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PDF / Epub Fishers of MenAuthor Gerald N. Lund –

I d been wanting to read this series for a while and finally started it when I felt I had some time to give I was reluctant because I remembered the Work and the Glory being somewhat cheesy, but I really wanted to learnabout the Savior s life As far as the whole series goes, I wasn t disappointed But in the first book it takes a long time to introduce Him and I kept just waitingand waitingand waiting The introduction of the characters and back stories took a really long time, and I think I would have beeninterested if I knew how they d all fit into the story of Christ And it IS somewhat cheesy at times, but I love the effort Lund puts into research, and his inclusion of the notes telling his sources and additional info really makes you learn about the setting and culture of the Holy Land at the time So while the back story isn t necessarily what I was reading for and could be long winded, it definitely helps you remember all the details better Pretty good overall I will warn that while the book speaks in modern day language, as do the characters, in order to keep a true account and not try to interpret things himself, Lund writes the Savior s lines word for word from the KJV He explains this in the foreword, but it still gave the writing a slight disconnect between the other characters and Christ s speaking Kinda weird, but I understand why he did it that way.I think what I like most about the series is that having multiple characters around for Christ s teachings allow for multiple interpretations of His words to be considered, and all could be right It opened up, in my mind, manypossibilities of what Christ may have meant and I love that.I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to learnabout Christ s life Super educational and easy to follow the story because Lund gives you mostly relatable characters. I had mixed feelings reading this book.The positive I learned so much Tons of detailed information about ancient Judaean life social classes, roles, beliefs, Pharisees, Sadducees, zealots, gentiles, Rome, the layout of the temple, rituals, and on and on Some things I already knew, but maybe not in so much detail, and some knowledge was totally new All of these things went a long way in putting biblical events in context, being able to consider how Christ s teachings might be received by different individuals, and what they might expect of Him I also loved the notes at the end of the chapter telling you scriptural references, as well as citing biblical scholars So two thumbs way up for the wealth of information and research.The negative I just don t personally enjoy Lund s writing style The dialogue always seemed cheesy and scripted I didn t really care much about the fictional characters and all of the side plots going on with them I would liked it much better if the book were about half as long, leaving out the family dramas, love triangles, vengeance, and overly complicated triple crossings, but focusingon the Savior s life He wasn t even a major character in the book,of an aside.That said, I like it well enough to want to read the next twoI don t think they re quite as long. Fishers Of Men Is A Sweeping Epic Filled With Memorable Characters Who Bring To Life An Extraordinary Time In The History Of The World It Is A Story About The Importance Of Family, The Power Of Faith, The Miracle Of Forgiveness, And The Strength Needed To Follow Your Heart I loved loved loved this book After reading The Work and the Glory, and then this, Gerald N Lund has to be my favorite author.Anyways, when I first started reading this book, maybe the first chapter, I was a little intimidated because I thought that I wasn t really in touch with this time era, and the terms would be too difficult for me to understand what it really meant But the author gives super details and explains so much to make you really understand the time that all of this took place I felt that I was there, watching Jesus talk to the multitudes, witnessing the miracles, and really picturing in my mind what He was really like, the countenance He had has Some parts I felt so into it that I got teary eyed and even some chills It was like I was watching a movie in my mind The author doesn t really add too much to what Jesus says other than what we know what was said from the Scriptures, which is awesome, because he says in the preface what Jesus says is sacred, therefore, he doesn t want to add to it This book is filled also with fictional characters, and it really helps you to understand what went on in homes after they have heard Jesus teach what was said, why some people didn t believe, why some people did, questions that people had, etc This book also makes you thinkWhat would I have done if I lived in those times, would I have believed Why Why not The story of Jesus Christ is truely the best story ever told, and this book has helped me to clearly understand the times in which He lived His ministry here on earth I can t read to read the next book After reading Echo in the Darkness, I was left disturbed by the perversion and feeling empty I immediately picked up this series after a recommendation from a dear friend, and I just devoured it What an amazing series about the 3 year ministry of Jesus Christ I felt like I was one of his close disciples experiencing first hand the many miracles performed and parables taught by Him What a powerful and moving experience I learned so much With this series I was drawn into the story right from the beginning I particularly enjoyed the way the author worked the teachings and events from Jesus life into the narration in a natural way, so that it was as if we are there watching the actual events transpire Lund s work has helped me reach a level of clarity regarding the Savior s ministry This series did a wonderful job helping me understand which characters in the books are really from the New Testament, and where he was favoring certain scriptural interpretations over others The chapter endnotes were fantastic and very enlightening What an amazing writer Elder Lund is He has a wonderful talent of taking historial biblical events and makes they come to life Just like in the Work and the Glory books, I get to read a great story and learn some histoy at the same time What great joy I have had in reading this first books. This is a fabulous series from Gerald Lund detailing the time of the Savior s life This book follows a family who have to decide for themselves is Jesus is the Son of God or merely a good person. I hesitated to start reading these books because I figured it would be the same old, same old I ve read about Christ s life in the Bible, learned about His life at church for over 40 years the story isn t going to change, right I guess I forgot who was writing the books Mr Lund can make the same old, same old become riveting and a book I don t want to put down until I m finished And when I say a book, I mean all three of them.With a desire to be accurate as well as fair to differring opinions, Mr Lund takes you through the years of Christ s ministry on Earth through the eyes of a fictional family who are good people with a desire to do what is right Their experiences as well as observances of other characters help you to imagine being there as they listen to Christ s teachings In my opinion it is Mr Lund s notes at the end of the chapters where he explains why he chose to put a certain parable in that chapter versus somewhere else that make the books so good He made understand the scriptures eventhan I thought I did. When my husband saw the series The Kingdom and the Crown on sale at Deseret Book, he suggested we buy them and read them together Forget the fact I have never read a book with someone since my parents read to me as a kid, I just wasn t that interested I decided to humor him because it did mean some one on one time with him Never before have I tried to read a book that is fiction based solely off of scripture I never got into Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites even I didn t like the movie version of Lund s Joseph Smith series either This series follows a family and their friends during the New Testament time period They meet Christ, his disciples, and many are baptized themselves.I have been really surprised how entertaining they are There is even some romance and awesome action Lund creates many believable characters and I just eat up their personalities My favorite is little Esther read it to know why The first book ended with a great cliff hanger and I was excited to pick up the next Gerald Lund is sure to do his homework so each chapter ends with notes about the culture back at the time of Christ and scripture references It is a fun way to open up my imagination when visualizing the stories from the New Testament.Try it You will be surprised