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Mia Devlin knows what it is like to love with your whole heart—and then watch your love walk away Years ago she and Sam Logan shared an incredible bond built on passion legend and fate But then one day he fled Three Sisters Island leaving her lost in memories of the magic they shared—and determined to live without loveThe new owner of the island's only hotel Sam has returned to Three Sisters with hopes of winning back Mia's affections He is puzzled when she greets him with icy indifference—for the chemistry between them is still sizzling and true Angry hurt and deeply confused Mia refuses to admit that a passion for Sam still burns in her heart But she'll need his help—and his powers—to face her greatest most terrifying challenge And as the deadline for breaking a centuries old curse draws near they must take the first steps toward destiny—and come together to turn back the dark

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    This closes out the series It's not that I didn't love it cause I did Butok here's the deal He dumps her harshly and then ten years later he returns expecting to romance her back into his bed What he didn't bank on was how much her heart was broken He knew he hurt her I did mean to hurt you And I'd say I did a damn good job of it Yep he would have needed an ambulance after making a comment like that 🚑 She rebuilt herself on the ashes he left She was stronger but he does manage to romance himself back in slowly As you can tell I never warmed up to him But it was still an excellent ending to the series

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    While I still liked this book it was my least favorite of the Three Sisters Island trilogy I liked the plot as it dealt with resolving the threat to the island and beating the evil I thought that was done wellWhat I didn't particularly like about the book was the romance between Mia and Sam It didn't uite work for me Mia keeps her heart locked away from Sam for the whole book with good reason mostly then at the end she's suddenly like okay I accept you and your love The abrupt change in her feelings came off a littleweird for me Their romance just has this rather cold vibe She sleeps with him does things with him but she's constantly saying I'll never risk my heart again and saying it's just sex and fun I would have liked to see Mia soften toward him a little before the endThe other thing that kept me from really loving the book was Mia herself I just didn't like her as much as the other characters Maybe it was her attitude and arroganceI'm not sure But at times for me she was just a character who was there not one I was actively rooting formBut aside from that still a good book and a nice conclusion to the Three Sisters Island trilogywhich is my favorite of all Nora's trilogies

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    45 starsI love this heroine and I LOVE how she treated the hero here yes love itWho does he think he is? Left the girl for 11 years and told her he wouldn’t be back and now he returns and expected her to welcome him with an open arms? Yeah right Bloody idiotSo of course she welcome him back in her bed but not in her heart LolThis like one grovel story of him hoping she will love him againDon’t worry she had a wonderful life too when he went away and didn’t live in the fridgeAll end up good and the witches elements very strong here compared with previous book in the series

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    I never thought I'd give it five stars in the end but there you have it The entire premise of this book not the series was based on the fact a nineteen year old girl knew what love was when she loved Sam Logan eleven years ago A love so strong so powerful she'd shattered when he left You were nineteen girl What did you know?Lucky he left because he did them both a huge favor She grew stronger as a witch he became a man who finally knew what he wanted and they could discover what love was together when they were both adultsI didn't like the fact she held a grudge so long because the reason for that grudge was stupid if you ask me Lucky for her and me Sam had a rather reasonable head on this shoulders—all men had in this series while the women the strong witches that spoke against strong negative emotions held grudges were angry wanted to kick Sam's butt etc Very mature ladiesAnd I still gave it five stars Why? Because despite the stupid grudge holding this book rocked The last in the trilogy it was the most 'action y' it had the most spells it had the final battle between good and evil which never gets old it seemsAnd it was scorching hot you know what I mean I never expected such 'burn' from NR let me tell you She usually writes rather tame love scenes that are all about imagination but this timeWhoa There was imagination involved but she also 'showed' the heatI guess Dance Upon the Air is still my favorite in this trilogy but this last installment is hot on its heels

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    This reunion story didn't work for me I was too busy rolling my eyes to fully enjoy this corny mess The hero dumped the heroine because he felt suffocated by her and doesn't return for 11 years She of course spent those years torn apart struggling to survive without him The day he returns she decides she will have sex without the relationship with him rolls eyes when he tells her he wants her back Does that sound like what a rational woman will do to the guy who dumped and shattered her heart? She does everything with him except eat out and says she's not emotionally involved And yet as a reader you can see that's a bald faced lie This just made the book drag on and left me feeling dissatisfied because I didn't feel the hero groveled much at all

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    Review Supernatural power that are shown is too good to be described a woman who lived on island and have some secret hidden on the island and they have history to fight them Some real mature people do sometimes take wrong decision and that take them away from the one they love the most and Sam returns for Mia as the owner of the hotel and he try to protect her from any danger that fall on her spirit try to attack Mia and getting her in to road accident but she got saved apparently and they broke the century old crush And for that Sam has to be with Mia before an auspicious day to break the chain of curse and destroy the evil It was a happy ending of the novel As people find there love back in time Really some supernatural effects are really good sometimes well woven story and better than love stories stuff and mature and sensible people are sometimes also take wrong decision as the younger onesthanks to one of my friend for lending me this beautiful novel

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    From the massive amount of books I’ve read by Nora RobertsI’ve learned something’If you loved the first booknever expect the seuel or the others in the series to be as good as the first one’It’s a lesson I learned throughout my experience of Roberts’ worksI went through the same thing in Face the FireI loved the first bookDance Upon the Air and I enjoyed the second oneHeaven and Earth so initially I had a little hope for Face the FireBut of courseit turned out to be a disappointmentEven though this book answers a lot of uestions and is a great conclusion for the mysteriesthe story itself was not at all greatI’ve always liked MiaIn the first two booksshe has always been a character I admireAnd Sam is wonderful tooSo it’s hard to understand why I didn’t like this oneSam and Mia’s story is kind of like the teenage sweethearts meet again and fall in love again with loads of flashbacksStill the girl is reluctant to love again and get her heart brokenWell it’s a Roberts’ book for God’s sakewhen did the heroine fall in love uickly?The romance was flat and the whole craft thing has become a little tiringSince Mia has always been the person who mends the craft businessit’s a little overwhelming when she’s the main characterSo mostlyFace the Fire was a great bookbut it didn’t manage to amaze me

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    I found it very easy to not like Sam along with all women I was stunned when I realized that Sam thought all he would have to do was come back and he would be back with Mia I loved that Nell and Ripley gave him the cold shoulder too in support of Mia The whole big bad showdown was sort of a letdown after 3 books

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    This audio book did not work for me on so many levels I didn’t like the heroine I didn’t like the hero I didn’t care for the supporting characters I thought parts of it were downright stupid and it emphasizes all the reasons I do not read Ms Roberts trilogies any longerThat’s it in a nutshell though I suppose I should give a bit detail otherwise it will sound like one of those ‘crap’ reviews that can be found on I have to start out by saying I’ve loved Nora Roberts for a long time I still love her as JD Robb and I still enjoy her single title books though I don’t read that many due to price I did very recently purchase Whiskey Beach and Honest Illusions as ebooks when they were for a good prices But I gave up her trilogies a long time ago as the characters seen all interchangeable after having read a number in my earlier romance reading days I’m going to come down on the author and it hurts to do so as I have a tremendous amount of respect for her talent but in the trilogies she has 3 basic types mostly heroines but I have read a series where the heroes fell into this pattern tooThere is what I call “earth mother father” type All she he really wants is to be a good wife dad and possible mother father She’s he’stried to womanly beta manly things like cooking cleaning raising plants that kind of thing She’s often been abused by a previous boyfriendhusband the hero for this type ‘rescues’ herThe second type of heroine hero is the ‘tough’ type Shehe has a tough exterior hiding a heart of gold of course She often holds a traditionally masculine type job cop firefighter works on a boat that kind of thing Eve Dallas for example is this typeThe third type is what I think of as ‘high maintenance’ Usually this heroine hero is very stylish sure of herself and her place in the world High maintenance probably isn’t a fair label but she is the most confident of the three and has a successful careerIn Face the Fire Mia is the third type and my least favourite I can’t really relate to this type of heroine and in all the trilogies this is my least favourite type I didn’t care for Mia; she comes across to me as rather cold even though her ‘element’ is fire Yes she had her heart crushed by Sam when she was very young And her parents did pretty much abandon her And to keep the hurt at bay she gained a very strong mask but I still didn’t like her And Sam was an awful hero He selfishly left her when they were young breaking her and didn’t even give much of a reason for it He doesn’t have anything to do with her for ten years and though he realizes he may have a bit of work ahead of him in getting her back he figures it’s pretty much a done deal Ass hatThe woo woo part of it didn’t work for me at all either Both Sam and Mia are witches though I always thought a male witch was called a warlock They are often sending out spells and maybe because I listened instead of reading where I could just skip them they were well stupid Every time either one went off into spell working land I rolled my eyes even though I was driving in a carI have very little experience with audio books but the reader’s voice didn’t impress me at all When she was speaking in the characters voices it was almost like nails on a chalkboard for me I winced and hunched my shouldersThe plot was simplistic – some Evil Force on Sisters Island wants to drive Mia out and take over the island This is the third book and The Force tried with Nell the ‘earth mother abused wife’ heroine in the first book and failed and then again with Ripley the ‘tough’ heroine in the second book and now finally with Mia in this one But after finally forgiving Sam and embracing love Mia triumphs over evil along with the help of her two ‘sisters’ and Sam At the risk of being a negative Nellie – gag me I don’t give this low of grades often but with so many things working against it for me this gets a very low grade

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    The real H of this trilogy and the book is the h; stylish a business woman and kind to bootH was a nematode who grew up and came back after 10 years expecting h to take him back in hours she makes him work for it till the end