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With indifferent parents Iona Sheehan grew up craving devotion and acceptance From her maternal grandmother she learned where to find both a land of lush forests dazzling lakes and centuries old legendsIrelandCounty Mayo to be exact Where her ancestors’ blood and magic have flowed through generations—and where her destiny awaitsIona arrives in Ireland with nothing but her Nan’s directions an unfailingly optimistic attitude and an innate talent with horses Not far from the luxurious castle where she is spending a week she finds her cousins Branna and Connor O’Dwyer And since family is family they invite her into their home and their livesWhen Iona lands a job at the local stables she meets the owner Boyle McGrath Cowboy pirate wild tribal horsemen he’s three of her biggest fantasy weaknesses all in one big bold packageIona realizes that here she can make a home for herself—and live her life as she wants even if that means falling head over heels for Boyle But nothing is as it seems An ancient evil has wound its way around Iona’s family tree and must be defeated Family and friends will fight with each other and for each other to keep the promise of hope—and love—alive

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    Well as a Nora Roberts fan this is going to be really painful to writeWhen I found out that the new work of one of my favorite authors of all time was a trilogy placed in the magic green mountains of of Erin Ireland I was sooo excited My favorite trilogy by Nora is “Gallaghers of Ard” where I first met the amazing Ireland setting and those who know Nora’s work can tell that she have a talent for portraying scenarios Obviously I was anxious to get my hands on “Dark Witch” But the Nora let me downagain Lately I’ve been uite disappointed by Robert’s novels Indeed i loved the setting I’ve an obsession for Ireland that can’t be cured I love that country to bits and I don’t think any modern author can fully describe Ireland’s geography culture and people like Nora Roberts The magical environment created by the author is tangible and genuine However the fantasy plot was deeply tiring with no dynamic and fairly repetitiveAbout the heroine Iona I don’t believe the author gives enough information on Iona’s past and background We the readers know close to nothing about the protagonist history family past relationships Nada I'm not even sure of how old she is Iona is an onedimensional character as well as the love interest Boyle the horse breeder The relationship between Iona and Boyle the Main Characters was well knit but the romance lack chemistry I was waiting for a “destiny” love story starcrossed loversand the author delivered a run of the mill romance Guess I’ll have to wait for Brenna and Fin’s story both support characters have depth and intense moments than IonaBoyle I was definitely frustrated by the romance in this book and it was a big issue to me ‘cause when It comes to Nora Roberts I have the highest standards I miss the spark Nora’s older novels used to have I miss the powerful intense books of Nora’s early carreer At this point I can’t help to think What happened? Is she writing “too much”? Maybe Nora should take a long vacation And I say this with love and respect because I’ve been reading her novels since I was a rebel teenagerI still believe in you Nora Hoping that the second book in the trilogy exceeds the first one

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    I'm clearly not with the majority on this I thought this book was boring as hell I've never struggled so much to get through a Nora Roberts book before in my life but this took me a week to finish The beginning was awesomewhen we looked back at Sorcha and her children and their life together I loved that part It was different and had high hopes for the rest of it But after we got back to the present time and met Iona and all the rest of the gang I just kept feeling that I'd read it all before in several of her other trilogies and this was just like a re read The characters were flat and in general uninteresting I found myself just skimming through much of the book because I was just so bored with it Nora is the ueen of dialogue but I just found it lacking here Not much of the witty banter that I expect from her Honestly it was very lackluster and I'm wondering if Nora's heart was really in this one or if she was just so busy in her personal life that she just dashed this one off uick so she could get back to it I'm not sure that I will pick up the next in the series Reading of the same just doesn't interest me

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    This book was a mess in my opinion The writing was sloppy there was barely any plot and the characters were all flatIona the female lead literally says anything and everything she thinks She has no inner thoughts no personality of her own She seems to exist solely to provide exposition and is not very good at that either The male lead is who knows? He has no characters traits other than he seems to be the silent brooding type but even that is never really shown or understood He has no backstory no history or character Frankly no one else in this book does eitherThere is barely any plot or pacing to the book I don't know why they're fighting who really they are fighting against or anything else There is no build up at all There is no real explanation of anything at all It felt like the author assumes we have read all her previous witch based books and therefore we know what this struggle is about At times I found myself imputing motives and emotions from her other books that were similar just to fill in the gapsAll in all a real disappointment as a read There was no chemistry between the leads no real climax to the story and no caring on my part whether they lived or died It made me sad and not in any way that the author intended

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    The first book of the cousins O'Dwyer series Dark Witch reminded me a lot of two other firsts of her trilogies the Gallaghers of Ard and the Three Sisters Island If you've read both you know they both involve outsiders coming into a life already in progress for the others but uickly being accepted into the fold In the Gallaghers it's Jude going to Ireland to reevaluate herself And in the Three Sisters Island it's Nell fleeing an abusive husband and unlocking her witch powersIn Dark Witch we met Iona Sheehan who goes to Ireland to meet cousins and basically get away from her parents and her old unfilling life at the urgency of her grandmother She grew up knowing she had powers but was never able to fully explore them because of her mother's indifference and almost fear of themWe meet her cousins Branna and Conner who open her up to her powers We meet Boyle who gives her a place to work at his stables and who captures her heart pretty much immediately And we meet Finn who we discover has a history with not only the Dark Witch mythos but with Branna They had a past relationship that is still causing them heartache todayThe Dark Witch myth is pretty intriguing an ancestor of Iona Branna and Connor was the Dark Witch and she is being attacked by Cabhan an evil male witch who is obsessed with the Dark Witch and wants her powers and her body This entire portion goes on for 40 pages but that's not a bad thing it was pretty interesting and I'm hoping she touches on the history of Cabhan and the Dark Witch a little in the next booksIona learns how to harness and control her magick through working with Branna and she grows both in her job and relationship I really loved hearing about her relationship with her horse and the other's relationships with their animals as well I really love when a story has that element Her relationship with Boyle on the other hand was a little lacking I don't know if it was just that Boyle is a harder male character than I've read from Nora in awhile or if there was little to no chemistry I just wasn't happy when they finally got together And I didn't care when they had their typical Nora Robert's fight to break up It was the typical Nora formula that I love but I wasn't all that into the characters or their relationship What I really enjoyed about the book and why I still gave it four stars on Good Reads is the relationships between all the characters in general and the history behind them And I want to know about the Dark Witch and I want to see Cabhan defeated I'm invested The second book in the Cousins O'Dwyer Trilogy Shadow Spell is set to release on May 6th 2014 as of this blog post It looks like it is going to be Connor's story and I'm so glad I was hoping she would save Branna for lastReview also on my blog

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    Full review can be found here My Review 5 Magickal StarsThere is just something so enchanting about Nora Roberts' writing The way she weaves together a story always has me captivated It'd been awhile since I read one of her books but nothing had changed about her writing style It and the magical story line still had the power to enchant meThe prologue excellently brought me into the story and I was immediately intrigued to see where this magical story line went Sorcha the Dark Witch was renowned for her power and her three children would have that power for their own someday But with that kind of power comes greed and lust Someone wants her power and will kill for it To protect her babies she gives them each a third of her power They with their guides the horse the hawk and the hound will defeat Cabhan Whether it takes a thousand lifetimes and the burden passes down to their descendants they will defeat him Present day Ireland is where we meet Iona the main character and the descendant of Teagan She's sold off almost all her possessions and moved to this beautiful and magical country to learn her ancestry and find who she is and where she belongs And she realizes that this country being surrounded by friends and family is exactly where she belongs She's found her dream job of working with horses; she's moved into her cousins' Branna and Connor's house They've been waiting for her arrival waiting for them to become three With Iona's arrival the time is near And they have a lot of work to doBut the work and magick doesn't stop Iona from living her life She came here to find a place to belong and it's where she'll fall in love Iona's boss Boyle is her fantasy Besides an insane attraction they also share close friends and work in the stables It's that employer employee relationship that has Boyle reluctant to let anything happen between them Even if they shared two hot and passionate kisses Boyle is afriad to get too close which he does anyway And Iona is afraid to get hurt though she does anyway Love shouldn't be hard Iona There I think you're wrong I think it should be the hardest thing there is then it's not so easily given away or taken away or lost Branna Nora Roberts is amazing when it comes writing strong heroines and totally swoon worthy men And that's what she did with Iona and Boyle as well as the rest of the characters I loved Iona's strength her wit and her incurable disease of the mouth I loved Boyle's protectiveness his total understanding of her craft and the magick and his alpha male gruffness Her sex scenes are never overtly explicit; there is always an underlying passion and fire Her characters though they may fight and argue make mistakes and hurt each other always end up finding each other in the end Always end up with a fairytale kind of romance and I just adore watching them fall in love You can't just hope for happy endings You have to believe in them Then do the work take the risks Slay the dragon–though I really think dragons get a bad rep–kiss the princess or the frog and defeat the bad witch Iona I loved the relationships between the characters From the strong familial bond with Branna and Connor to the deep passionate love between Iona and Boyle I loved watching all of them interact with each other I love reading about close friendships and circles and they each had their own personalities and strengths their own mishaps and weaknesses They all formed this tight bond of friendship This circle It's strong unbreakable However there are chinks in the armor breaks in the bubble They'll all have to learn to set aside their differences and do what must be done to make sure that Sorcha's work did not go to waste that her sacrifice for her children was not for nothingWhat an engrossing enchanting and downright magical beginning to another soon to be favorite series of mine I've no doubt the next two books will be just as captivating be just as heartwarming and suspenseful Dark Witch is classic Nora Roberts The perfect blend of true love friendship and undeniable courage in the face of evil August 2013A new fantasy series by my favorite author? HELL YES

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    I have just finished the book and I am so sad and disappointed Nora Roberts has been a favorite author of mine for years and years but this book was not up to her usual standard It smacks of being a poor rewrite of her Three Sisters Island trilogyPossible Spoiler AlertFrom the beginning of the book it was a rewrite of Dance Upon the Air which I adore I should have known I was in for disappointment when she reused the wolf and then branded it with the same pentagram that Mia used in the Three Sisters Island trilogyIona Nell makes a huge life change Jude Jewels of the Sun also sent by her Gran and moves to Ireland She meets up with family who happen to be witches Branna and Connor Mia and Ripley and isn't the name Branna a little close to Brenna from Tears of the Moon? Like Nell Iona must discover her power and learn to use it to fight the evil that threatens them all Only a few chapters into the book it was clear which characters were meant to line up She has reused the MiaSam Face the Fire relationship with Branna and Fin They used to be a couple and are clearly still in love but are conflicted and forced to play nice to fight big bad I'm betting she has also reused the ShawnBrenna Tears of the Moon relationship the two that grew up like siblings that will discover their love is not just platonicWorst of it is that I don't even feel invested in the characters I don't know if I'll buy the next two books Maybe I'll just go reread the Three Sisters and Gallaghers of Ard books

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    35 StarsThere’s just something about reading a magic themed story by Nora Roberts that always makes me want to dance naked under a full moon chanting ‘as we will so mote it be’ I just can’t help myself If I’ve learned anything in my years reading Nora it’s that I tend to enjoy her fantasyPNR themed stories than their contemporary counterparts and my experience was no different here However if I’m comparing this series starter against other witch y tales by the ueen of romance then I would have to say this one fell slightly short I think this mostly has to do with the romantic pairing in this particular story as I found both Iona and Boyle a tad lacking in character depth and general likeability The good news is I warmed to the secondary characters a great deal including their animals I also adored the Irish setting and I enjoyed the overall premise of the story at large which kept me engaged and intrigued enough to want Ultimately this was not my favourite Nora book by far but it was still a solid start to another magical trilogy

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    4 stars Great world building weak romance but still worth the read I hesitate to describe this book as a 'romance' novel simply because the book spent little time actually exploring the romance between Iona and Boyle Sure there IS a romance in this novel Sprinkled throughout the book are a few scenes where Iona and Boyle meet chat wink at each flirt some sleep together have a misunderstanding make up and then profess their undying love Very formulaic stuff and all woven around the important parts of this book The meat of this book is far focused on the story of the Dark witch and her magically gifted descendants living in Ireland Despite being weak on the romance I really enjoyed it I think the book is probably better for it because the romance itself was pretty lackluster stuffI absolutely plan to stick with this series as I enjoyed the world building loved the Ireland setting and was intrigued by all of the secondary characters However If you read Nora Roberts strictly for the romance scenes this one might disappoint But if you enjoy a solid background story with some dark magic and prophesies you might enjoy it as much as I did I listened to this one on audio and felt the narration was excellent

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    One word describes this book WEAK The characters were weak the storyline was weak The book started out GREAT then boom just fell apart and reading it was like watching paint dry I've always been a huge fan of the authors trilogies but wow this book was just a mess It seemed rushed and just a rewritten version of 2 other trilogies shes written Never read a Nora Roberts book where I didn't connect with the characters UNTIL NOW Sad this book was such a let down after waiting months for it to come out 3 stars is being generous

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    The set upIona Sheehan risks everything when she uits her job sells everything she owns and moves from Balti Maryland to County Mayo Ireland her ancestral homeland She seeks out her cousins Branna a Dark Witch and Connor O'Dwyer who her grandmother has told her so much about determined to find that connection she's craved all her life Iona gets than she ever hoped for when her cousins embrace her and help her get a job with their friend Boyle McGrath doing what she lovescaring for and riding horses The issuesThe story begins with the medieval tale of Sorcha the first Dark Witch who took on Cabhan an evil sorcerer She passed her powers to her three children who in turn have done the same with their descendants With Iona's arrival the circle is now complete and the cousins must now contend with what evil remains from Cabhan Iona is a novice and needs to hone her skills before they have to face his challenge And she's distracted by her developing romance with the gruff but sexy Boyle What worked for meI absolutely loved that this story takes place in Ireland complete with the vernacular in the dialogue between the characters The men in this story are highly appealingBoyle with his tough and serious but sexy mannerConnor who is lighthearted and generous and Fin who's dark with emerald eyes focused only on Branna the most skilled of the witches who makes the paranormal aspect of the story exciting Iona was delightful though others may disagree I found her sunny disposition uplifting in light of her dismal upbringing Her joy was infectious inspired her cousins and threw the serious Boyle completely off balance While their romance edged up against that old insta lovestoryline it was knocked back into reality in an almost heartbreaking way It made it much interesting and emotional What some have saidThere are comparisons to Nora's Key and Three Sisters Island trilogies but it felt fresh to me I didn't see those connections and have read both Maybe the setting made this story a standout for me as I didn't want to put the book down The bottom lineI loved the Celtic lore the witchcraft the romance the setting and the characters I liked Iona and Boyle primarily because of her enthusiasm as I connected with her circumstances The book set the stage for the next stories in this trilogy and I'm anxiously anticipating them If you've never read anything by Nora this would be a great series to start It's also pretty interesting for those of us that already have many of her stories already read on our shelves I think it's a winner 45 stars