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In national bestselling author Beverly Jenkins' Destiny series the Yates men play hard and live hard And when they find that special woman they fall hard Noah Yates fully believes in the joys of a happy family and a good wife But that's not the life for him No he would much rather sail the wild seas in search of adventure not tied down But then the unthinkable happens he finds himself literally tied down To a bed By a womanAnd Pilar isn't just an ordinary woman She's descended from pirates And after giving him one of the worst nights of his life she steals his ship Now Noah is on the hunt and he'll stop at nothing to find this extraordinary woman and make her his

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    this probably had my favorite first meeting of any romance the heroine is a pirate and steals the hero's ship he vows to find her again and get revenge but then he falls in love with her

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    My favorite of the series But are we surprised? The heroine knows how to use a sword and literally steals the hero’s ship right after tying him up 😂

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    A terrific conclusion to this series which stars three absolutely glorious heroines Pilar is a thief Cuban rebel and gun runner who steals Noah's boat and draws a sword on him at a party Match made in heaven She also executes nearly literally a fantastic saving her man bit of violence A star CW spoilers here for discussion of rapeview spoilerNoah has a brutal backstory in which he was shanghaied and spent six months on a prison island where he was raped several times I don't think I've seen a romance where the cishet male hero was raped before As ever Ms Bev leads the way because we see Noah's pain and trauma but that doesn't stop him being a terrific hero hide spoiler

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    I absolutely love Beverly Jenkins and I was so excited when I saw this was a pirate romance In the beginning Pilar steals Noah's ship and he's determined to find out who she is and to get it back Little did he know he'd fall in love in the process For this series I've noticed that the beginning of the books are always so action packed and the angst between the couples is so strong but once the couple decides to be together about halfway through it kind of just continues on Then there's some action in the end to make us invested in the story again All three stories have followed this pacing While I love the beginning I always find myself just kind of along for the ride for the rest of the book and not loving it as much as I did in the beginning It's still a good story but I would like a faster pace I loved the beginning of this one and how Noah couldn't believe a woman stole his ship Noah is definitely a damaged hero and I really loved how he was able to open up to Pilar Pilar was a fun character and I enjoyed how she wasn't used to being a prim and proper lady I appreciated how Noah took that in stride and actually admired her even for her bold personality and manly skills Noah's mom has had a side story throughout this whole series and I enjoyed watching her get her HEA And it was a lot of fun seeing all of the characters from the previous books with their families interacting with our couple in this book The pacing was slow in places but overall this was a great end to a great series

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    Having some issues posting to Booklikes will post there when I get a chanceTrigger warning Rape and PTSDSo Destiny's Captive is the third and last book in the Destiny series I have to say that the main reason why I didn't give this five stars is that I thought that Jenkins didn't do a great job with exploring the whole PTSD story line I know that this was of course written in consideration of the times of the day but I thought everyone was acting way too much like redacted should just get over things We get a glimpse into what happened and it's shocking and heart breaking so I thought that everyone could have been sympathetic That said I loved the love story between Noah and Pilar The two of them worked well together I also have to say that once again Jenkins does a good job of tying things into the time that the book was written We get some ugly looks at segregation in this one with the two characters having to ride a train and being forced to segregate because they are not white We also see how women even if they are capable would not be able to run a business like the daughter of one of Noah's potential business partners wants toDestiny's Captive follows the Noah Yates We have heard and seen glimpses of him in the first two books but not much We know that he is gone a lot and that his family misses him We also heard in the first two books how he was kidnapped or crimped and forced to work aboard a ship before his family found him Noah feels adrift and knows that he is not the same person he was before this happened and his family feels pained that he keeps them at a distance now When Noah's ship is stolen though by a female pirate Pilar he promises to find her and get his ship back When Pilar is almost captured she and her family make their way to her uncle in Florida Pilar is wondering what is next for her when in walks the man whose ship she stole I thought that Jenkins does a great job of setting up Pilar and Noah I do think as some other reviewers noted there's a bit too much going on in this one And though I liked how Pilar and Noah eventually get together I wish that we had interactions with the brothers and sister in laws in this one since this was the last book I thought the writing was really good and I did enjoy the romance scenes between Pilar and Noah The flow worked for the most part until we got towards the end The setting of this book seems even brutal than the previous books in this series Jenkins includes the practice of crimping or shanghaiing in this one and we get to read what was done to Noah and others I read up on crimping or shanghaiing and was shocked it took to the 1900s before the practice was outlawed We also get to read a bit about Cuba's efforts to liberate due to Pilar's backstory The ending I think wrapped things up too uickly We go from Noah being hurt to all of a sudden a secret being revealed and no one really getting a chance to deal with things I also didn't like the fact that everyone acted as if redacted was in the wrong

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    I've been wanting to read of Beverly Jenkins' work since the day I read REBEL and a book that centers a badass pirate woman?? SIGN ME UP It sounded like a good place to start Regardless of the fact thatthis book is the third in a series I haven't started But ANYWAY that's besides the point since I will eventually read them I loved every single relationship in DESTINY'S CAPTIVE so much so that I actually preferred some of them to the actual romance The romance was cute and the banter super entertaining but the brotherly relationships Noah had with his siblings especially Drew had my heart soaring Not only that but the way they welcomed Pilar into the family and started seeing her as their sister they must protect and look out for without the blink of an eye It really warmed my heart and I know now without a doubt that the author really knows how to write family into her romance books making it prominent without overshadowing the romance I also adored Alanza Noah's mother her protectiveness but also how far ahead of her time she was and how unconditionally loving she was of both her sons and their wives embracing them with no judgement and no uestions askedThe romance was really fun to read especially the first half of it where there was abit of a chase and animosity and tension between Pilar and Noah Pilar is a woman after my own heart she's a badass Cuban woman who knows how to wield a freaking Rapier and isn't afraid to get her hands dirty I also liked Noah's character and that he has PTSD from being shanghaied Which brings me to the history in this book I really liked the historical aspects of it and how they were integral aspects of the story and influenced the way the main characters interacted with the world and how it interacted with themBut BUT although I enjoyed this story for most part there were two main things that bugged me 1 The PTSD exploration wasn'tgreat in my opinion It was well done for most of the book but it wasn't given the proper space to be explored and the way it was wrapped up at the end justannoyed me It felt like Noah was cured after some reflection and in the blink of an eye Maybe that's not how the author intended it but there was this one scene after being heavily triggered where he decided to relive it all and that seemed to have cured him? Because the topic wasn't broached again or even acknowledged and he seemed completely fine It didn't help that this was left to the last 8% of the book and that the ending was pretty rushed2 Some of the sex scenes were verycringey There was this part where Pilar was poking fun at Noah and when he said something like my wife shouldn't poke fun at me she literally said Then you can poke me as a punishment and I DIED DECEASED I WANTED THE EARTH TO OPEN UP AND SWALLOW ME WHOLE THE CRINGE WAS TO REAL And the rest of it that wasn't cringey was okay And mostly fade to black So if you prefer your romance with minimal sex this is one for you

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    I enjoyed this installment Romance isn't growing on me as a genre but I remain appreciative of the history included in the story

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    Definitely another great read by the wonderful Beverly Jenkins This story is about the final Yates brother Noah Noah is a troubled young seamen who meets very Beautiful Cuban girl by the name of Pilar Pilar and her family are Cuban rebels That means they do whatever they have to do to survive to the next day if that means steel Rob swindle they'll do it hopefully no one gets hurt in the process Palaro and her family needed a ship to transport guns to the rebels and the only ship that was available was Noah's ship Noah under estimated The very small boned Pilar and a sword fight He ended up tied up and left without his boat Somehow he made it home to California and of course he could not tell this to his family I will straighten bear sling to get beat by a woman They later meet at a party and as they say the rest is history very enjoyable novel as usual you learn a little history when you read any of Beverly Jenkins' stories And as usual there's always the right mix of romance and erotica Five star read

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    Um wowI feel like I held my breath the last hour or so of this book so heartbreaking but full of so much hope and perseverance and resiliency So proud of you Noah♥️I loved Pillar and Noah’s romance Pillar is a woman who can hold her own She’s tough and has so many street smarts And I loved that her toughness is what drew Noah to herAND IM HERE FOR ANTONIO😂 every scene with him made me laughAnd I’m an Alanza stan♥️ loved her Sad this is over

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    A delightful historical romance Destiny's Captive was a lovely read With thrills dark secrets diverse settings and tons of sweet romance this book was wonderfulI really liked the different settings in this book Set in the 1870s we got a look at Cuba at the beginnings of another revolution Florida and California It definitely made the book interesting and a different type of historical romancePilar was a great heroine She was very strong resilient and independently minded but also kind and loyal to those she cared about I thought she was a likable lovely characterNoah was also wonderful He had a dark past that made him ruthless but underneath that he was sweet and kinder than he first appears to be I thought it was sweet how devoted he was to Pilar once they found themselves together willing to face even the demons in his past for her sake I thought he was greatThe romance was lovely Pilar and Noah were a perfect match both strong willed and loyal to a fault And they definitely had some steamy chemistry between them turned the heat level up I thought they were a wonderful coupleThe plot was well paced and I was kept interested the entire way through though there were a few points where the plot stalled for a bit But it wasn't to the point of being a big problem There were thrills and twists along the way as well as a few surprising secrets I enjoyed the story and the ending was lovelyDestiny's Captive was a wonderful historical romance that I really enjoyed reading It was a lovely book with lush settings dark secrets and delightful romance Romance lovers this is a book worth checking outI received a complimentary copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review