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Three hundred years ago Raven St James was accused of witchcraftOnly one man tried to free her from the hangman's noose Duncan the town minister who died trying to save her Three hundred years later the accused witch still lives and longs for her loveAt last after centuries of loneliness Raven has found her precious Duncan But as he awakens to the passion of his past life so too does the evil that tore them apart Now Raven and Duncan must prove their love for all eternity

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    Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || || Pinterest🦇 Read for the Unapologetic Romance Readers Halloween 2018 Reading Challenge for the category of A romance with a witch 🦇ETERNITY joins the cadre of bad paranormal romance I've read this year alongside other greats such as TOUCH A DARK WOLF a werewolf romance and PRINCE OF THE NIGHT a vampire romance Fittingly ETERNITY is about witches and it's really unfortunate for this book that I happened to be watching Hocus Pocus around the same time because this book reads like someone watched Hocus Pocus and completely missed the pointOur heroine is a witch named Raven Her mother is a healer in the 18th century and after she fails to heal Raven's cousin their relative decides to throw them under the bus by branding them as witches They are rounded up by local witch hunterheretic Nathanial to be hung Nathanial's protege Duncan thinks that Raven is super hot and is so horrified by the proceedings that he decides to abandon his master Furious Nathanial ignores his pleas and kills them bothAs it turns out because Raven saved someone else's life in her past life she gets to be an immortal witch The only way she can be killed is if someone cuts out her heart because that's how bad witches get to live forever they live off the lives that they steal from someone else And Nathanial Witch Hunter Es is one of these bad witches who is not happy when he finds out that the dead bodies he planned to cut the hearts out of are both missingRaven goes to New England has some run ins with Native Americans and settles in a small town where she becomes the object of lust for the local pilgrims who assume guess what since they are unable to control the activity of their privates Raven must be a witch to fill them with such lusts So the witch hunt begins anew with Nathanial joining the fray yet again and then Raven and a new witch friend flee into the woods to live with Native Americans before going toSalem I thinkI may be confusing the order of events because it was all so ridiculous and I was rolling my eyes a lotAnyway after Duncan dies trying to save Raven or whatever they meet again and now he's a witch because he died trying to save her only he's been re adopted by Nathanial who has this weird inexplained obsession with Duncan where he sees him as a son Raven tries to get Duncan to love her but his attachment to the man who killed her mother is so traumatic she doubts him Nathanial fondles a statue of a raven while imagining cutting out Raven's heart There's a final showdown The bad guy wins lol Just kidding this is a romance Of course he dies and everyone lives happily ever after What did you think was going to happen honestly?I would just like to point out that the soulmate angle is this book's biggest weakness Especially since their meet cute is him thinking Wow that girl is hot while she's on the gallows and they are basically eye fucking while her mother is being executed Gee how romantic I've never been a believer in love at first sight and thought all of these characters suffered from a major case of TSTLitis You know it's funny because for last year's Halloween challenge I read another witch romance set during the witch hunt times called DEVIL'S MISTRESS which also featured an obsessed witch hunter who hunted the heroine with fanaticism It also opened with the death of the heroine's mother and like this book the hero is the man who helps save her from a similar fateI don't get why writing a good witch romance seems to be so difficult but almost all of the ones I've encountered are painfully cheesy and weird Let me know if you find a good one because I haven't1 to 15 stars

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    My Rating 35 StarsHe died trying to save her from the hangman’s noose Raven was accused of witchcraft hung and died only to be “reborn” with the gift of eternal life Duncan a mortal priest saw something in the girl’s eyes that called to him as he watched her neck break His compassion killed him but she lived on for three hundred years searching for his soul to return Will this time around be enough to prove these soulmates can find their happily ever after? They were still strangers but their hearts knew where they belonged unless one evil entity can come between them once againHow far would you go to be with the person you loved? What would you give up to keep them safe? How long could you wait hoping they will return?Maggie Shayne’sETERNITY is a wonderful tale of love hatred prejudice and a dark uest for power at any cost For me this tale was just a little too long and dragged in places bringing the moments of fever pitched tension down All in all a good read with some fabulous characters that hopefully will get their own story told There is a lot going on that never got expanded on in addition to the overly slow moments so it missed the mark for me by the time I got to that last page I would say try it you may like it just fineSeries Immortal Witches Book 1Publication Date January 10 2013 1st edition 1998Publisher Maggie ShayneGenre Fantasy NAPrint Length 354 pagesAvailable FREE from For Reviews Giveaways Fabulous Book News follow

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    Eternity is the second book I’ve read by Maggie Shayne the other being ‘Texas Homecoming’ and by now I think it’s safe to say that her books just aren’t for me I can’t exactly pinpoint why but both books just didn’t suck me in and in both cases I got bored skimmed an awful lot and just gave up at some point The story itself was actually interesting and should’ve made me care a lot about the characters but for some reason it just didn’t happenRaven St James awakens next to her mother’s dead body after being hanged for witchcraft and discovers she is a very powerful immortal witch She feels an instant connection to Duncan the one man who tried to stop the execution but decides to leave him and England behind and escape to America to live with her aunt Unbeknown to her Duncan has the same idea and they end up on the same ship where she saves him from almost dying of a fever by using her magic After that she leaves him behind and goes on to live with her aunt A while later Duncan is asked to be the preacher in the same town where the current preacher already suspects Raven is a witch and asks him to investigate When that doesn’t bring the desired results he hires a witch hunter view spoilerwho is not only an evil witch who needs to kill good witches so he can live off their powers and energy but also Duncan’s former teacher hide spoiler

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    2 the story idea was nice about two people who time and death could not separate The idea was nice I just thought the story stuttered a faulted for me First I really dislike tales of witch hunts mob mentality gone stupid and just plan ignorance This book had all three I got uninterested and found myself skimming pages through the horrible history parts the back ground of the white artdarks arts and many The Native American bit was thrown in there so random and incomplete it was disappointing I would have loved it if the story and gone in that direction instead of where it went But as it was they were introduced has some cool magic going and then they were out of the story and it was 300 years in the futureThe Bad guy was deplorable He was also a poorly made sob story with a dead son who only wanted another Should have been a Oh boo hoo but it just didn't come across right He felt like Moe from the Three Stooges with a blood lust Bumbling idiot with murderous intentI did finish it when I should have dropped it It was not the book for me

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    I got this book as a freebie from and it was a very enjoyable read While the love story between Raven and Duncan was the main focus of the novel it was the historical aspect of the witch trials in both the UK and US that intrigued me the most I felt that there was a lot of research undertaken that helped make the the whole story feel very real As someone who has a Wiccan in their family I felt that Maggie Shayne's representation of the old religion to be sensitive and compassionate I found it hard to put down and I sit here writing this review after only 5 hours sleep because I had to know what happened in the end All in all a satisfying read and I will look forward t reading book 2

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    This was such a uniue paranormal witch tale Here's my breakdownPros Solid characters Great writing style Offered as a freebie Really sweet romanceCons It became repetitive at times especially during Part 2 of this readOverall I was impressed with this book and will definitely check out book 2 in the series

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    This book should probably be three stars instead of four Predictable formula been done but I enjoyed it OK? It was a fun read Immortal witches time travel treachery and some steamy romance and a hot Scottish dude but do all Scottish hotties have to have the last name Wallace? Overall an enjoyable bit of escapism so four stars but don't expect great literature just a fun story

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    Thank you to Cintia for recommending this tear jerker to me ❤️❤️❤️ This has been a very different book I’ve not read any book similar to it and I can’t say how much it warmed my heart The characters were so kind and easy to fall in love with I’m not sorry to say I cried once or twice

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