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{Download pdf} Eleanor McGraw, a Pony Named Mouse and a Boy Called Fire (Hawthorne Horses, #1) Author Katharina Marcus –

Eleanor McGraw, Vertically Challenged, Empathic And Sharp Daughter Of Folk Musician Isabel Payne And A World Famous Rock Guitarist, Wakes Up A Few Days Shy Of Her Th Birthday To A Life Ordinary After Years Of Vagabonding Around The World Alongside A Series Of Chaotic Father Figures, They Are Settling Down With Quiet Kjell, A Swedish Dentist, On The Outskirts Of A Small Town On The South Coast Of England While Exploring Her New Home S Surroundings, Eleanor Discovers A Solitary Pony In A Deserted Plot Of Grazing Land As She Befriends The Animal And Meets Scar Faced, Foul Mouthed, Year Old Pike She Is Slowly Drawn Into Another Family S Tragic Past And Finds Herself At The Centre Of A Decision Between Life Or Death, Past Or Future, Beginning Or End Eleanor McGraw Is A Contemporary Book About People, Ponies, Patchwork Families, Friendship And Love, Suitable For Anyone Horse Rider Or Not Between And Contains Some Strong Language

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    A YA read, possibly for older teens who like love horses The story revolves tightly around them There is a bit of rough language, but it is in character realistic The teens sleep together without sex, save for some kissing That was the least realistic part of the book as far as my 16 year old self would have been concerned You re a better man than I, Pike I was quite taken with the story on several levels As I found out by reading her free short story, Boys Don t Ride, Marcus knows all about loving horses as well as horsemanship dealing with them on every level That was great.There was the plot, which was slowly revealed as was the information surrounding it There were no big info dumps just a horse crazy girl, a boy with a couple of big problems, a wonderful pony who drew them together The way the information was teased out drew me on masterfully Warning Don t start this without giving yourself plenty of time You may get sucked in stay up far too late The characters were excellent I don t know much about musicians, but I know horse people her portrayal of them was spot on One quote just tickled me, All people go a bit funny in old age but horse people are the worst Cut above even mad cat ladies Perfectly put Best yet, she acknowledges the difference in horse people A rich man owns a stable, but You see, he doesn t really do horses, our Mr Greaves Don t get me wrong, he s very athletic and a good enough rider but he s not a horse person. Yes, that s right It s not something you can learn, fake, or buy It s an innate skill There s a spark of empathy that only true horse people have Horses true horse people usually know the difference immediately, always in a short amount of time.Great read, very happy to have finally gotten around to reading it.

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    Let me start by saying that I read ebooks on my smart phone It s not a particularly cosy experience about 30 words per page, endless bloody swiping and eye strain So when I say that I couldn t put this ebook down, that I read the whole thing in one day, pulling my phone out any time I had a spare minute, that means the story is than good It s up at the top amazing.I was utterly entranced by this story from the first page You could describe it as a story of awakening, of first love, a pony story, a coming of age story, a story of mixed and broken families It s all of these and so much .The titular Eleanor McGraw, 14 years old, is a thoroughly likeable heroine Her very liberal mother has just married a Swedish dentist, and Eleanor feels out of place in the the world Then she meets a roan pony and a 16 year old boy The story is so much than this There s wonderful characters, so much love and understanding and sadness There s a plot involving a developing romance, an accident that changed a life, and impending loss of everything dear There s depth in Eleanor s relationship with her mother and step father, and a whole raft of minor characters who spring off the pages There s adult themes that aren t glossed over particularly sexuality which are approached in an open manner, with the adults allowing the teenagers full rein to make their own choices.Through it all is Blueberry Mouse, the pony that the book hinges around Eleanor s relationship with the pony is beautifully described, and somewhat surreal in many aspects The writing throughout is glorious, with an easy style, a subtle touch and a commanding use of language.Don t be put off because this is a pony book or a romance or a young adult book Yes, it s all of these, but put together it s so, so much .One of the best books I ve read this year.

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    Eleanor McGraw, a Pony Named Mouse and a boy Called Fire by Katharina Marcus The book felt like familiar family history including members of the equine elements of family When you have the acreage where horses and youths can be out of sight, some unique drama can unfold I enjoyed the characters and the issues to be respectfully solved.And, yes, I love horse books.

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    What a truly wonderful story I was always a sucker for a horse story when I was officially in the Young Reader category and it looks like I still am But it was so much than just a horse story, it is life, problem solving, taking responsibility, respect for others and self respect It is just a beautiful read If my reading time had been my own I would have read straight through in one sitting, but it took just a bit longer with having to grab moments when I could Loved it and am adding a to the 5 stars.

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    Wowwhat an amazing little book Loved every minute of it GREAT characters, storytelling and of course it had horsesAND takes place in England The perfect storm I was a little hesitant going in since the main protag heroine, Eleanor, is only 14 years old, but it doesn t matter A perfect book for young and old alike Eleanor is going down as one of my favorite little heroines of all time So glad this was recommended to me because I m sure I never would have stumbled onto it otherwise thanks Anna

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    WOW Being a very picky reader right now, flitting between genres in frustration and being far too old to have been swept away by a YA..or so I thought.First physical book i have actually finished in forever Took me a few hours In my top ten of the year for sure.I loved the writing, it is realistic, beautiful, and the situation relatable Eleanor is a character i d read any book for, and hope there to come She is sarcy, smart, independant and strong willed what a breath of fresh air Her family are sweet despite their flaws, and her mum I found prone to tantrums, and El dealt with it so well considering.I loved her Pike is adorable Not in the moody and distant and then possibly abusive but she LOVES him that comes with so many new adult books and YA these days twilight He is actually a lovely guy who just happens to feel attacked from life and his love for Elaenor you don t doubt.The chemistry is SOOOOOO well written it flew off the page I HATE sex ual scenes in that i am cringing all the time, but this was sooo beautifully done and I was soo with El s emotions as if it were me age 14 Nothing graphic in here at all btw it s well suitable for ages 11 plus.This was no insta love It is the first ahhh moment i ve read about in books in well i can t remember.There is a spiritual, ethereal and other worldly quality to it all that was really unexpected and so utterly believable.If you have ever loved horses, or have had that feeling where you discover something that is just for you alone, you will love this book.I am soo glad the ending was as it wasI m ordering the next book and am sending out a plea to the author to write of Eleanor and Pike, I am desperate toknow how they fare in the future and hope they stay in love Five stars easily Such a talented author.

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    oh wow i m really quite blown away by the writing in the book, i can t quite describe it it s so unique and different i love the complexity and depth of the characters and the relationships not just between the people but with the horses as well and yet its written with such subtlety and poetry i was very intrigued by the way the relationship between eleanor and pike was handled given their age difference view spoiler but oh what i loved most of all was the sensitivity towards horses portrayed in the book i love that the book says that horses are and can be soulmates such that pike is wrecked by his horse s death something not everyone understands and eleanor finds a special connection with mouse blue i love pike s view of horses the book reminds us, shows us, that horses are not just commodities like pike says horses are living beings with hearts and souls and emotions that eleanor feels mouse blue s loneliness and grief before she even sees her and pike thinks of blue the pony as herself and considers blue s emotional needs, what will make her happy before she dies to be back with her herd or to be someone s special pony.She gave me an education but he lost his flow here, she s never been any one person s pony the pony until until you came along And I think I think she feels it, too And I don t know whether I am making the right decision here Who am I to split you two up again Who am I to take from her that chance of being someone s actual pony before she dies i recognize in the book my own way of seeing animals and that it seems many people forget.and i love the description of what riding is about when the pony you re with is happy to be alive and alive with you hide spoiler

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    This is a wonderful, unique and dreamy book about horses, growing up and family.To be honest I know if was in my mid teens I would have enjoyed it a bit however in my mid twenties I was still entranced Eleanor is a sharp and amusing heroine and her life before the country side was fascinating However I especially loved reading about her acclimatising to a quieter life in the sticks Her relationship with Pike was very well done and I loved him as a character, thoughtful and insightful His attitude to horses and their relationships with humans, aw well as what riding is really about was lovely when the pony you re with is happy to be alive and alive with you Eleanor s love for the pony Mouse was touching and Pike was right in saying that a horse is than just an animalhe was incredibly empathetic towards the pony s emotions and that was very well construed by Marcus It was a dreamy, whimsical book with just the right amount of grit I was left feeling uplifted and a bit nostalgic Thanks to Katherina Marcus for giving me this book in return for an honest review.

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    Really enjoyed this book and have finished it within one sitting The writing from this author was astonishing, she captures you into the book by the end of the first chapter, by this time you are totally engrossed I loved all of the individual characters and think that everyone of them had their importance within the book and within the story itself I like how the author doesn t just focus majorly on the Blue the pony but also into the intimate relationship that starts out towards Pike and Eleanor Personally I would have liked to have seen detail into the relationship and wished the book had been longer so that we could see into what the future would bring All in all I will give it a 5 stars for the writing, storyline and the characters Recommend this book not just for horsey people but for everyone.

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    4 starsI love to read books in which the author s passion seeps through In this case, horses not so much about rock n roll The book has an intriguing, albeit long, title It was an easy read, and simply written, the characters well drawn out with a slice of romance The dialogue feels natural, little tension and conflict keeps the interest.WHAT I LIKED Growing up The book is in Eleanor s POV She s 14, and due to her size, is mistaken for someone much younger But she s strong and has a sharp tongue She s quite mature for her young age She learns to appreciate her own family when she gets close to Pike and his parents treatment of him wow, those parents out to save the world and neglecting their own family Events The plot is well layered Eleanor learns to LIE, has to deal with her mother, a new stepbrother and, as a result, the lack of attention from the mentioned angry mother, an angry Pike, and the imminent loss of the pony Blue Romance Pike is 17 after all, but the age difference with 14 year old Eleanor is handled well Their trust grows gradually, and the romance is heart breakingly sweet They rely on each other, learn each other s dislikes She rescues Pike from his suicide thoughts and he helps her too in growing confident It s not one of this shallow summer romance, and goes much deeper We live, we die But we need to live life first With all the pleasure and pain it offers Otherwise we can t die Animal Lover Love the part when Pike explains about the treatment of horses And for what For ribbons you can buy in any haberdashery store and ego It s a vanity industry Just like the rest of life This book is about the real love of horses not using them for travel, as it was the case in the last century, or using them in racing and show jumping It is about the connection between a person and an animal, the way dog lovers like me feel about dogs Animals have feelings too and, throughout the book, I felt this connection, this empathy WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN BETTER IN MY OPINION Slow beginning and how Eleanor stumbles on the barn was almost paranormal , the way she s pulled inexplicably to visit the stable Pulled along by an invisible thread , could feel the overwhelming loneliness seeping through , really Not sure how that worked Lots of knew , feel Eleanor knew Pike was about to commit suicide How could she read this on someone s face After reading thirteen Reasons Why , a person on the brink is the hardest to read I don t think the parts where Eleanor feels things were handled well It was a shame, because she was a great character to read about The ending the crisis is at its climax, both Pike and Eleanor are about to lose the dearest Blue, I had expected them to feel acceptance They have found each other and will keep each other company and will deal with the loss of pony together Loss and dealing with it, that s part of growing up, which is what the book is about, right But no, who comes to save the day and the stables The parents A deus ex machina ending A shame too Because the book didn t need a happy ending The author has shown many times during the book how Pike and Eleanor close relationship is their strength They rely on each other, depend on each other, and by doing so, Blue who brought them together, was not needed any It s okay to have some coincidence at the beginning of a book, but the meeting with Sarah and Charly and the aunt, I kept having the feeling, oh what a small world.Maybe it is, it s England after all.Thank you, K Marcus, for offering me the opportunity to share my thoughts about this wonderful little book Any chance for a sequel