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The Dark Lord S Ultimate Temptation Daphne Collingham Is Convinced That Her Beloved Cousin Died At The Hands Of Her Husband, Timothy, Lord Colton, So Decides To Masquerade As A Governess In His Home To Discover The Truth What Daphne Hasn T Bargained On Is How The Brooding Lord Will Make Her Feel Under His Dark Gaze Lord Colton Is Suspicious Of The Alluring New Governess And With The Scandal Surrounding Him He Must Control His Passion But A Man Has His Limits, And The Delectable Miss Collingham Is Pure Temptation

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    I really loved the book this one follows, Miss Winthorpe s Elopement I loved the characters, the plot and the writing I just didn t enjoy this one quite as much, I m afraid The plot itself is quite an intriguing one, and although I guessed WhoDunnit, it made a nice change of pace in my reading, if a little too gothic for my tastes I also really liked the hero Tortured, withdrawn, essentially a tragic fragment of what we saw in Miss Winthorpe s Elopement But I did have some problems with the book too The hero falls into lust far too quickly With the wall of despair he has built around himself, I just don t believe he d take one look at her and immediately want to rip her togs off Equally, I couldn t believe that he wouldn t have met the heroine socially, since she was his wife s cousin My main problem, however, came with the heroine herself It felt a bit like a wasted opportunity, since later she comes across sympathetically, less certain of herself and interesting and complex, but, particularly to start with, she comes across as a clueless, foolish child, with less maturity than her charges I also didn t understand why we couldn t have the story start with the heroine in London before she goes to Wales It just would have made her human There is also another character missing from this book Lady Colton herself I don t normally like flashbacks, but with the hero and heroine having such extreme memories of the hero s wife, and the woman herself such a horrible, but energetic and magnetic character in the first book, a few sprinkled in flashbacks would have really made her come alive, and ratcheted up the suspense There were also some errors in a divorce case of this era, the mother would never have been given custody of the children the children belonged to the husband, as did the wife , and this continued in the case of the wife s infidelity until well into the mid 20th century This is a widely known fact So, it was OK, but I can t help but be disappointed, since I loved Miss Winthorpe so much 2 stars For disclosure purposes, I received this book through Netgalley.

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    This is a Quickie Review For the full review, please visit The Romanceaholic.Expected Release Date July 1, 2011 re issue Publisher HarlequinImprint Harlequin HistoricalAuthor s Website Source for This Book NetgalleyPart of a Series Yes, Book 2, Belston and FriendsSeries Best Read In Order Yes but works well as a standaloneSteam Level SteamyThis is the sequel to Miss Winthorpe s Elopement which received a 4 5 Star rating from me Readers should be aware that this is a reissue, so I do not know if the version that I received has been altered from previous versions.We first met Timothy in Miss Winthorpe s Elopement as the cuckolded husband of the villainess from that tale This book picks up a fairly short time after the suspicious accidental death of his horrible wife, Clarissa, which actually occurred shortly after the last time we saw Tim in MWE.Distraught by the death of her beloved cousin Clarissa, Miss Collingham has allowed the very sort of reckless behavior that Clare would ve encouraged to land her in a mild scandal in London and is being send to the country to allow the scandal to blow over On the journey, she discovers that one of her traveling companions, Miss Collins, is to be the new governess for the her cousin s children, and she hatches a plan to trade places with her so that she may discover the truth behind Clare s death.What she didn t expect was to not only fall in love with the children her cousin had left behind, but to also fall for Lord Colton, the man she suspects of having murdered Clarissa.I really enjoyed the transformation of Tim from monster to good hearted man in Daphne s eyes as she got to know him and advanced in her investigation into her cousin s death, despite the mounting evidence that he was indeed responsible for her death While I felt that Tim overreacted when he discovered her true identity, I think the time apart served them both well I thoroughly enjoyed the children It was nice to see them be mischievous as children should be, without their lapsing into the total brat category.Overall, this was a highly enjoyable read The dark theme of Daphne s murder investigation definitely added gravity to the story, and I absolutely adored the progression of her and Tim s relationship A very cheerful 4 5 Stars.

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    Daphne is convinced there is to her cousin Clare s death than meets the eye In fact, Daphne is certain that Clare s husband Timothy is to blame So in order to find the truth, Daphne poses as a governess for Clare s children The plan is simple ingratiate herself into the household and expose Timothy as a murderer She never expects to care for the children And certainly, she could never anticipate the undeniable attraction between Tim and herself Yet, she finds herself falling in love with the entire family With her changing feelings, she starts questioning whether Tim is really a man who could commit murder and she realizes her cousin may not have been the woman she thought she knew I enjoyed this book It had a kind of gothic, Jane Eyre feel to it I know some people are put off by such a similarity, but it worked for me There was solid sexual tension, steamy love scenes and some delicious angst from our brooding hero All good things, as far as I m concerned It wasn t perfect It s kind of hard to like Daphne at first She s pretty self absorbed and callous about the children though that changes over the course of the book And I was a little taken aback by the manner in which she lost her virginity I won t get into specifics, but it s not exactly gentle and there was no acknowledgement that such a thing may not be all sunshine and roses for an innocent But, in the grand scheme of things, I wasn t bothered all that much It was sexy, dark and satisfying 4 stars ARC Provided by NetGalley

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    Dangerous Lord, Innocent Governess is a sequel to Miss Winthorpe s Elopement In the earlier book, Timothy, Lord Colton is the betrayed husband In this one, he is the tormented hero suspected of murdering his wife Daphne Collingham, cousin to his wife, is among those who are suspicious of him She infiltrates his household in the guise of governess to his three children Predictably, the innocent governess, after suitably harrowing moments of doubt, fear, and reluctant attraction, falls in love with her charges and their dangerous and lordly father.There is little new in the plot Merrill uses, but she crafts her characters with great skill and writes lucid prose in an appealing voice I thought having read Miss Winthorpe s Elopement added an interesting layer to DLIG, but the latter book can easily be read as a standalone Readers who dislike children may be unhappy with the roles of Lord Dalton s three offspring, but those who like their romance Gothic flavored should enjoy this one I admit reading it left me nostalgic for the older Gothics that I read by the dozens in the 70s I don t think this is Christine Merrill at her best, but it is an entertaining read This book will be released July 1 I received my copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

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    This review is also published at Daphne Collingham suspects fault play in her favorite cousin s death, she thinks Clare s husband is responsible for her dismissal Daphne feels the need to find out the truth and bring the responsible to the courts of law.Daphne is living as her cousin thought her to, trying to enjoy life as much as possible without thinking much about the consequences of her actions Thanks to this she is found in a compromising situation Her family decides to send her away from London for sometime until the scandal in which she was involved dies down During her trip to the country Daphne meets with a governess bound to the Colton residence Mrs Collins is the new governess for Clare s children Daphne sees this as an opportunity to infiltrates the Colton s household and decides to buy off Mrs Collins and pose as the new governess The only problem is that she has never been a good student, she is really bad for math and languages and doesn t like children.Lord Colton is not what Daphne was expecting, her cousin always describe him as a despicable man and in reality he could be anything but that She is also caring for the children a lot than what she ever thought possible.Now than ever she needs to find out the truth, not just for her but also for the wellbeing of the family.Lord Colton is a torture hero, he was not just cheated and deceived countless times by his deceased wife but also received many public humiliations from her Now he feels guilty because of the circumstances of her death and feels he doesn t deserve anything good or positive in his life.On the beginning Daphne is as a selfish and immature girl, but with the passing of times and the experiences she is living she grows and matures becoming a caring and a real woman.Lord Colton and Daphne s chemistry was perceivable since their first meeting and evolved page after page Their relationship felt real and was well developed, even though there were some things as their first close encounter that I found a little bit unrealistic and a bit shameful as Daphne first experience.I loved the kids, they are caring and protecting of each other and of their family in general But what I liked the most is that they behave as kids do They felt real and it was very easy to begin to care for them.My final thought Dangerous Lord, Innocent Governess was an entertaining historical romance with a gothic touch, a plot with some twists and turns and a nice romance to add on to the story The characters are developed really well the setting is an interesting one and the transformation they characters experienced was plausible and feasible.Dangerous Lord, Innocent Governess by Christine Merrill was my first book by this author and I m sure it won t be my last.I recommend this book to all historical romance readers.

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    Sooo sweet Loved how she went from high society girl to demure country governess she find her true self it s not in the countless new ball gowns or endless ton parties, but with love of a great man a family to call her own Eeeekkkkkssss Yipppeeee LOVED THIS STORY Awwwww true love.a second time around Lord Colton was a tortured soul Miss Collins Collingham has never been a governess, but embraced the role out of loyalty to her cousin finding out how she really died It is always heartbreaking to figure out a close family friend is not who you though they were Grrrrr Clare her vain in humane treatment of her children husband They never should of married in first place, with that said Lord Colton Miss Collins would not been able to meet like they did fall in love It was such a touching story of letting go of the past, but also figuring it out so it had no power to torment any longer Proper British spelling yippeeee Authentic regency romance TRULY A KEEPER Will re read this anytime

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    This book got better as it went on I didn t really appreciate the premise of the story, but that s a personal choice I m guessing most of the things I don t like about the book might boil down to personal preference so take the rating for what it s worth I found the first love scene, in which she is a virgin, to be outlandish and overly painful, it paints the hero as a complete jerk, an unrecoverable jerk As for her, her motives were absolutely ridiculous I don t like the cover muchI rolled my eyes too much And the book was full of WTFckry.I received the book from NetGalley for review.

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    This story was ok for me I just couldn t quite connect with the characters Daphne seemed much too willful and childish although she did change a lot Lord Colton was a bit too brooding although I could see that he had gone through a lot I guess it might have helped if I had read the first book in the series.I liked the suspense in the story of what really happened to the dead wife and I felt bad for what the children had gone though I received this as an ARC from NetGalley

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    3.5 bintang.Daphne Collingham nyamar jadi governess dan pergi ke rumahsepupunya clarissa yang di duga meninggal di tangan suami nya, Timothy, Lord Coltonclarissa clarre adalah sepupu kesayangan daphneso pas clare meninggal daphne mau mencari cara supaya suami nya bertanggung jawab.daphne menyamae sebagai miss collins yang bakal bekerja sebagai governess untuk ke 3 anak tim.anak2 mereka terkenal sulit di atur terutama anak bungsu nya yang aneh, gak mau bicara dan suka manggambar yang aneh2 kayak kondisi ibu nya pas meninggal dan jatuh dari tangga.tim juga sangat menyalahkan dirinya karena dia kira dia yang menyebabkan clare meninggalclare jatuh dari tangga karena berdebat dengan dia.daphne yang awalnya gak suka anak2 dan gak pinter2 banget buat ngajarin anak2 tim yang jenius sering salah baca peta, gak ngerti latin, perancis dll p lama2 benar2 peduli dan sayang kepada anak2 asuhannya..terutama si bungsu yg berusia 5 tahun dan pintar menggambar itu duh lupa namanya tim pun awal pertama kali di kenalin sama daphne langsung berdesir perasaannya dan juga anggota lain bagisn tubuh nya p makluuuum..lama pisah ranjang sama istri nya.lebih dari 5 tahun p tapi tim curiga dengan daphne karena dia sama sekali gak keliatan seperti governess..baik dari kelakuan maupun cara berpakaian.daphne pun walau awalnya benci tim karena dikira membunuh sepupunya.lama2 memiliki perasaan thd tim dan mulai percaya kalau tim gak bersalah atas kematian clarerupanya memang bukan tim yang membuat clare meninggalclare yang dikira daphne sepupu yang baik ternyata seorang perempuan jahat dan murahansuka whoring dimana2..bahkan tidur dengan teman2 dekat tim.kehidupan pernikahan mereka juga amburadul mereka saling membenci dan gak tidur bersama bertahun2.tim lebih mengurus kebunnya krn dia suka tanaman dan ahli botani..sementara clare suka berpesta dan tinggal di london dan berganti2 kekasih.clare merasa gak puas menikah dengan bangsawan yang gak teratrik mengejar politik dan lebih suka jadi botanis.pas tim tau kalo dapne kesana buat mencaritau kejadian sebenarnya terkait kematian claredia bilang ke daphne kalo dia akan kasih tau asal dapnhe mau tidur sama diaen emang dapne nya juga suka sama timso gak ada salahnya sambil menyelam minum jus pso tim datang ke kamar daphne dan mereka uhuk2 disana..abis gitu tim bilang ke daphne kalo dia yang membunuh clare karena waktu itu mereka ribut.tim abis minum2.clare mau membawa si bungsu pergi karena dia bilang dia bukan anak tim..tim udah tau lama kalo dia bukan anaknya tapi tim tetep sayang dan gak mau clare bawa si bungsu..lalu tim tersadar ada di dalam ruangan after mabuk dan clare di temukan meninggal di bawah tangga.tim kira dia yang mendoron claredaphne yang gak percaya tim seorang pembunuh akhirnya menemukan bukti bahwa kejadian yang sebenernya gak begituternyata pada malam claire mau membawa si bungsu berontak dan gak sengaja mendorong clare dari atas tangga karena gak mau dipisahkan sama kakak2 nya dan ayahnya.after tau kenyataannya tim sangat lega.dan tau itu semua kecelakaan dan gak ada yang mesti di salahkan atas kematian istri nya.tim pun merasa terbebas dari rasa bersalah dan dia melamar daphne.daphne gak percaya tim mau menikahi dia karena cintakarena tim sama sekali gak tau mengenai dia.yang mereka berdua lakukan banyakan ya uhuk2 di kamar, di rumah kaca dll p tapi tim gak tau apa yang dia suka dan siapa sebenarnya daphne itudan apa tim bakal memaafkan krn dia udah berbohong ngaku sebagai governess padahal dia kesana niat awalnya pengen mencari bukti kalo tim membunuh dapne minta waktu.sayangnya pas daphne akhirnya mau jujur kasih tau tim kalo dia adalah sepupu clare.ayah dapne datang mencari daphne..dia bilang ke tim kalo daphne dan clare adalah sepupu dan mereka dekat sekali.tim merasa di bohongi..dia gak mau melihat daphne di rumahnya lagidia pikir daphne gak beda dengan clare..mereka sahabat dan lebih suka bersenang2 di kota daripada mengurus anak2 apalagi ayah daphne juga bilang kalo daphne itu gak suka anak2..tim tambah yakin kalo daphne bukan org yang cocok buat jadi ibu anak2 walau daphne mau jelasin tapi tim tetap gak mau dengarso akhirnya daphne pulang ke london bersama ayahnyasepeninggal daphne tim merasa kesepian dan ada yang kurang.dia jadi gak ngurus diri sendiri dan lebih banyak mengurus tanamandia selalu memikirkan daphne apalagi anak2 nya juga selalu nanyain kapan daphne kembaliakhirnya tim sadar kalo dia mestinya gak pisah dari daphne karena dia melihat dan merasakan sendiri kalo daphne beda dengan clairedaphne mencintai dia dan tim mau bwrsiap2 ke london mengejar daphne dan bawa daphne pulang kembali walo dengan paksaan kalo daphne nya gak mau tapi ternyata daphne udah keburu datang.and then bisa ditebakafter ngungkapin perasaan akhirnya mereka berpelukam dan berciumanyang di gap sama anak2 nya pendingnya sweet seperti biasa.mereka semua berpelukan dan happily ever after..the endmy opinion gw baru sekali baca hq historical romancelebih tebel dari hq biasa dan lebih bagus semoga aja suatu hari nanti gpu nerjemahin hq jenis inirada bosen ama hq2 biasa yang tipis2 dan ceritanya terlalu pendek.

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    I don t like the end