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BookIn The Flying Series An Evil Black Mass Has Burst Through Danny Anderson S Nightmares To Attack Him In Broad Daylight If It Weren T For His Birds, He Would Have Died Danny Soon Realizes That This Monster Is Not Coming For Him, But For His Little Sister, Katiebecause While He Looks Up To A Place Of Light And Peace, Katie Looks Down Into Realms Of Darkness And Cruelty Time Is Running Out The Monster Grows Stronger With Each Attempt To Steal Katie Away To These Dark Dimensions, Forcing Danny Into The Fight Of His Life To Save His Sister Before She Is Lost To Him Forever An intense story on the conflict of light versus darknessReaders of Flying to the Light, book 1 of this series, will recognize most of the characters in Book 2, Flying to the Fire Most of this story takes place seven and one half years after the events of Book 1 Readers experience most of the story through the eyes of a gifted deaf boy Danny Anderson Chapter 1 opens six months after Danny s thirteenth birthday when he received his best birthday present ever, a new bike He and his parents, Maddy and Gary Anderson, now live in upstate New York.We quickly learn that Danny continues to communicate with birds and his skills in doing so have developed to even higher levels as he enjoys an October bike ride through the forest and into his favorite place Magnolia Fields He enjoys the beauty of the place It helps him forget dark nightmares but on this bike ride Danny sees horrible, repulsive things a dark apparition and dark cloud and with the sight comes the smell of death and decay Scenes such as this recur throughout the story We learn the dreams Danny had become reality and he shares these dreams with his little sister, Katie Whereas Danny is fond of birds, Katie enjoys playing with insects, bugs and worms.Flying to the Fire develops around the premise that while Danny communicates with birds and uses light to ward off evil, Katie is drawn to the opposite realm In Book 1, Samuel Harrington kidnapped Danny s parents who had worked undercover for Harrington doing research into light therapy to cure diseases as well as research into the afterlife Much of Book 1 centered on the efforts of Danny and his older brother Michael and the FBI to locate their parents while avoiding the clutches of the evil, biophysicist and megalomaniac Harrington Harrington is now locked away in solitary confinement but he has used his ingenuity and an accomplice to devise a way to communicate with the outside world and not be discovered by prison officials Now Harrington targets Katie for kidnapping and seeks to do away with Danny.Flying to the Fire eventually enlists the talents of the entire family Maddy, Gary, Michael and Michael s girlfriend to avoid the evil that has been foisted on them Danny continues to receive help from the light and birds but the new menace of dark forces, the antithesis of the light, makes for a daunting challenge.The author has pitted Danny and the family against the powers of darkness using vivid, if disturbing scenes with intense action at an escalating pace The outcome is in doubt until the end I think you ll enjoy the story This reviewer received an advance copy of Flying to the Fire.Flying to the Fire Book 2 Flying Series Flying to the Fire is a YA thriller with a unique plot I have never read a story of this kind before and it was refreshing to read something so different The concepts of a young boy who can see where people s spirits go after they die, and that birds are the spirits of the deceased going on to the next life, were fascinating and kept me turning the pages Being hunted by a scientist who wants to use his abilities for his own goals brings in an edge of realism and a sort of science fiction twist to the story, rather than a spiritual approach Another aspect of this story I appreciated is that the main character, Danny, is deaf, but the author treats this as just another trait of the character The character is not disabled, and his deafness is not a focus of the story It s just one thing about him, like the color of his hair But at the same time, this added layers to the characters of Danny and his family, and adds to the novelty of the story.Authentic characters and a heavy dose of suspense create an exciting, fun story If you re looking for something new and different than the usual YA fare, this is sure to entertain. Great series