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UPDATE As amazing the second time, if notA.M.A.Z.I.N.G I would give itthan 5 stars if I could It really was a proper romance like it says it satisfied,than satisfied, my romantic wishes and I am such a hopeless romantic I loved the whole story and some parts came as a complete shock It kept me on tender hooks which is always the best way in a story I loved all the major and minor characters The heroine, Marianne, is the best heroine Being my age, I could relate to her very easily and in context of modern life today She was such a sweet and fun character and she reminded me a lot of myself I think And as for the hero I want to marry him He was wonderful teasing and witty but at the same time wonderfully sweet and romantic All the scenes with the hero and heroine were absolutely hilarious And the ending was completely perfect I was genuinely crying From happiness of course I also want to live at Edenbrooke it sounds like a paradise There is humour and laughable out loud scenes as well as the element of danger and mystery and of course plenty of the most romantic scenes you will have read in a long time, I can assure you This has been the first book in an awfully long time where I have wanted to go back to the beginning and read it all over again straight away and I might just do that 3.5 starsBff and I have a long and complicated history We were introduced by our mothers soon after my family had relocated to her hometown My mother, ever anxious for me to make friends, called me over to point out her new friend s daughter, a girl about my age with long, curling blonde hair, wearing a frilly dress, andtwirling.I was not impressed.This is a story that s been told many times, and not just b c we did eventually become the good friends our mothers had hoped we would, but also b c she grew up to be not in the least way inclined to twirl, whereas there are few people who would have a hard time imagining me twirl snickers But regardless of whether or not that is an accurate perception I ll never tell , I have not departed from my original stance far enough to encounter this Chapter 1Bath, England, 1816It was the oak tree that distracted me I happened to glance up as I walked beneath its full, green canopy The wind was tossing it s leaves so that they twirled upon their stems, and at the sight I was struck by the realization that it had been much too long since I had twirled I paused under the branches and tried to remember the last time I had felt the least need to twirl. And not have a reaction like this However, I was in dire need of a palate cleanser, so instead of tossing EDENBROOKE aside in disgust, I kept reading, which was fortunate, b c it turned out to be a surprisingly good read In fact, it it wasn t for thisHow do you like her Phillip asked, nodding toward Meg She s perfect And she really was Just spirited enough to keep it interesting without being difficult to manage And so beautiful I patted her neck and flashed him a smile A gentle mare would never have been able to keep up with you He smiled too, but as if at a private thought You are absolutely right I wondered what secret lurked beneath his smile. Really B c it s pretty damn obvious to me that he s comparing you to the horse, you silly ideal of femininity.Right So if it wasn t for that, this would have been a solid 4.0 star read It was kind of an Austen mashup, including elements from MANSFIELD PARK, EMMA, and PRIDE AND PREJUDICE, but still had enough originality for the familiar parts to not be off putting Plus, it was devoid of the long windedness that so often plagued the literature of that time.Overall, EDENBROOKE fulfilled the purpose I d had in mind when I started it, and I d recommend it to anyone who enjoys historical romance or Jane Austen It s not all twirling and chauvinist comparisonspinky promises I will admit that I have an unfair, blanket aversion to Deseret Book fiction I m not sure why or how the stereotypical cringing came to be, but it exists for me, nonetheless Having acknowledged that, I was already wary at my first introduction of this book, but since I ll try any clean read,so if it s recommended to me by someone I love, and doubly if there is talk that it is in any way Austen esque, I curled up ready forwhatever.I would have to strongly disagree with the general claim that this is written in the style of Jane Austen Set during the same time period, yes Hijackings of some of her story lines, character traits, and even names, yes But, the same style Not remotely It lacks the depth, complication and journey to approach the Austen throne I found myself constantly perturbed by the oblivious denseness of Marianne, who spends the duration of the book, symbolically picking daisies He loves me, he loves me not by the authors insistence at continually telling the reader what to feel or think instead of just fleshing out the story and actually letting us think or feel, and by some of the absurd, contemporary language that was occasionally thrown in.This ended up being a light and airy read, not unpleasant, but formulaic and for the most part, predictable The author has promise She created a storyline that eventually became engaging, a hero that was worthy of swooning and created it in a clean environment, though sometimes melodramatically Even with all of my frustrated, literary huffing and puffing, I have to own up to the fact, that after wading through the first bit, it did become a guilty, though breezy, hammock pleasure. Edenbrooke is a sweet, unabashedly romantic story set in Regency England Marianne Daventry, age 17, has always felt overshadowed by herconfident,beautiful twin sister Cecily While Cecily is enjoying the social life in London, Marianne has been rusticating in Bath with their grandmother for the last fourteen months, since their mother died and their father took himself off to France to grieve alone Grandmother makes an unexpected offer to make Marianne her heir, to the tune of 40,000 pounds, if Marianne can learn to behave like an elegant young lady Grandmother is fed up with Marianne s running around outdoors and ignoring social rules Also, Marianne has been invited to go to the Wyndham family s estate, Edenbrooke, to visit their mother s old friend and her family, along with Cecily, who has befriended the daughter, Louisa Wyndham On the way to Edenbrooke, a highwayman stops their carriage, ordering Marianne out They escape after Marianne s maid Betsy takes a shot at the masked man and he disappears, but not before shooting their coachman They seek help at a nearby inn, where Marianne insults, but then befriends, a handsome young man named Philip who turns out to be part of the Wyndham family But Marianne can t decide if he really likes her or is just flirting, and in any case she s unsure of her own feelings Other complications ensue, and so the fun begins.If you like your Regency romances fairly light, squeaky clean and swooningly romantic, and aren t much of a stickler for authenticity, this is a book for you Marianne is a brave and kindhearted heroine, but she can be a bit of a silly young girl at times It s a little eye rolling when she a twirls for joy which luckily only happens two or three times , and b is so blind when it comes to relationships that she can t see her nose in front of her face But she does have her moments her initial, well deserved insult to Philip is one Philip, though Handsome, teasing, romantic, dedicated, buff, extremely likeable and he has a wicked smile If I m making a list of my favorite book boyfriends, he s definitely in the top 10 Edenbrooke gets four stars from me not because it s great or deep literature but because it s such a fun, sweet read, with some unexpected humor and a romance that really sucked me in, which is all it s trying to be. Marianne Daventry is an innocent 17 year old whose mother died the year before in a riding accident Her father s scarpered off to France to grieve, her twin sister s in London with family friends enjoying a season, while poor little Marianne is wasting away with boredom at her grandmother s in Bath Her gran, a cranky and unpleasant old biddy, decides to disinherit her no good scoundrel nephew and bestow her fortune of forty thousand pounds on Marianne, as long as the girl will learn to behave like a proper lady she likes running about out of doors without a bonnet, and prefers the countryside to town life dreadful stuff.Marianne clearly needs role models, and is shipped off to Edenbrooke, the estate where Lady Wyndham, a bosom friend of Marianne s mother lives Marianne s twin sister is besties with Lady Wyndham s daughter, and the girls are set to return to the estate from London, so Marianne will have some company On the way to Edenbrooke, Marianne s carriage is set upon by a highwayman, and when her coachman is shot, she has to drive the carriage to the nearest inn by herself this was one of the few useful and admirable things the girl did in the entire novel At said inn, she s insulted by a gentleman, because of her dishevelled appearance Once he realises that she is of good standing, he apologises for his incredible rudeness and instead proceeds to condescendingly take matters completely out of her hands He insists that they be on first name basis, and refuses to divulge anything about his identity.Once Marianne arrives at Edenbrooke and promptly falls in the river, twice because she loves to twirl uncontrollably to express happiness, and apparently never looks where she does this , she discovers that Philip is indeed Lady Wyndham s second oldest son They two strike up a highly unlikely and inappropriate friendship, and just before Marianne s twin Cecily is about to arrive complications rear their ugly head when it s revealed that Philip s older brother died a few years back, making him the lord of the manor, and the man Cecily has set her sights on as a future husband As Marianne apparently always gives in if her slightly older sister calls dibs on something, this means she has to give up on Philip Oh noes How can this conflict ever be resolved As this book is currently one of the finalists in the Goodreads Choice 2012 awards, and has a huge number of positive reviews both there and here on , I decided to give it a try Many of the reviews compare the writing to that of Jane Austen and Georgette Heyer, and all I can say is that both women must be spinning in their graves Or possibly twirling like the heroine in this preposterous story.It s labelled as a proper romance , because there aren t any graphic love scenes, but the behaviour of the hero and heroine is deeply improper from the moment they first meet As the heroine is an inexperienced young girl from the country, her ignorance and foolishness might be explained away, but the so called gentleman hero should know better than to encourage the girl to call him by her first name, flirt inappropriately with her in private and in front of his family At one point, Philip encourages Marianne to take a nap outside, while he sits around watching her Edward Cullen alert , and subsequently claims that she snores like a big, fat man If that s the makings of a proper romance, give me the kind with sexy times every day of the week The first half is full of badly done exposition, the author overuses adjectives, and in pretty much every scene, all the characters seem to feel an excess of emotions from joy to anger to despair, if the descriptions of their feelings and facial expressions is to be believed The book is wildly melodramatic, and might have been better if it was written in 3rd person but sadly, it s not Then there s the plot, highwaymen, falling into rivers, inappropriate flirting and banter, dreadfully characterised supporting characters both Marianne s twin sister Cecily and Philip s younger sister Louisa are total mean girl bitches for most of the story, only to make a total turnaround and become super supportive and helpful fairy godmothers in the wrap up of the story , kidnappings, random due inside in the common room at an inn how do you even go about that it may sound exciting, but most of the time, it s just dull, and there s a limit to how far I can suspend my disbelief.I fully understand that readers may be looking for clean, chaste Regency romances but do yourselves a favour and read something by Jane Austen or Georgette Heyer novel instead This is simply a very poor excuse for a novel, pretty cover notwithstanding. Love Each time I read this I seem to fall in love just a little bitIt really is one of my very favorite regencies I remember when it first came out I was drawn to its beautiful cover, it really fits the story so well Marianne is a likable heroine, a bit blind at times and so modest that she couldn t possibly imagine that anyone would chose her over her beautiful twin Cecily After the tragic death of her mother, she is separated from her twin and sent to live with her grandmother in Bath Unlike her sister, she prefers the quiet country life and is unhappy living in a bigger city Marianne is witty, kind and has an innocence that is endearing Philip is the ideal hero, it s no surprise that so many people have added him to their book boyfriend list He is just the kind of regency hero that I adore, a true gentleman He is kind, charming, full of integrity and he just treats Marianne so well I really loved everything about him, very swoon worthy Philip and Marianne have an awesome love story, while there is an attraction, I loved that they actually build a friendship first They re is an easy report between them and you can really feel their connection Marianne is shy and inexperienced, which I thought was realistic for the time period, and while Philip s intentions may be obvious to us Marianne is also loyal to a fault and put others needs ahead of her own, which helps explain why I think she purposefully chooses to ignore what s right in front of her I loved the writing, it flowed really well and was written in a way that you re able to get lost in the story and forget that you re reading I also loved the supporting characters, especially Philip s aunt, uncle and mother Every time I read this I secretly hope that Cecily will get her own book She is easily swayed by her friendships and worldly pursuits, I just think there is a lot of potential there to see her grow and mature While I didn t really like Cecily, there were a few times we see glimpses of a genuine person beneath her sometimes self centered persona and I think it would be fun to see her get her own book Overall, a light and fun regency romance Would recommend to fans of Courting Miss Lancaster and Miss Burton Unmasks a Prince.ContentRomance Clean and swoonyLanguage NoneViolence MildRSource Kindle and paperback I hope you do not let anyone else s expectations direct the course of your lifeJulianne Donaldson, Edenbrooke O Edenbrooke, O Edenbrooke There are some books that come along that you know you will instantly love, and Edenbrooke is exactly that for me Reading this story was equivalent to eating chocolate This book was just delightful This story had everything you want in a Regency romance endearing characters, dashing hero s, humorous and quick witted dialogue, and villains that will leave you seething.Marianne is such a loveable and fun character in this story I enjoyed every minute from her point of view, and her struggles to be a elegant lady verses being herself twirls and all I really loved the relationship between Phillip and Marianne.I love seeing the banter between them, and the straight out heart warming moments between them There are definitely some swoon worthy moments in here This is surely a story I will want to read over and over again. Oh, qu bonitoooooo.Ha sido de las mejores novelas rom nticas de poca que he le do La autora tiene una delicadeza y sencillez escribiendo que me ha sorprendido muy gratamente, transmitiendo mucha dulzura y picaresca a la vez Sobre todo por sus personajes, que est n muy bien construidos y adecuados a la poca Me fascina ese juego social, tan hip crita muchas veces, pero divertido y caballeroso al mismo tiempo que se llevaba por aquel entonces DAiss, Marianne y Philip han sido adorables.Un gran acierto esta novela y autora Leer m s de ella. Being the clean romance, Jane Austen lover that I am I LOVED Edenbrooke.What a fabulous way to spend a morning Edenbrooke was a book I couldn t put down I picked it up to read just a few pages before getting out of bed but didn t quit reading until I finished the book While there may never be another Mr Darcy it is possible that his twin is found roaming the grounds of Edenbrooke.Squeaky clean, full of romance, humor and great characters this is a book I highly recommend Perfect for lovers of Jane Austen era romances.Rating 5 Stars I loved it Content CleanEdited 12 11 15 Reread this again and absolutely still in love with it Source From Publisher Marianne Daventry Will Do Anything To Escape The Boredom Of Bath And The Amorous Attentions Of An Unwanted Suitor So When An Invitation Arrives From Her Twin Sister, Cecily, To Join Her At A Sprawling Country Estate, She Jumps At The Chance Thinking She Ll Be Able To Relax And Enjoy Her Beloved English Countryside While Her Sister Snags The Handsome Heir Of Edenbrooke, Marianne Finds That Even The Best Laid Plans Can Go Awry From A Terrifying Run In With A Highwayman To A Seemingly Harmless Flirtation, Marianne Finds Herself Embroiled In An Unexpected Adventure Filled With Enough Romance And Intrigue To Keep Her Mind Racing Will Marianne Be Able To Rein In Her Traitorous Heart, Or Will A Mysterious Stranger Sweep Her Off Her Feet Fate Had Something Other Than A Relaxing Summer In Mind When It Sent Marianne To Edenbrooke