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My Name Is Dovey Coe And I Reckon It Don T Matter If You Like Me Or Not I M Here To Lay The Record Straight, To Let You Know Them Folks Saying I Done A Terrible Thing Are Liars I Aim To Prove It, Too I Hated Parnell Caraway As Much As The Next Person, But I Didn T Kill Him Dovey Coe Says What S On Her Mind, So It S No Secret That She Can T Stand Parnell Caraway Parnell May Be The Son Of The Richest Man In Town, But He S Mean And Snobby, And Dovey Can T Stand The Fact That He S Courting Her Sister, Caroline, Or The Way He Treats Her Brother, Amos, As If He Were Stupid Just Because He Can T Hear So When Parnell Turns Up Dead, And Dovey S In The Room Where His Body Is Discovered, She Soon Finds Herself On Trial For Murder Can The Outspoken Dovey Sit Still And Trust A City Slicker Lawyer Who S Still Wet Behind The Ears To Get Her Out Of The Biggest Mess Of Her Life

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    What drew me to this book was the first paragraph I was in a college young adult literature class and had a book review project due on a recently published book As I was flipping through the titles and books at the book store, I just happened to pick Dovey Coe up and read that first paragraph It ended up being a great purchase Dovey Coe is a poor, young Southern girl who is accused of killing a wealthy, yet sneaky and conniving, boy named Parnell Caraway This story takes place in the early 1900s in a small mountain town All events leading up to the death of Parnell reveal the hatred that Dovey had for him the way he treated her deaf little brother, how he was pursuing her older sister, and the general arrogance and oblivion that the townspeople have when it comes to Parnell The first part of the story leads up to the death of Parnell while the last part of the story involves the trial of Dovey Frances O Roark Dowell crafts a true trial complete with evidence and turns of events that the reader does not anticipate This is a book that I have recommended numerous times to both reluctant readers and readers just looking for a good book Definitely one of my favorite young adult books read in my adult years.

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    This is a great story to read along with To Kill a Mockingbird.

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    Dovey Coe was a mystery and historical fiction and I loved it Dovey starts off telling us about her family and what it is like being a Coe Dovey may have been a little girl but she had the strength and mind of a twelve year old boy When the mystery beggins you do not want to put the book down Dovey makes you want to read and When you find out who actually kills Parnell you are very surpised The author did a great job and keeping this book suspensful and that is why i gave it three stars

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    Read 1 1 1 11 1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 B.T.W., if you try to count the exclamation points, don t there are over 8,000 I finished this book when i came back to disney world

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    I read this about 5 years ago, and although I remember liking it I have no idea what it was about Perhaps a reread is in order.

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    This is one of my favourite books I read it as a child and was fascinated this book starting my love for mysteries It is very simple and laid out but also adds it many estrange and complex elements if you look beneath the surface It really puts you in the mindset of the main character and in my opinion you get quite emotionally attached to the characters.

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    4 1 2 stars

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    Parnell Caraway, son of the richest man in Indian Creek, NC is the biggest bully in town Having grown up reaping the benefits of his father s wealth his father owning the general store as well as most of the residential property in town , Parnell breezes through life on his sense of entitlement The one major burr in his side is the Coe family, one of the few families in town who own their home surrounding property outright Parnell has a romantic interest in the Coe s eldest daughter, Caroline so he reluctantly plays nice with the rest of the family, at least outwardly Caroline s younger sister, Dovey the story s protagonist doesn t buy the act She s been on the receiving end of Parnell s taunts when no one else was around, and she s seen how mean he is to her brother s dogs, not to mention never giving her brother any respect or even acknowledging his presence most days Dovey, though not a fan of Parnell, tries not to pay too much attention to him, focusing her attention on her deaf mute older brother Amos Amos, because of his disability, gets mistaken for slow in the head a lot, thus getting a strong dose of taunts and bullying Dovey, tomboy through and through, gets in a lot of faces keeping the bastards off her brother As for Amos, he s actually able to read and write pretty well, his favorite author being Mark Twain He struck me as the gentle giant type.Caroline Coe has plans to get out of town, attend teacher s college and try to see at least some of the world outside of Indian Creek Parnell doesn t put much stock in Caroline s dreams, much like the way she doesn t pay much attention to his flirtations At least not at first When Parnell gets word that Caroline has her college tuition paid and will be leaving town for sure, he amps up his attentions and for some reason, she allows and even somewhat encourages him maybe because she figures she s on her way out of town, no time for anything serious Well, when Parnell doesn t take the hint and tries to propose to Caroline in front of the entire town, btw the day before she s set to leave Much to his shock and awe she turns him down It s then that the reader sees that Parnell is not only a spoiled brat bully of a man, he s also a mean hearted sore loser To get back at Caroline, Parnell puts together this ruse where he steals one of Amos dogs and then tells Dovey to come get it because it tried to attack him Dovey feels like something is fishy with this story but meets up with him anyway She finds that he indeed does have one of Amos dogs, tied up in the back of the Caraway s general store This meeting quickly turns pretty sinister, there s a scuffle when Dovey realizes what Parnell brought her there for, she blacks out in the confusion, wakes up to find Parnell dead on the floor next to her She s pretty sure it wasn t her that killed him but Mrs Caraway comes to the store looking for her son and finds Dovey there next to the body so in a matter of days, little pre teen Dovey finds herself the center of a murder trial Will the truth come out in time I loved Dowell s writing style Though the story is written in Dovey s voice, a light mountain dialect, it s not at all hard to follow I never expected Parnell to get as dark and mean spirited as he did but having that element did move the story along nicely My one issue with this story is I wished it was longer The characters sometimes felt as if they could have benefited from a little development, and the trial portion felt a little rushed to me Otherwise, a very fun story with the adorable Dovey, who is very much reminiscent of Scout from Harper Lee s To Kill A Mockingbird.

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    Dovey Coe by Frances O Roark Dowell is set in the late 1920 s in Indian Creek, North Carolina Dovey is a spunky 12 year old who is proud of her family s hard work ethic and character Dovey is also on trial for murder The opening paragraph of the book hooks the reader and draws you right in, I hated Parnell Caraway as much as the next person, but I didn t kill him The book then takes the readers through the events that lead up to Dovey finding herself on the floor next to the dead Parnell with no memory of what happened After the opening paragraph I expected the rest of the book to be just at page turning The first half of the book takes the time to give the background of Dovey and her family, perhaps a little too much time But when the story does get to the trial and outcome it is quite suspenseful The text is written in regional dialect and adds to the characterization of Dovey, her family, and friends, and it allows the reader to feel they are a part of the small community The author seamlessly adds details about the way of life in the 1920 s in a rural community including everything from daily meals at home to the town general store It would give middle school readers a glimpse of what life would be like during that time, something that I think is always interesting to compare to life today Once you are accustom to the dialect of the text, this is an intriguing and suspenseful story about the value of family, love, and friendship.

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    Review for Dovey CoeMy favorite thing about this book was the way author Frances O Roark Dowell developed the main character and voice of the story, Dovey The way she talked and thought conveyed what kind of person she was fierce, feisty, and brave The story was a quick and easy read, but fun and interesting The author also did a good job of painting a picture of the southern setting, which gave me, as a reader, a clear visual of what it looked like for the characters One thing that felt odd to me was that the most eventful storyline in the book Dovey s trial after being accused of killing Parnell Caraway did not really start until about two thirds of the way through the book The beginning part was all about Parnell spending the whole Summer coming to Dovey s house, trying to persuade her sister, Caroline, to marry him, even though he was an awful person and very cruel to Dovey and her brother, Amos I enjoyed this part of the story, but the plotline seemed to shift somewhat abruptly after Parnell was killed and Dovey accused I did not find this way of shifting plots bad or difficult to follow, but it was not typical or traditional writing I really liked the book overall and would recommend it.