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There's never enough time unless you make itAfter years of work Eve Benson is finally dead A Vampire at lastStill waking up on your first day of unlife to find out that you've been kidnapped and that your unknown captors have a delicious young thing tied up for you ready to eat isn't exactly normalIt's just the start of the story though because as Eve has been told once you die life is never going to be the same againEve Benson VampireIn this brand new complete series release we get to follow Eve in her first year of being a vampire Travel with her through the ups the downs and the discovery of a world that few have ever entered from the viewpoint of a character that actually chooses her own fate and loves what she's doingSassy vivacious and still in charge Eve is a nice change up from the maudlin and dark vampires characters we've seen in the pastYou can get the whole trilogy today thanks to this new and revolutionary style of release Three full novels available right nowEve Benson VampireBook One Finally DeadBook Two Dead and EverythingBook Three Dead Certain

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    I read somewhere about when writing that you should think of it like a backpack and you are going camping Put what you need to keep the story in the backpack but at some point you have to not take some stuff with you This author wants to take the toilet kitchen sink living room and fridgeI can't even begin to guess who the target audience is for this book as I would not recommend anyone to read it I know it is harsh but this book is like a 12 year old boy just learned what the word rape means and proceeds to abuse it like a fat kid at a candy storeIf you can at least put together a passable story I will usually give you a 3 at least for the effort but a 1 is a low as I can score this and I wonder if it deserves that I have to wonder how anyone who read it could score it higher1 The author is ridiculously obsessed with the word rape in that it appears constantly and adds no value to the main story in any way shape or form I could at least understand the usage if it was relevant but it was so repetitive through the whole book that it just got me wondering if someone needs some serious counseling I want to say that the entire song of ice and fire aka game of thrones series used the word less than the first chapter of this book and I know it wouldn't be far from the mark2 It seemed like every single character that the main character encountered had to have their sexuality defined and it seemed like every character ended up defined as gay straight and bi Again if it added or was at least partially relevant to the story then it would be fine but it really is just fluff3 Once you get to the core story it has some interesting concepts but it's hard to follow A room full of people will have a conversation but you don't know who is actually talking since a see and say identifies who is speaking then we jump to another rape remark then we jump to some flirting which leads to main char deciding on sexuality which then jumps back to rape and back to the main story leaving you trying to process if any of the fluff was actually relevant4 The punctuation especially commas was way overused and it left parts of the story unclear It wasn't just breaking apart a train of thought it was jumping the railsI am glad I read this through kindle unlimited as I would be mad if I spent money on this I am stuck trying to decide if this is a series I want to try to finish Usually I am very adamant about finishing a series to give it a fair shake but this book seems like the fluff is getting in the way

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    As many of the other works of this author this book was good a different perspective of a known universe Some jumps in information that although makes you realize that a good time for changes has happened since the last time we had contact with this characters makes you burn with curiosity of how things happened As always the authors doesn't pamper his characters and makes them undergoes some gruesome experiences that are needed for a growth that for shock value A good star of the series for Eve

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    Just could not finish itThis could have been a God book From what I did read almost half of it the premise could have been good but the book was so full of fluff Really it was like if someone followed you around told every single thing you did and said that was this book pretty much She put in things that didn't need to be there and had nothing to do with the story On top of that you could never tell who was talking I had to read back than a few times to try and figure out who was saying what which stops the flow of reading and just ruins it Then others the nonchalant rape talk Yea the girl who had just been turned into a vampire would be talking to someone someone who may not have even knew her or had just met her and she would say something like well yes I should be able to do that unless of course they beat a rape me like they do You k ow how it is that's not an exact uote but close and it was said in just normal conversation all the time She was always bring up being raped or maybe being raped or how she might just rape some guy in the mass Yea It was very odd awkward and uncomfortable to even be reading it I did read a review on forwards though where someone said there was a backstory in another book but this was the first in a series so it should have said someplace that this girl was in another book and had a backstory because it really is weird and not a normal thing for anyone to talk that way even a vampire Not just that but she seemed almost unemotional in the half I did read The only time she even showed anything at all was the beginning of aggression where she runs at guy she is talking to and was going to hit him but instead bugs him Yea didn't feel right and was just odd I usually don't give up on books In fact I can count on one hand how many books I have ever given up on and I have read hundreds if not thousands of books Usually I run fifty a year or close to it and have been reading that many for years and years So for me to stop reading a book there has to be a good reason There were also typos or editing mistakes so the book had scrappy editing on top of it Way too many commas and just not very well written I can usually solver thru a badly written book though if the story is interesting this wasn't It could have been though if she had been at least a bit descriptive and took out all the stuff that didn't matter and given the poor girl some kind of at least inner emotions I do think she tried there but it just certain off as flat and like the girl would talk herself out of caring about anything It was just weird So I would not refer this book to anyone at least don't pay for it Get it if it comes up as a free book I think that's how I got it or it was 99 cents but it want even worth that

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    Eve BensonThis is the most unusual Vampire story I've ever read I loved it Eve has chosen to become a vampire She has trained for 5 years to prepare herself and it's a good thing because things go wrong when she first wakes up Eve's world is very different from Bram Stoker's Dracula She lives in a world filled with being's such as Witches Demons and other beings other than humans Be prepared for a fabulous trip to the wild side

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    ConfusingTo many characters introduced without an explanation of who they are A bit boring and draggy story line I'll read the next to see if the story improves

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    First time to read this authorThe overall story was good There was very little description and mostly dialog The author has a couple uirks that I had difficulty with It's hard to know who is saying what I kept having to back up and reread sections to try to figure out which character was speakingAnother uirk is having multiple characters make statements using a uestioning tone?

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    Eve earns she has to learn This book is another winner Trying to figure out who is who in the larger scheme of things is a bit difficult if you come into the saga new with this book It can stand alone but knowing the back stories will be a help

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    Fabulous Vampire Story Have loved P S Powers books for years now This one is another wonderful addition to his multitude of worlds Thanks again for an awesome book and a new series