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This is my first K.A Mitchell book It was a light romance about Noah Winthrop and the man he has been in love with his whole life, Cameron Lewis The book starts 10 years after Noah realizes he s gay and 6 years after their one night stand.After the initial setup, the story travels rapidly through their relationship Cameron travels a lot for work And while the story is from the POV of both men, we never quite get a clear picture of Cameron All of his POVs are almost always when he is with Cameron or at least on the phone with him, so I don t really know what his life is like view spoiler I mean at one point he reveals that while they have been seeing each other he hasn t stopped sleeping with other men Which wouldn t have bothered me so much if I knew it, but as a reader I was tricked into believing he was in a advanced place with their relationship than they were Also when he reveals it it really does feel like Noah says a reason that they can take tests and stop using condoms If I had known he was doing this and know what he felt about it, I might have been a little on his side, but that s just a small thing that bothered me Like it was being hidden from us hide spoiler 2.5 starsThe best part of this book was the excerpt from Ally Blue s Untamed Heart at the end I m a little biased, I adore Ally Blue So basically I did not enjoy this book anywhere near as much as I hoped expected too It sounded really good The I had a crush on you years ago thing is one of my favorite themes in m m romance, as is the oops, I m f cking your little brother theme Which is why I loved J.L Langley s The Tin Star But this book did not satisfy.There were basically two problems 1 WAAAAY too much sex If you ve read any of my other reviews of m m books and I said there was too much sex, this one blows all of those out of the water Also, the sex scenes lacked real emotion and started to get to the point where I was wondering if it was even technically possible to twist your body that way.2 In between sex scenes, Cam and Noah can do nothing but argue Unfortunately, with the exception of their very last fight, I couldn t ever figure out what they were arguing about, why they were mad or why they suddenly weren t It didn t make any sense.Between all the sex and nonsense arguments, there was no time to really get to know the characters or really believe in the love story This would have been better if they had just filmed it and released it as a gay sex instruction video.I did, however, like the character of Joey, Noah s ex boyfriend, so I ll probably still read Collision Course Hopefully that one s better. You Never Forget Your First TimeCameron Lewis Loves His Job As An Instructor Trainer For A Water Safety Firm That Inspects Water Parks He Gets To Travel From March Through September, Always Moving On To Something Different When A Strange Emptiness Starts Plaguing Him, He Chalks It Up To Turning ThirtyHe Manages To Shake Off The Feeling Until He Walks Into A Classroom And Discovers That The Eye Candy In The Front Row Is Actually A Very Grown Up Version Of His Best Friend S Kid BrotherNoah Winthrop Never Forgot His First Time Scary, Painful And Then Absolutely Amazing And With Cameron, The Guy He D Always Wanted He S Had A Crush On His Brother S Best Friend Since Puberty And Now Nothing Will Keep Him From Finally Getting Cameron Lewis To Notice HimEven Though Cameron Once Rejected Him, Noah Is Determined To Get It Right This Time Product Warnings This Title Contains The Following Explicit Male Male Sex, Graphic Language, And Mild Dominant Submissive Action If you happen to be of a particular passionate persuasion and dynamic this will make you hornier than a puppy with two peters..with toes pleasantly curling It tastes so good you want to eat it forever and never be full..A lot of visceral sexual content and it should be Read between the lines and you ll have no problem whatsoever finding the story view spoiler hide spoiler I don t think I can do a full review of this I am at a loss as to what to say Noah has had a crush on his brother Adam s friend, Cameron, since he was 15 They finally get together the night of Adam s wedding when Noah is 19 I believe Cameron is 5 years older than him I don t remember Cam disappears without a word the next day Several years later they meet up again when Cameron is teaching a water safety class and Noah just happens to be one of the students Noah still has the crush and of course they get together.I will start by saying that Cameron was a jerk when Noah was 15 He was a jerk when Noah was 19 And he was a jerk several years later when they met up again In the beginning I felt sorry for Noah He was obviously in love with Cameron Very much in love But Cameron treated him like dirt It was all about sex and manipulation as far as Cam was concerned After awhile I stopped feeling sorry for Noah I felt that he was weak and needed to grow a pair already If Noah tried to get serious about the relationship and tried to discuss it with Cam Cam accused him of being a brat or made it sound like Noah s feeling weren t real like they were just part of a silly crush like he was still a 15 year old child OR Cameron would make it all about sex The fact that Noah was a grown man and not a teenager never factored it It was all about manipulation There was A LOT of sex Normally that s fine But in this book it seemed to be the only thing going for the couple I got to the point where I started just skimming over it There was emotion only on Noah s part, not Cameron s All about Cameron and control I totally hated his character, obviously There was no compromise except way into it and I was not happy with the way that panned out Noah finally got around to putting his foot down but that was weak Very weak I never felt the love between the two I felt it from Noah but never from Cam, regardless of what he said or how many times he said it Maybe had Noah stood up to Cam early on, my opinion might be different.It takes a hell of a lot for me to give any book 1 star But if I hate one of the main characters from the very beginning it is usually a good bet that I will still hate him at the end That s how it was with Cameron If I don t like the MC s I can t like the book I definitely did NOT like this book. Lots and lots of sex There is some romance between the sex, but most of all this book is about sex I m not complaining just stating a fact 3.5 StarsWow, that was a whole lot of fuck until you love me I lost track of the number of sex scenes after 9 and while there were some instances of them going to the movies or eating out plus those few training days when they reconnected , it seemed like there wasn t much else Plus, it just kindaended Like there was supposed to be that big family reveal after the one with the brother , but that didn t happen.Hard to admit too much sex is a complaint ALMOST DROWNED 3.5 I thought Diving in Deep was gonna be awesome , but it was decent at best It had some sexy points but the two male characters just sometimes annoyed me, so stubborn they were Maybe all that diving and breath holding made them lose oxygen to the brain, which left them stupid.THE RUNDOWN Noah is in love with his brother s best friend and he decides to make a move Well you see Noah is 15 at the time and Cameron feels he is a little too young Plus he will never make a move on his friends little brother Well fast forward a few years later, Noah is 19 and no longer looks like a child Cameron runs into him at his brothers wedding, he takes the relationship to the next level with some mind blowing sex The next morning Cameron realizes his mistake, and leaves without even so much as a thank you for the wonderful lovin or a goodbye Fast forward seven years and they meet again.NOAH Has always been searching for his Cameron, and he has realized that no one compares to the real thing Running into Cameron again is like being 15 all over again, the insecurities comes rushing back, and the hoping that he might like you this time Well Noah is no longer a boy, he has got the body and the face of a man He wants nothing than to get Cam back in his bed, but he s gonna play the I don t give a damn card.CAMERON Is tired of the one night stands, and he is in the mood for some settling down His works keeps him constantly on the go so the idea of having a permanent home is kind of scary Until there was Noah, that night together has constantly been on his mind, and now he is back in his life sexier than ever He has a lot to overcome translation, he needs to get his head out his ass His stubbornness might lose him the one person who might make his life better.PLOT It s a very simple plot, both Cam and Noah have to let there feeling known, but they are like children Seeing each other over a span of weeks at a time, the relationship is strained Cam needs to let go of the fact that it is his friends brother and move on from there.FEELINGS It was alright, didn t really like Cam all that much, but he wasn t horrible His decisions were kinda childish, and his procrastination about liking loving Noah became annoying Noah I liked, his character just felt real genuine Together there scenes were kinda hot, I really enjoyed the little D s that was thrown in, kicked the book up a notch Overall an alright read with ok characters. No gay cowboys this time, I promise.Um, gay.lifeguards and pool instructors I confess, I was a little hazy on who did what, because in this book, there s sex on every other page And what sex it is Whoooo boy Hot, hot manloving That coffee table will never be the same, but luckily it has the desk to hold its little hand and commiserate.Cam deflowered Noah sort of roughly after his best friend and Noah s brother s wedding Everyone with me so far After that, the two of them led completely separate lives until Cam taught a water safety course that Noah was attending After the course, sex ensued, and then sex, and then a bit , and then some angst, and a relationship kind of , a big fight, a bigger fight, a makeup and a denouement.I m in two minds about this book Did I mention the sex was ridiculously hot Noah s just crying out to be dominated and shown how to embrace the bottoming, but Cam she s not a likeable character And I really wasn t rooting for Noah to stay with him He s the sort of boy your friend calls you up and confesses dating, and you start making them an ego boosting mixtape, because they have obviously gone astray.And yet the hot sex It makes sense Noah is young and fond of getting his cute little ass up on a coffee table for the taking, and boy can Cam take And take and take.So overallI d say read this book for the hot hot sex, especially the desk that was never the same afterwards I swear that thing sustained some structural damage Hands down, hottest thing ever.But be prepared with the mixtapes on hand. Urgh, this is the kind of story that doesn t work for me Why Because all I can remember about this story will be sex, blah, blah, Cameron being a jerk, sex, sex, arrange Cameron to become a jerk again and Noah to be a walking mat, sex, sex, sex, short separation where Cameron think of the brat and the sex, and Noah cannot let go of his crush and the sex, and sex, sex, sex In the end, I just skip all the sex pages, find out what happens with them in the last few pages, close it, and move on to another story.