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[[ Prime ]] Tennis Shoes: Feathered Serpent, Part 1 (Tennis Shoes, #3)Author Chris Heimerdinger –

Transport Yourself Back In Time For Another Adventure In The Ongoing Saga That Began With Tennis Shoes Among The Nephites And Gadiatons And The Silver Sword Join Jim Hawkins As He Embarks Upon His Most Difficult And Perilous Quest A Quest For Survival Against Unseen Enemies A Quest To Solve The Deepening Mystery Of The Disappearance Of His Sister, Jennifer, And His Old Friend Garth Plimpton Jim, No The Father Of Two Teenage Daughters And A Ten Year Old Son All As Stubborn And Self Willed As He Ever Was Must Battle The Forces Of An Old And Secret Adversary Set On Destroying His Very Existence Once Again Jim Must Descend Through The Mysterious Passages Of Frost Cave And The Rainbow Room, Only To Emerge With His Family In A Land And Time Teetering On The Brink Of Ultimate Destruction The Time Just Prior To The Savior S Appearance In The New World The Time Of The Feathered Serpent

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    Having looked through the reviews, all 18 pages of them, I ve found only 6 reviewers that rate this book below 3 I was kind of disappointed that there weren t So let me just make it clear that this is a terrible book.Heimerdinger split up the action in these books which required the use of two narrators But he doesn t do a very good job of giving the narrators different voices The problem is so bad that he has to use different type sets to distinguish between narrators and I still had a hard time telling them apart What makes it worse is that Heimerdinger appears to have one writing style, and that is first person omniscient So you get the story from the perspective of one person, but that one person knows all the details and thoughts of every person around him or her It really isn t a very impressive writing style.Another problem with this book is that is has the exact same plot progression as the books preceding it It was so sadly predictable that you could guess what was going to happen 30 pages ahead of yourself I also had a hard time deciding if Heimerdinger was trying to write a novel, a memoir, or a sermon And his commentary on religious topics is some of the worst I ve read It s endless babble and cliche and pure drudgery to read To sum up, this book is a half decent story line wrapped up in a bunch of reference to scripture, a little creative license, and mounds of religious cliche with very little substance Having said that, I doubt your typical 10 12 year old cares much about any of that, and it s probably a good book for kids that age to be reading But by the time you re 16, it s probably not worth the time.

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    I think this may be my favorite 2 books of the series as the family is thrust back in time to when Jesus visits the Nephites Amazing faith building story Do be aware that book 3 and 4 are part 1 and 2 of a story So you finish book 3 and basically NEED to read book 4 to find out what happens We LOVE the Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites Series Rob and I listened to it while we drove on any road trips when we were first married and we continued the traditions as we had our boys We recently started re listening to the series in November and are up to book 4 This is the first time our 8 year old remembers hearing them and he loves them The stories are old familiar friends to our older boys, who have read the books and listened to the audio books at least 3 or 4 times GREAT series for young and old alike I feel like it has helped my boys love the Gospel and really bring it to life for them.

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    6 18 2017 This is the set up to my favorite book by Heimerdinger and, with its companion, it works better than any of the others I ve read so far.

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    In modern day Utah, a struggling widower and father, Jim Hawkins finds himself caught in a terrifying situation that could destroy him and his family His children learn that Jim had found a portal to the times of the Book of Mormon earlier in his life It becomes necessary that he lead his family back to the land of the Nephites This is where the real adventure begins Arriving in Zarahemla, the family recognizes that they have arrived in the time just before the coming of Jesus Christ to the land Bountiful The possibility of seeing the Savior becomes even real to Jim s family This book, though it is of course not scripture, and is considered fiction, I feel is inspired It can help young people as well as adults to be excited about the stories in the scriptures Within the story, testimony of the Savior and of the Book of Mormon is borne frequently It also shows the connections of the Book of Mormon to our own time as we, like the Nephites await the day the Messiah will come How much time remained before the just wrath of God turned this land inside out with fire and destruction Every rumble of thunder and jolt of lightning overhead drew this question back to the forefront of my mind While reading Tennis Shoes and the Feathered Serpent, the reader wonders the same thing about the modern day How much longer until the great and terrible day when Jesus will come again

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    My favorite character in this book is Harry I think he is best because when he arrives in the Nephite, he has the same amazed reaction to the Nephite lands as his father did before him When his father was in the same time he was amazed how happy the people were and how even without modern conveniences their lives were as happy as ever Now that his son is in the same time same place he gets to experience all the things his dad did.My review on this book is very positive because it perfectly follows the previous story while seamlessly adding new characters It is able to add a son and two daughters to the original main character without taking away from the original story It also brings to life the time of the Nephites telling the stories like you never heard them before.

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    Way back in high school, I loved the Tennis Shoes books They immersed me into a world I only heard about in Church and gave me an entirely different perspective on that world Today, they still hold up pretty well Oh, I can see the flaws there is far too much tell and not enough show for my taste, and much of the dialogue feels fake or forced Additionally, some of the coincidences in the stories are just too much to swallow as believable But they still do what I think Heimerdinger intended introduce you to the world of the Book of Mormon not as it likely was but how it possibly could have been His blending of scripture with research on ancient Americans is impressive, and it is easy to believe that the people lived the way he portrays them whether they actually did or not More important, he brings Gospel lessons to his young readers In the end, I feel that the positive aspects to this story far outweigh any negatives.I do wish he d just done a single book rather than the terrible cliffhanger, though.

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    Still found the religious commentary off center and rather mindless and without much foundation, and the narration of two different characters are much the same, almost too much, but at least he gives us hidden clues by hints and is even wrong in what they see now and again I saw some reviews saying the first person was too all knowing, but I found he didn t make them perfect He just seems unable to know how to explain an expression without naming the thought or feeling that is supposed to Express I think it works alright Still, not one I care for much I did as a kid though

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    This book might have thrown me, with the two different narrations if I had been reading the book But with the audio version it helped that it was a male and female voice The book was exciting I wish I would have realized there was a part 2 that was a different book, because it ended abruptly We still enjoyed it and was able to listen to the next book too

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    A good read, a nice set up for the next book There are still some questions to be answered, and some that I didn t think would be answered in this book Fun, exciting and uplifting Recommend for all ages who are looking for a little adventure.

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    think this may be my favorite 2 books of the series as the family is thrust back in time to when Jesus visits the Nephites Amazing faith building story Do be aware that book 3 and 4 are part 1 and 2 of a story So you finish book 3 and basically NEED to read book 4 to find out what happens.