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Emily is delighted when her family returns to Brightport But their attempts to follow Neptune's orders to bring humans and merfolk together seem hopeless Thrown out of mermaid school and scorned by her old enemy Mandy Rushton Emily goes in search of the lost sirens banished by Neptune to a top secret undersea cavern

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    55 stars I'd had enough surprises in the last few months to know that you don't always find the answers you're looking for without finding about fifty unwanted ones first This is the last book I have read in this wonderful series the series consists of six books although the last ones are in fact companion novels mostly When I closed this book I let the smell of salt the sound of the waves and the feel of soft sand between my fingers stay in my mind for a little When I finished this story I went an hugged my family knowing that it taught me family blood or not is the most important thing in the world and everyone deserves to have one When this tale came to an end I called my friends asking them when we're gonna live a beautiful heart stopping adventure like the ones Emily Windsnap and her friends live and will forever get tangled into I lied back in my bed thinking of the fresh calming and careful writing the beautiful fairy tale elements and the plot that made me laugh sueal and cry a million tears I rushed back to my childhood reminding myself of how I first had read this book and then the others in the series like the weirdo I am I remembered how safe these books made me feel That all the darkness would go away and that like a lighthouse in a raging sea I'd find happiness Today after so many years I close my eyes and let the safety these books make me feel sink in for a few minutes I do that with every book honestly With these ones thoughI let my mind rush for a little I let myself imagine I was a merhuman And a smile rose in my face like the sun rises in the sky when the night endsWhen I closed this book I wondered why books make us feel so strong and powerful and that all the pain will go away I didn't find an answer But I did know that I'd read my childhood favorite the Emily Windsnap series until the end No matter how old I get I thought I'll always go back to see these wonderful characters and this heart warming fairytale about love and acceptance When I closed this book I smiled a huge bright smile Because I knew Emily showed me I knew in the end everything will be alright ♥ That was very emotional wow But that's how I feel about this book They are so important for me and they are my immediate thought of comfort What are your books of comfort dear readers? I would love you guys to share ♥Until the next review keep dreaming ♥ Mary

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    This book was very good in this book Shiprock is being threatened by construction and Emily is now trying to bring the worlds of merpeople and humans together and before she knew it she was back at Brightport there she starts her mission plus a side adventure to find the missing sirens with Shona and her trying to figure out her feeling towards her new friendI really like this book because they are finally bringing the two different worlds together to live in peace with each other and while they're at it they fixed family problems too I learned that maybe some things that are impossible can be possible if you believe it's possibleI recommend this book to people who like fictional books

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    Emily Windsnap and the Siren's Secret is the fourth book in the Emily Windsnap series and in my opinion the best so far This book is about adventure love mermaids and of course the lost sirensEmily and Shona have been best friends for ages now since the day Emily discovered that she was a semi mer Now they return on an adventure to find the lost sirens Sirens are the mermaids who perch on rocks and sing beautiful songs to lead fishermen to their watery graves Emily and Shona go on an adventure to find the lost sirens but instead find themselves trapped in an underwater sea cavern Will they be able to get out again? And will they be able to complete their task for Neptune to reunite the mer world and the human world before the human world destroys Shiprock the mermaid town? Find out in Emily Windsnap and the Siren's Secret by Liz Kessler you'll regret it if you miss itWhen I read books one of the worst things in my opinion is knowing what is going to happen It just makes it seem pointless to read it when you already know But with the Emily Windsnap books you don't know what is going to happen which is one of the things what I like so much about these books Of course most children's books have happy endings at the end but when you read the Emily Windsnap books they do have happy endings but you don't know how there could be one They surprise me every timeLiz Kessler is a gifted author She can think up amazing plots describe the sea perfectly and make the book feel like its real not just a fairy tale if that makes sense Although this book is amazing there is one thing that I don't like about this book There are LOADS and I mean TONS of errors Speech marks are missing This sometimes makes it confusing in a bad way as you don't know if someone is talking or not or if Emily is just thinking it herself Personally I think the editors should have made sure there were no mistakes in this book One then fine but I think there were about six errors no lies Apart from the errors I think this book is perfect I would have rated it 5 stars if there hadn't been so many errors in it Keep up the great work Liz Kessler

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    A really magical and fun adventure about Emily a girl who transforms into a mermaid when she's in water and her friends Shona Aaron and Mandy Together they want to save Emily's hometown from the houses that are to be built there and that would destroy the merpeople's community The book is an easy and fun read with many important topics for children such as friendships first love and making plans and fighting for what's important together I'd recommend the series for 9 years and up

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    Whoa Usually this far into a series things start to go downhill But this just keeps going up This fantasy series is all about mermaids and mythology with so many wonders being added every book But sirens? They fit right into this series no doubt A clever solution and ending anyone can love and be satisfied with Emily Windsnap and the Siren's Secret is a beautiful addition the surprises will leave you jumping for

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    Emily Windsnap and the Siren's Secret by Liz Kessler the fourth and final book in the series is a wonderful story Emily everyone's favorite semi mer is yet again on a mission this time to bring peace between merpeople and humans After moving back to her old town Brightport things start to go wrong Her plans slow down when her best friend Shona gets stuck in an underground cavern with a group of unfriendly sirens Only Emily and her friend Aaron can break the curse that doesn't let the lost sirens and Shona escape from the cavern What will they do to free Shona and the sirens?Although the first two books in the series are my favorite this book is wonderful too Since this is the last book I'm really sad that I won't be reading any books about Emily Windsnap I will be reading the newest books A Year Without Autumn and Philippa Fisher and the Fairy's Promise So far I've enjoyed every book I've read that's by Liz Kessler Like I said before never stop writing Ms Kessler DLiz Kessler strikes again with her mastery of description and words She's really a pro Sharp tunnels of wind whistled and shrieked around every corner Trees bowed and shook and broke Rain splattered viciously down on the pavement Out at sea it was even worse On the water the storm had turned swells into walls the size of skyscrapers Waves foamed hungrily like giant rabid dogsI recommend this book for preteens and teens It's a swishy read and overall I give it 5 stars KC's Best Reviews and More Emily Windsnap and the Siren's Secret

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    This is the final book in this series at this point I hope that there will be As I have mentioned there have been some parts that seem slow to me and hard to get into but this book is not geared to a 40 year old women but young girls I think most young girls would be delighted with this writer's stories This final book was very enjoyable and probably my favorite one I liked that she brought all the familiar characters back again in this book and how the boy that helps Emily in the third book has a much larger role in this book I am glad that Emily can finally feel like she is not an outcast finally in this book People or merpeople that we have thought badly of in the previous three books finally have thier pasts explained in this book and we are able to understand finally why they are the way they are Its really uite good the way the writer has brought all the characters together and woven the lives of them all into this final book A really nice series

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    So far I think this is my favorite of the series It held my attention longer then the others and the mystery of the sirens and the incorporation of Mr Beeston and getting to see of his story was great The only issue with this bookseries is that the characters are so under developed

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    Actual rating 45 So apparently this series was initially supposed to be a trilogy but then the author's fans convinced her to write ? XD I'm honestly so happy that they did because for once I'm enjoying the seuels just as much as the first book I've really enjoyed watching the characters get mature as this series goes on especially Emily She's had some amazing character development throughout this series so far and we're only halfway through the series at least for now I think I said this in my review of Castle in the Mist but the relationships in this series make me so happy There were a few new relationships both romantic and non romantic in this book and they were really cute Plus the friendships between Emily and her best friends are still as amazing and relatable as ever I feel like this series gets darker with every book but I think it's really cool To me it kind of seems like the reader grows with the characters because of it All in all I really enjoyed this book I've already started the next one and I really like how it's going so far so hopefully it will be just as good

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    AWWW our little Emily is growing up 3Once again Emily gets a little too curious and gets her fin stuck into places it doesn't belong Once again she pulls her friends down with her However this time she has a bargaining chip something Neptune wants She is finally thinking her actions through before she takes them most of the time Her circle of loyal and helpful friends is growing and so is her family I continue to be impressed with the major life lessons these books make seem so simple racism sexism homophobia think of a trigger and these books has simplified it and made it impossible to argue Love love love