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The Barnes Noble ReviewOscar Winning Actor Marlee Matlin Teaches Us About Friendship, Differences, And Patience In This Buoyant And Fulfilling Novel Featuring Megan, A Deaf Girl, And Her New Best FriendYoung Cindy S Family Has Just Moved To Morton Street, And Megan Is Already At Her Doorstep At First, Outgoing Megan Seems Both Exciting And Overwhelming, With Fast As Lightning Sign Language Skills, A Voice That Sounded Different To Others, And A Personality That Could Put Any Neighborhood Welcome Wagon To Shame Soon The Two Girls Are Best Buds, And Megan Introduces Cindy To Her World, Chatting With Friends Online And Teaching Her Signs Yet Whenever Cindy Tries To Help Out Her Independence Focused Friend, Megan Gets A Bit Defensive, Leaving Cindy On Shaky Ground After Megan Finds Out She S Going To Summer Camp, Cindy Decides To Join Her Friend, And The Two Are Bunked Together With The Girls Of Hot Pink Cabin, Including Lizzie, Another Deaf Girl Who Starts Taking Up Much Of Megan S Attention Megan Also Decides To Test Her Self Sufficiency One Night And Takes Off Into The Woods, Only To Get Lost Until Cindy Finds Her, Much To Megan S Frustration When Summer Camp S Over, However, And The Girls Return Home On Non Speaking Terms, Megan Finally Realizes That No Matter Who You Are, Sometimes You Re Going To Need Help Matlin S First Foray Into Writing Novels For Young Readers Is Compassionate And Proud, Addressing Deafness Head On Without Letting The Issue Become Too Angelic Megan Is A Well Rounded Character And Her Temper Sometimes Gets The Better Of Her, Sending Readers A Clear Message That Should Resonate Long After The Book Is Finished A Fair Minded Novel That Should Change Perceptions Of Folks With Different Abilities, Deaf Child Crossing Will Have Children And Adults Sitting Up And Taking Notice Shana Taylor Meh I read this book as part of a requirement for an ALA class It is written on a lower elementary level a la Junie B Jones, but the cover, the typeset, the size of the book all tell me it s for middle grade children Also, the story is VERY dated b c of the technology mentioned The main character has a computer that gasp goes on the internet to a chat room where she talks with other kids She also plays with her family s landline.If technology is going to be integral to a story, then the story needs to be either updated or weeded from the collection I was disappointed that a better,current book about a child with a hearing impairment like Hurt Go Happy or El Deafo wasn t chosen for my course I couldn t find this book at my library, either, but I won t be adding it any time soon. There are many elements of a good story in this book, but I was left wanting for a better understanding of both of the girls in this book I was happy to read a book by a deaf author and expected a littleinsight and perhaps history of how each child personalities or character were formed They make sudden changes in their perspectives and behavior throughout the book that require the reader to fill in the gaps.I would love to see this book rewritten. I enjoyed this story, largely because the deaf main character, Megan, is the one who behaves like a jerk It makes her seemlike a real ten year old, and is understandable coming from a child who is frustrated with her limitations The characters in general are pretty balanced, complete with both flaws and virtues, and I thought this gave the story a littledepth and believability It was interesting to see through this window into deaf culture, as written by a deaf woman It seems obvious that a deaf girl would have to deal with limitations, but through this story the reader gains a sense of what those limitations might be like on a daily basis Using the telephone was a great example Megan doesn t want to use her TDD, and she doesn t want to believe it s impossible for her to use the phone like a normal person But when she tries to use the phone, she can t, and it s very hard for her to accept help How many hearing people in this day and age could give up their phone, and yet on the other hand, how has the advent of texting affected a girl like Megan This book is not that old, but I can see it starting to slip off the edge of contemporary fiction into dated material because of new technologies available.Readers who enjoy a good story about making and keeping friends, who like to learn about other ways of life, or, in the case of a deaf reader, like to read about others like themselves might like this book Those who enjoy camp stories, where the kids go off on their own to summer camp and have adventures might like this This would be a great book for tweens in fifth or sixth grades who are right at this age when friendship seems to start getting complicated.Nothing obviously objectionable. I really liked this book I think it showed all the struggles of being deaf, and all the struggles of having a friend who is deaf I thought that this was a really good book and that Marlee Matlin did a really good job writing it i wonder what it would be like to have a friend or someone close to you who is deaf You would have to learn sign language to communicate with that person and you would have to send them to a different school It would probably costmoney Anyway, I thought that it was a really good book and I would love to read it again someday I recommend it to everyone because it is a really good book. Deaf child crossing is a book that demonstrates and true friendship Two girls, Cindy and Megan, from totally different back grounds come together and become the best of friends even though one, Megan, is deaf They overcome the challenge of communication when Cindy decided to learn sign language They begin to spend hours every day together and become BFFs With Cindy s motivation Megan decides to go to camp It starts off well until Megan makes friends with another deaf girl and Cindy is quickly forgotten Drama erupts when Megan takes credit for Cindy s work, and again the last night when Cindy saves Megan from getting lost in the woods Lets just say both girls go home not talking to each other The next day at the bust stop they get into an argument and fight, like any 9 year old girl would do before laughing away their pain, Megan apologizes and they are quickly reminded of the fact that they are BFFs. It wasn t that bad, but I felt like there was a little too much I m ten years old and that s going to completely derail everything I try to do 1 I ended up wanting to smack both main characters And then everything is resolved by a hair pulling fight in the last five pages What A student suggested this to me, and it was okay Cute But I think I was expecting somethingfrom it, since the author herself is deaf I didn t hate it, but it s not going to make it onto my will read once per year shelf.3 5 on here, 7 10 for myself I wish Matlin would writechildren s books with deaf characters. This book has no consistency