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[download epub] Tennis Shoes: Feathered Serpent, Part 2 (Tennis Shoes, #4)Author Chris Heimerdinger –

Having looked through the reviews, all 18 pages of them, I ve found only 6 reviewers that rate this book below 3 I was kind of disappointed that there weren tSo let me just make it clear that this is aterriblebook.Heimerdinger split up the action in these books which required the use of two narrators But he doesn t do a very good job of giving the narrators different voices The problem is so bad that he has to use different type sets to distinguish between narrators and I still had a hard time telling them apart What makes it worse is that Heimerdinger appears to have one writing style, and that is first person omniscient So you get the story from the perspective of one person, but that one person knows all the details and thoughts of every person around him or her It really isn t a very impressive writing style.Another problem with this book is that is has the exact same plot progression as the books preceding it It was so sadly predictable that you could guess what was going to happen 30 pages ahead of yourself I also had a hard time deciding if Heimerdinger was trying to write a novel, a memoir, or a sermon And his commentary on religious topics is some of the worst I ve read It s endless babble and cliche and pure drudgery to read To sum up, this book is a half decent story line wrapped up in a bunch of reference to scripture, a little creative license, and mounds of religious cliche with very little substance Having said that, I doubt your typical 10 12 year old cares much about any of that, and it s probably a good book for kids that age to be reading But by the time you re 16, it s probably not worth the time. tennis shoes amoung the neohites a feathered serpant part 2 chris heimerdinger this book is a thrilling sequal to the other books in this series the hawkins family gets into trouble with someold enemies from the scripture times and Jim hawkins the father gets accused for murder but he escapes and takes his family back in tome to ancient america and they went to go get his daughter back because she was kiddnapped by some bad people jim went out to get her back and he had some company from some nephite warriors and when they get to where they took his daughter they got stuck in some moutnains those were the days right before Christ died and when they finaly got out of the mountains and then the storms from Christs crusifiction the storm helped them get back jims daughter and they traveld back to where the rest of his family where, in the land of bountiful and they had to stay there for a long time because Jims youngest son got hurt on the back and he couldnt move but the savior was resurected and came to bountiful and healed him and others that were not in good condition and he blessed them and Jim and his brother had the inspiration to finaly go home back to there time i would rate this book a 9, because it has a great fun story to it and its just realy fun to read.I would recommed this book to those who like a lot of adventure and love to read about family trials and fictional tales about the LDS scriptures. I do not know how this book came to be on my list as read and with a five star rating I have never read it and do not recall that it was even on my want to read list. I d heard this book on tape years ago on one of those Colorado Utah trips But since my aunt gave this to me a few years ago since she had two , and since I was interviewing with Covenant, I thought I d read something they d published for a refresher Anyway, it s not the worst I ve ever read He sticks close to Church doctrine, which is a definite plus And he points out interesting things that inspire me to curiosity about the scriptures, another big plus But it s really not the best writing either Although they author editor set off the daughter s first person sections in italics to visually distinguish them, I still got confused in the transition because the two voices were not distinctive With that and generally speaking, Heimerdinger s not really skilled in characterization Just in fast action adventure That s good for kids who like that kind of writing, to find good books in that area that make them curious about the scriptures But, on the down side for me, though perhaps not for everyone, this fast paced adventure and many fantastical, fictitious elements juxtaposed against the truest things in the world s history, the most sacred parts of the scriptures, made me feel like something was a bit off I think especially because the writing was in first person and those view point characters were fictitious and not well created, I couldn t feel the way I would want to feel being in someone s shoes who s meeting the Savior Additionally, the scenes building up to this scene didn t prepare me as a reader on the emotional level True some of the actions and events were built to prepare for it, and there was a certain degree of emotion in these, but overall, it didn t feel nearly as real as I would have hoped for such a glorious event In general, I don t have a problem with action adventure books Fans of adventure don t usually care to have deep, strong emotional connections with action heroes But in this case, because of the context, I would have liked to have a lot better characterization and emotional plot building. We listened to most of this and Part 1 with the kids while driving to and from Savannah for the Fourth of July weekend It s definitely a great story, and I really enjoyed listening to it I m not sure I would like to actually read the books, however Heimerdinger s writing style is filled with cliches, which sound fine when he or his daughter is reading the story, but would probably grow tiresome if I were reading them I also felt obligated to explain to my children at the end of the book that Jesus really did come to the Americas and appear to the people there, but that the story about Jaime, Garth, et al was made up and pretend I kind of wish that Heimerdinger hadn t had his make believe characters meet the Savior Although very reverent and worshipful, the final scene of the book treads upon very sacred events that I think would probably have been best left alone It s almost as if, by having his make believe characters interact with the Savior, Heimerdinger is cheapening, maybe even mocking to a certain extent, that event Still, the story is very good and an enjoyable way to get the kids interested in reading the scriptures, and especially the Book of Mormon. Heimerdinger sometimes astonishes me with his ability to consistently tear his characters through the worst possible situations for them and then return them to their world having conquered their fears being stronger for it.There is a slight bit of inter volume inconsistency in that the characters end each book vowing to be perfect from then on after all they ve spoken with Captain Moroni or seen the Savior visit America but in the next book they are back to being less spiritual than they want to be I don t know if this is a problem, per se, since that s really how people are usually We experience great and powerful spiritual experiences but if we don t purposely seek to gainof them they will fade from our memory and become less powerful.From the title it s easy to guess what the ultimate climax of this book is I always find it peaceful but a little boring as well After all he can t get too crazy, the account in 3 Nephi is pretty explicit, so he basically just gives a detailed summary of the scriptural account I enjoy reading about it in the scriptures, somehow from an adventure book it sounds like I ve read it way too many times.This is a good conclusion to the story started in Part I It also starts a trend of Heimerdinger s to make continuously longer series within the main series of books Chances are if you ve gotten this far you ll want to read this book as well. SO good I love these books They are very unique because they have such a small intended audience Really, it pains me to admit, but these books are not all that well written, which is why it got 4 stars You are reading about these great characters with this fantastic setting and wonderful story, and it helps you forget that the actual writing is not truly superior Does every one understand that distinction Between writing and story and concept and characters Because, really, three out of four ain t bad My advice on the rest of this series Did you really like this one Really really Because if you didn t, go no further This is your stopping point If you did, read on, baby, because the old world adventures are even better you meet a couple of wicked awesome characters Apollus, Megan, Mary And the characters we have now become farmature and awesome Harry That s My two cents. The Journey As We Separated From The Rest Of The Refugees Of Zarahemla, A Terrible Vision Haunted My Thoughts By Abandoning My Two Younger Children To Search For Melody, Might I Lose My Entire Family The Destruction It Was Coming From The North, A Wall Of Rolling, Tumbling, Churning Clouds The Color Of Charcoal, The Sweeping Palm Of God The Glory The Man S Eyes Moved Across The Gathering Ar Bountiful S Temple They Were The Bluest I Had Ever Seen, And As Clear And Bright As The Limitless Universe Join Jim Hawkins And Family As They Stand Face To Face With The Ultimate Forces Of Good And Evil In This Concluding Volume Of Tennis Shoes And The Feathered SerpentCassettes, Run Time AppxHours I don t care who you are no story is exciting enough to justify the use of 70,000,000,000,000,000 exclamation points And I don t care how strapped for cash you are every book needs a proofreader Even if it s a half trained intern I am positive there are students out there who would love the experience and would bethan happy to do it for free Sheesh That said, this book doesn t deservethan three stars But I gave it four anyway because the love I had for this book as a teenager hasn t completely worn off yet Even though it was impossible to turn off my editor s radar for this book, I was determined to enjoy it anyway Because there s so much to have fun with woolly mammoths, everyone s favorite Book of Mormon story, a forbidden romance, a 2,000 year old Nephite I m still hoping they make a movie out of this book some day.And if you let it, this book can be a testimony builder It affected me deeply when I was a teenager. 6 19 2017 I love this book I don t say it is the most coherent, best written book I ve ever read, but it touched me when I read it back in the day and it touched me again yesterday I started it Saturday night and tried my best to finish it in one sitting but I had to give up and get some sleep before finishing it Sunday morning I found the description of the Savior s visit to the Americas as moving as I had remembered and would give it five stars for that scene alone The adventures leading up to that moment move at a good clip and I think the book works as a whole My only complaint, and it s a big one, is the choice to put all of the female parts in italics That was a weird choice and made Melody s parts physically hard to read Heimerdinger tries, but he s not great at writing from a female perspective, let s not make it worse by putting the text in italics, too.