a special gift he knows what happens after a person dies and now others want to know too The brothers must outwit and outrun Samuel Herrington, a lethal biophysicist, the FBI, and even fellow Americans in a harrowing cross country chase, because whoever gets to Danny first will have the power to rule the world The book description provides an excellent synopsis What it cannot do is set the tone of the author who communicates it so effectively We see most of the events unfolding through the eyes of almost seventeen year old Michael who takes his six year old brother under his wing after their parents are kidnapped by agents of Samuel Herrington.Samuel Herrington, the antagonist, is as despicable as the boys are likeable There is nothing he won t do to learn Danny s secret Mr Herrington seems to have near limitless power, a power he uses relentlessly He planned the kidnapping of Michael and Danny s parents and to grab Danny at the same night Had it not been for Michael s resourcefulness, he might have been successful.For Michael and Danny, life as they know it is unraveling The second paragraph of Chapter 1 sets the stage Michael was so terrified he couldn t breathe His safe, little world had shifted out of its comfortable orbit the moment his parents were kidnapped, propelling him to places he never dreamed imaginable Suddenly, there was horror everywhere and nothing was what it appeared to be How could life go so terribly wrong in just a few hours He had had no time to think He couldn t plan, but just reacted to what was happening A storm, volatile and dangerous than a level five tornado had turned his world inside out and all he could do was attack it head on, swallowing his fear and living strictly on the adrenaline pumping furiously throughout his body, hoping against hope his luck wouldn t run out Salpeter, Elyse 2011 11 10 Flying to the Light Kindle Locations 51 56 Cool Well Press, Inc. Kindle Edition.Michael becomes suspicious when it appears everyone he knows is leading him into a trap Most of the book addresses how the resourceful Michael evades those in pursuit There are spies and counterspies The trouble is knowing who is really friend or foe.Flying to the Light is a fascinating read and I recommend it highly For information about Elyse Salpeter and her writing, refer to the links below.Website www.elysesalpeter.wordpress.comTwitter Account elysesalpeter

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    From the beginning, I was hooked I don t want to spoil it for the next reader, but just let me say the idea of the birds and Danny, very original Unique story, unique voice Excellent pacegreat book

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    This book sucked me in from the beginning and didn t let up until the end I finished it in just a few sittings The reason I was so enthralled with the story was the relationship of brothers, seventeen year old Michael and six year old Danny, who are the two main characters Their interaction with each other was portrayed accurately throughout the book Adding to the drama of these two interacting with each other is Danny s special gift Michael has been kept in the dark about until the start of the book Because of this gift, their parents are kidnapped forcing Michael and Danny on a cross country run not knowing who they can trust Close friends of their parents and teachers from school all seem to have shadowy connections to the villain in the story.There was one scene three quarters of the way through the book that had this middle aged male reader balling his head off in the airline terminal where he was reading I reluctantly gave this book a four star rating for one reason There were times when situations that happened felt like they were author manipulated One in particular at the end rung of the author s desperation to help the characters get out the situation they were in Other than that, the writing is smooth and polished The story moves along never stopping to pause.I look forward to reading Ms Salpeter s other novels.

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    I truly enjoyed this book about two brothers fighting for their own survival against dark and powerful forces After their parents are kidnapped, 17 year old Michael is forced to flee with his 6 year old brother Danny with little than the clothes on their backs On a motel room TV they see their house in flames, the target of a firebomb attack.In a series of fight or flight scenes, the two boys barely stay one step ahead of their pursuers Michael often can t distinguish the good guys from the bad guys, and these scenes are done well 6 year old Danny himself is the prize they re after, because he has special powers that are potentially valuable than all the gold in the world.As Michael gradually becomes aware of his innocent little brother s powers, he experiences all the emotions a teenager would experience in real life He s jealous of his brother, angry at his parents for keeping him in the dark, sad about their death, afraid for his own life, and fiercely protective of little Danny The developing relationship between the two brothers was the highlight of the book for me.Since the kids are the stars of the book, I had the feeling that teenage readers might enjoy this book as much as adults Highly recommended, a real treat.

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    The subject of the afterlife any version of it fascinates me I even do some ghost hunting on the side, not because I believe in ghosts, but because there mere possibility of encountering a phenomena which provides proof of survival is too intriguing to be left unexplored Flying to the Light is an original take on the question of the afterlife I won t include any spoilers here, beyond what you might surmise from looking at the book s cover and blurb You ve got a deaf child who can not just speak with the dead, but who knows what happens next.Already, I m hooked Danny, the book s young protagonist, is very matter of fact about his abilities and interactions To him, it s just part of everyday living get up, have some breakfast, speak to dead Mrs Henderson, watch some Spongebob But there are people out there who aren t so nonchalant about the boy s abilities, and what they mean to a world of people who will, after all, be dead themselves, one day.The book recounts the adventures of Danny and his older brother Michael, as they take flight in a desperate race to save their parents and keep Danny s gift from becoming a madman s weapon Check it out

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    Elyse Salpeter seamlessly integrates an adventure yarn with an invitation to consider some fundamental issues about life, death and the afterlife In this way, she gives us a novel which will entertain young adult readers while challenging them to think This has to be the best means of instructing implicitly and without overt didacticism.The adventure concerns the quest by a teenager to protect his younger brother, disabled in the natural world by deafness but with a supernatural ability to connect with the next he sees the souls of the dead emerging in the bodies of birds, from which some can fly to the lght , a process with which he can help But the brothers scientist parents, who had been secretly researching their younger son s ability, have been kidnapped by their former employer who wants the learn and control his powers The adventure includes an extended road chase across the US, where apparent enemies or friends are not always what they seem, as the boys search for their parents, their own flight towards a light in this world as well as a defence of the younger boy s ability to help others fly to the light of the next.

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    This is one exciting read which was very well written Elyse Salpeter has taken a situtation, a deaf child, and made him the hero but being deaf is not up in your face or the reason he is the hero being deaf is secondary How refreshing The way the story is woven is enjoyable I look forward to books by Elyse and hope there is a sequel to this story soon.

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    I felt it was very intriguing and fascinating Elyse gives you a look into paranormal and sci fi all wrapped up in one And yes, you will not be able to put it down once you start Highly recommend this book, and I guarantee you will pick up of Elyse Salpeter s books.

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    I Love this book Riveting It reads so quickly and leaves you wanting for A great reccomendation for teenagers too.