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Finally Thin!: How I Lost Over 200 Pounds and Kept them Off - and How You Can Too eBook –

The Ultimate Companion To Any Diet Featuring Ten Steps That Will Give You The Information And Motivation To Achieve Your Own Success On Any Weight Loss PlanKim Bensen Knows About Weight Loss And Weight Gain For Decades, She Tried Every Diet There Was, But Nothing Seemed To Work For Long Anyway And She Yo Yoed Her Way To Pounds But She Never Gave Up And In , Despite Years Of Heartbreak And Discouragement, Kim Tried Again This Time Was Different And The Results Were Phenomenal Pounds Lost Forever, Fourteen Dress Sizes, Four Ring Sizes, One And A Half Shoe Sizes, And Points Of Cholesterol Gone For Good In The End, Kim Not Only Changed Her Health And Size, But Also Her Career The Clamor Of How Did You Do It By Desperately Struggling Individuals As Well As The National Media Motivated Her To Sit Down And Pen Into Words What She Had Put Into Action InFinally Thin , Kim Bensen Recounts Her Own Success Story And Then Breaks Down Her Success Into A Ten Step System, Showing Readers Exactly How She Accomplished Her Weight Loss Goal From Choosing The Right Diet For Your Needs To Setting Realistic Goals, Finding Support, Eating Out, Recovering From A Slipup, The Keys To Maintenance, And Even Recipes, This Book Covers It All In An Upbeat, Inspirational, And Approachable Tone A Must Have For Anyone Trying To Lose Weight, Finally Thinwill Help Dieters Break Free Of The Yo Yo Cycle And Achieve Their Ultimate Goal Once And For All

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    January 21, 2008 Added note to make to this review After reading this book, i was so inspired by Kim s story that I went to here website and posted a comment on her blog I gave her a link to my blog and she posted a comment She is also a public follower of my blog I have to say that she seems very down to earth and that she truly cares about others that have shared her plight.I really enjoyed this book It was well written and dealt with the subject of weight loss honestly and openly Ms Bensen lost over 200 pounds and has kept it off for years, so she is uniquely qualified to write this type of book She makes no secret of the fact that she lost her weight with Weight Watchers and now works for them, but the book explores briefly all of the well known diet plans without prejudice The first part of the book is devoted to Kim s story and I had tears in my eyes by the time I got to the part where she reached her goal weight The second section of the book explores the 10 steps essential to losing and maintaining weight loss The chapter devoted to step 9 keep yourself motivated all the way is the highlight of the book in my opinion The third and final section of the book is recipes I have to say that most of the recipes did not appeal to me because the majority included fat free cheese or sugar substitutes, but since I did not buy the book for the recipes, they did not effect my rating All in all, this is one of the best and most realistic books out there for anyone who has struggled with overcoming obesity.

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    I hesitated in adding this book to my list because I didn t want people to know I was reading diet books so silly, I know But, it has had such a positive impact on me, I just had to I first read Kim Bensen s success story on the Weight Watcher website several years ago Although the amount of weight we each lost 200 pounds for Kim and 25 for me was very different, what resonated with me was was how many times Kim tried before being successful I have seen her story in magazines through the years so I was thrilled to learn she had written a book Her never give up attitude is evident throughout the book as she shares her struggles, humiliations and ultimate success in her life long weight battle I was moved and motivated but her story and inspired by her tips and suggestions If you ve ever had a battle with the scale, I highly recommend this book After telling her story of losing the weight this final time she writes Now it s YOUR turn And she helped me believe that this time it really was.

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    I interviewed Kim Bensen this past week and she s an incredibly inspiring individual She s struggled with her weight her whole life and finally lost over 200 pounds and has kept it off for five years Her book, FINALLY THIN, is open, honest, and encouraging She shares all her warts and wrinkles and vulnerabilities all the embarrassing stories of her food addiction She s been there and can relate to those who struggle She gives an overview of all the different diet programs out there and offers her book as a companion to whichever plan is right for you She also provides over 70 yummy recipes Check out her book and subscribe to my podcast blog at so you don t miss this wonderful conversation She s open, honest, and realone of my favorites

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    This woman is me Her life and way of thinking is so similar to myself I really enjoyed this book

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    This memoir diet book contains recipes, shopping lists, and a comprehensive breakdown of all the major diets on the market today Also, there are some great tips and tricks to get and stay motivated.There is a lot of the same if you ve ever been on an exchange diet that you have paired with a weight loss support group counseling therapy What sets this book apart from other diet books is that the author is very clear about staying on the path, that it will ALWAYS be work, and to keep working at it rather than shaming yourself.The author does promote products from her own brand but to be fair, it isn t the typical in your face gross self promotion most brands inundate us with.

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    I found this book in the library when I was looking through the healthy eating section notice how I m not writing diet Bensen always battled her tendency to overeat, but after getting married and having children, her weight ballooned to nearly 350 pounds Something finally clicked and she lost over 200 pounds within a space of 2 years, through Weight Watchers and aided by supportive friends and family Bensen is a very knowledgeable, nurturing weight loss coach in fact she is now a Weight Watchers leader and has her own web site, where she inspires others who want to lose weight.The book is presented in three parts 1 her personal story of overeating and weight loss 2 analysis of various diets and their strengths and weaknesses, along with general information about health and weight loss and 3 recipes Bensen has developed The recipes have a lot of processed ingredients such as Campbell s soup and sugar substitutes, but some of the others might be worth a try She talks about her emotional relationship with food, similar to many people with serious weight issues, but that doesn t tend to be my issue I can have chocolate cake and lemon meringue pie in the house, as I do now because of birthday events this weekend, and avoid them Although Bensen was faced with a huge amount to lose, whereas I have only a small amount to feel healthy again, her story was inspiring I have a good friend from college who lost a huge amount of weight when she turned 40, and I find her story very motivating as well After all, if Bensen can lose over 200 pounds and win her war against emotional eating , I should be able to lose 20, right

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    Always trying to find diet motivation, I picked this up at the library because it s written by a woman who lost 212 pounds and, for me, that s way better than reading a book by someone who lost 25 or 30 Besides, she s so darn cute now.I found this exceptionally helpful and well written She doesn t say anything new, in fact she says EVERYTHING I always hear in my Weight Watchers meetings, but she said them in the right order and in right way to have impact She s sensible and doesn t sugar coat the weight loss process.Aside from the Christian motivational references which I could do without , this is the diet book I wish I would have lost weight and written myself And I wouldn t mind having a few TV appearances, a book deal, a successful web site and my own brand of light bagels, either.

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    I read the first 1 3 and did find it inspiring because she lost so much weight However, as with a lot of weight loss memoirs, there wasn t enough detail for me HOW did you get through day to day and stay motivated WHAT did you say to yourself when the french fries were calling you and wouldn t leave you be WHAT deep issues did you deal with and how Instead, it was the condensed version of how I went from obese to thin and made it sound almost effortless I cut calories and exercised Well, shoot, if I da known it was that easy, I woulda done it a long time ago LOLI skimmed the 2nd and 3rd sections, which gave synopses of all the diets out there, and recipes They were a good reference but nothing you couldn t find many places online When I read a weight loss memoir, I want the down and dirty, not the oh so pretty.

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    I would have loved of Kim s deciding to lose weight and how I got there than was in the book What I most liked about the book was the third section that wasn t dieting mechanics but of how to successfully change your eating style There weren t any surprises there, but it s a nice, concise litany of factors to help one succeed I borrowed this book from the library and have decided to purchase my own copy I could read bits and pieces of the third section for the rest of my life and benefit I think I read on Kim s website that she is working on another book, strictly about maintaining a big weight loss I am very much looking forward to its debut and I m sure I will buy it as well

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    The book lacks too many aspects of what the complex issues are that needs to be addressed in a comprehensive plan for health and weight loss It does not seem that author has any or much knowledge regarding dieting except for how to count and cut calories.The information evaluating each diet plan has very little value as the content is extremely limited and does not review health issues that each diet might have as an impact on health As far as motivational an inspiration, it seems the author is able to be that to people given the results she attained Unfortunately she does not include many aspects of exercise, mindset and information regarding health that will be essential for continued success I do appreciate the time she took the time to write this book.