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sequel to Riding Lessons, this is the story of eva than annemarie, except not eva gets a central role, but annemarie is still the driving force behind everything again, gruen writes about the special bond between a horse and a person, and she does it so well it makes my heart ache this completes the story she was telling earlier, and i think it s stronger than her first go not just because the image of a blue roan doing one tempi changes makes me swoon this is of a romance than the first book, but it s surprising in its turns the mother daughter relationship mellowed a bit between annemarie and mutti, and annemarie and eva in a way, it reminded me of the gils hah but it s just really well written i didn t want to put it down. After reading WATER FOR ELEPHANTS, I wanted to read anything by Sara Gruen I found RIDING LESSONS and FLYING CHANGES easily and knew I wanted to read them just based on their summaries I m both fascinated and terrified of horses and these two novels granted me a glimpse into the lives of those who breathed the animals in and out on a daily basis.RIDING LESSONS begins with a potential Olympian equestrian Annemarie Zimmer in a terrible and tragic accident In shock and filled with a sadness few can relate to, Annemarie gives up her riding and her dreams of having an Olympic medal placed around her neck Fast forwarding decades later, Annemarie finds herself back at the family ranch after a divorce With her comes her troublesome teenager, Eve Once home, she must deal with her daughter, a sick father, a strict mother, the horses her family owns, and a childhood sweetheart that still looks at her with stars in his eyes.FLYING CHANGES comes immediately after the first novel, a sequel brilliant in its own right Not everything happened as she wanted and suddenly, Annemarie is filled with a new sense of despair one that is brought on by her daughter s new dream of becoming the Olympic winner and also a number of news that causes her emotions to rise and fall like a rocky roller coaster.Both novels are, once again, full of meticulous research and unending emotion, whether it is happiness, shock, anger, annoyance, or any other emotion one can think of Annemarie is written as a woman who could be anyone, whether she is someone who works with horses and has lost her dreams or someone who was the CEO of a hot corporation who has suddenly lost her way Both novels are a testament to life, to the struggles one must face through obstacles both from outside sources and from within Annemarie is human in every sense of the word, which is sometimes difficult to find in novels nowadays She makes mistakes sometimes she strives to correct them and sometimes she believes they were made for the right reasons, even if others don t agree.I don t know a single thing about horses or anything relating to the idea of being an equestrian but nothing in Gruen s writing flew over my head If anything was inaccurate, I had no idea, and she describes just enough on competitions and the care of horses that it felt like I was a new employee at the ranch learning the ins and outs of a new job Gruen fills a world with explanation but she tells it as part of a story rather than a documentary like setting that might read as an encyclopedia.The situations and the characters are far from perfect There is anger throughout the book and human errors These books portray the infallible part of life and that is what makes them perfect. There Is A Time To Move On, A Time To Let Go And A Time To FlyAnxiety Rules Annemarie Zimmer S Days The Fear That Her Relationship With The Man She Loves Is Growing Stagnant The Fear That Equestrian Daughter Eva S Dreams Of Olympic Glory Will Carry Her Far Away From Her Mother And Into Harm S Way For Five Months, Annemarie Has Struggled To Make Peace With Her Past But If She Cannot Let Go, The Personal Battles She Has Won And The Heights She Has Achieved Will Have All Been For NaughtIt Is A Time Of Change At Maple Brook Horse Farm, When Loves Must Be Confronted Head On And Fears Must Be Saddled And Broken But It Is An Unanticipated Tragedy That Will Most Drastically Alter The Fragile World Of One Remarkable Family Even As It Flings Open Gates That Have Long Confined Them, Enabling Them All To Finally Ride Headlong And Free That was pretty bad The main character was really annoying everything makes her cry I can t believe this is the same author as Water for Elephants. Well, I finished the book , so I figured it at least deserved two stars I was very disappointed in it because I had read the novel Water For Elephants by the same author and absolutely loved it This was a story about equestrians, their horses, their love lives, their past problems etc I guess there was a prequel to it, but I have no desire to go back and read it I guess I would just describe it as poor chick lit. Fantastic I had no idea there was still melodramatic horse fiction for grownups Annamarie Zimmer is almost forty, newly divorced and living on her mother s horse farm In her former life, she was a Olympic level equestrian, but that all changed after her tragic accident isn t that how it always goes When her teenage daughter decides to ride competitively, Annamarie has to come to terms with her daughter s choice and her own history And then the last third of the book takes a spectacular turn for the melodramatic with rain soaked eventing courses, car accidents and drama over gaining custody of a baby As far as light and fluffy and ridiculously dramatic goes, it actually wasn t half bad. I think you can tell from other reviews of this two book series that this is DEFINITELY not Sara Gruen s best work Water for Elephants was truly incredible, but the Riding Lessons series seems like it was written by another person entirely But it s good to know that Sara Gruen got so much better as a writer I also really liked Ape House, so it s safe to say I ll read At the Water s Edge eventually.But let s talk about Flying Changes I liked this sequel better than Riding Lessons Annemarie was the absolute worst in the first book, and despite her still have many flaws in here, she wasn t nearly as annoying to me Her incompetence and poor parenting were much under control She s gone from being a complete basket case to being only spastic I liked the pace of the story as well We moved quickly, but nothing ever felt rushed or glossed over And there was plenty of excitement that kept me wanting to read just one chapter There are a lot of big moments in the book that would otherwise have you thinking how does this much happen to one family, but Sara Gruen still pieced everything together to make the story believable The plot made up for characters who weren t the most likable Overall, the characters in this series could have been better They were almost too extreme But the story itself is solid, and I m finishing these books feeling satisfied. I read this because, as the friend who suggested it said, it s about horses and it s easy to read and I d read the first book Gruen was the new hot thing after Water For Elephants But honestly, this book isn t worth the time it took to read It isn t so much ABOUT horses as that there are horses in it The heroine narrator drove me nuts What a mess She never learns or grows or changes she s just a whiny, self involved jerk Her daughter is just like her, only a teenager Which is worse And as a former horsewoman, I ll just say I wouldn t let either of these characters near a horse in real life They re both a menance and unpleasant to boot Any self respecting horse would trample them and be done Tell you what I really think Based on this and the first book of the series , it ll be a cold day in Hades before I read anything else by Gruen, including any NYT bestsellers Did I mention really annoying A friend gave me a bunch of iPad books and this was among them I don t know how I didn t realize that the author was the same as Water for Elephants, but when I finished and realized it, a lot made sense.Let s get one thing out of the way right now I think horse people are on the crazy side There, I said it If you re a horse person and don t think you re crazy, you re probably wrong but it s OK Anyway, the book starts out with lots of horse stuff and I was a bit put off by it, but figured hey, read something different maybe it s a good book spoiler alert Although seriously, if you read 10 pages of this book and anything after that is a surprise, I d be shocked This incredibly predictable story centers around a woman and her daughter and their struggles to face life in the face of divorce, memories of a terrible accident and teenage angst Even after realizing that, I read on because I was bored and didn t feel like starting a new book.The story moves along pretty well but as the wholly predictable plot rolled along, I started to feel like I was inside a Lifetime movie Oh the teen angst Oh the non committing boyfriend and subsequent crazy misunderstandings And as the book progressed, it turned all Bold and the Beautiful Oh the tragic accident Oh the deaths and no family Oh the judge that assigns over custody of a baby within hours with no questions asked What And the author got bored about 3 4 of the way through as well maybe she was facing a deadline, but after about 900 pages of blah blah soap opera stuff, she rocketed through the end and wrapped it all up Scooby Do style lickety split It was like a long, slow lovemaking session with a crazy jackrabbit ending Things I loved It was freeThings I hated Unresolved stuff Maybe I dozed off, but WTF with the abused lady and her neglected horse and kid Blah blah money blah blah beaten, what happened to any of them and why do we care The horse never figured into the plot at all and neither did any of the people in that weird sub plot What was the purpose Other thing I hated The finance What kind of jerkoff takes his girl that clearly is expecting a proposal and buys her EARRINGS Then later makes like he had a ring baked into the souffle the whole time Yeah, sure you did, you flaming asshole as soon as you realized how bad you screwed up you ran out he ran to Jared and bought a ring, then baked that fucker in chocolate so you could have a good cover story As if he bought her a ring AND earrings Whatever Liar liar pants on FIRE.The daughter That girl needed a slap so hard it would send her into next week If I EVER thought about speaking to my mother the way she did, I d be sleeping in the barn and be lucky to have some goddamned hay to cover with Holy crap Imagine telling your mom to clean up because she looks like a sea hag Really That little bitch, every time her horse took a jump I prayed for her untimely death.So in the end, I hated this book and I pray I don t forget this author s name and read of her garbage I liked Water for Elephants actually but it had some depth to it and some good character development This book was like watching a bad soap opera and none of the people you wanted dead actually bit the dust. Based on the reviews I read before starting this second book following Riding Lessons, I was worried I wasn t going to like this I m so glad I stayed on course I loved this book It probably helps that I have ridden horses, shown horses, and own a horse I ve ridden English and Western and jumped fences I know exactly what it means when the smell of a barn warms your heart There is something about a teenage girl and a horse It s a bond hard to understand Annemarie is not an easy character to like, however, her imperfections make her easier to relate to so you kind of want to route for her The one character I didn t care for is her daughter, Eva I thought the author created a monster of a teenage daughter Part of it is Annemarie lets her get away with treating her bad The divorce doesn t help either But the selfishness and misbehavior is over the top, but is probably real than I know Sara Gruen wrote Water for Elephants which was a fantastic book It s hard to top However, Ms Gruen is a fantastic story teller and these 2 earlier books show her talent The story flows and kept my attention from beginning to end All the loose ends were tied up so I felt satisfied at the conclusion It s been a long time since I ve had a book call to me and pull me off my tablet The last few books I ve read have done that I wish there were books out there by Gruen I would definitely read them.