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Cover Me makes us all a little willing to share our stories and give a voice to our frustrations This book isn t a radical call for change, it doesn t offer solutions rather, it begins a much needed dialogue Political party battle lines and what ifs about medical care dissolve into the idea that medical care and our health are very basic needs that every United States citizen should be able to rely on without stress, frustration or embarrassment This book illustrates, in a way that mere political rhetoric cannot, how the lack of accessible, affordable medical care negatively affects everyone on a personal, emotional and economic scale. Well written Compelling and provocative Excellent book about this fucked up health care system Appreciate the explicit class analysis. Growing Up In Middle Class Middle America, Sonya Huber Viewed Health Care As Did Most Of Her Peers As An Inconvenience Or Not At All There Were Braces And Cavities, Medications And Stitches, The Family Doctor And The Local Dentist Finding Herself Without Health Insurance After College Graduation, She Didn T Worry It Was A Temporary Problem Thirteen Years And Twenty Three Jobs Later, Her View Of The Matter Was Quite Different Huber S Irreverent And Affecting Memoir Of Navigating The Nation S Health Care System Brings An Awful And Necessary Dose Of Reality To The Political Debates And Propaganda Surrounding Health Care Reform I Look Like Any Other Upwardly Mobile Hipster, Huber Says I Carry A Messenger Bag, A Few Master S Degrees, And A Toddler Raised On Organic Milk What S Not Evident, However, Is That She Is A Veteran Of Medicaid And WIC, The Federal Government S Supplemental Nutrition Program For Women, Infants, And Children In Cover Me, Huber Tells A Story That Is At Once All Too Familiar And Rarely Told Of Being Pushed To The Edge By Worry Of The Adamant Belief That Better Care Was Out There Of Taking One Mind Numbing Job After Another In Pursuit Of Health Insurance, Only To Find Herself Scrounging Through The Trash Heap Of Our Nation S Health Care System For Tips And Tricks That Might Mean The Difference Between Life And Death Wow, that s.some cover WTG publishers Half naked decapitated woman Somehow I don t think that s meant to be some kind of metaphorical illustration of her journey through the Valley of the Shadow of Uninsurance. I ve been a fan of Sonya Huber for a while, so I was really looking forward to this book and just as I suspected, it s a rocking good read Vibrant, articulate, and smart all the way to the middle, Cover Me A Health Insurance Memoir hits all the right spots, from the nitty gritty checks and balances of do it yourself healthcare to the larger moral issues of coverage for all It s an honest take on our human bodies with their various needs and glories, and the corporate and governmental net that both holds us and divides us If you re wondering what kind of animal a health care memoir is, rest assured it s funny and tender and full of life, real life It s the story of all of us, right now, at this time and place And it s really really good. The first 2 3 of this book were really tough to get in to The author kind of rambles through retelling the story of her early 20 s, seemingly highlighted by every sinus infection of which there were many and low paying job also many she ever had I think part of the problem was that many of the chapters were each individual essays she had written and submitted to various magazines on their own, and when they were compiled in to a book, they didn t really flow But the author hits her stride in the last section of the book she gets married and gets pregnant, and all at once it seems like she brings her life and this book in to focus Her detailed account of securing state funded healthcare for her son, and the battle she went through to keep him covered and healthy, is powerful Her small family is the reason, I think, we have welfare in the first place Both her and her husband work hard, and just don t make enough money to provide expensive medical care for each other and their baby Overall, the last 1 3 of this book makes wading through the beginning worth it. The real threat was the large gray area above poverty but far below enough to buy the cheapest health insurance p144 And that s exactly where I myself, have been living for the past decade since I graduated college I guess I had hoped for tips tricks from this book What I did find, was myself silently nodding with familiarity all too often I would highly recommend this book to anyone who has taken their health care for granted or who suffers from the delusion that there are plenty of affordable and accessible options out there for just about anyone. I am giving this title 3 stars It probably deserves I am, at the same time, assigning 5 stars to Sonya Huber I like her tenacity I like her flaws I like her brutal honesty about herself and her journey I have met a lot of people like Sonya If things had gone just a little differently in my own life, I would have probably experienced some of the same travails she pushed through In these precarious times I still cannot rule out these crises My master s degree can t guarantee I will always be able to see a doctor if I am sick My middle class upbringing won t protect me My fourteen years of working and paying generous portions of my income into constantly changing coverage plans won t matter either.I lost a close friend to cancer when we were still in our twenties and he was uninsured This experience took me from being someone who was already philosophically in favor of universal coverage and changed me into a vocal advocate for health care reform It is difficult for me to retain much objectivity about the state of our health care system And I tend to look at every article, memoir or press release about health care from the point of view of an advocate Will this help our cause So it became difficult for me to read the strongest aspect of Huber s writing which is her unflinching honesty She was candid about the farcical aspects of U S Healthcare Inc And she also presented herself with unvarnished realism She was forthcoming about her battle with depression She was equally transparent about her student days and her involvement with anarchists and socialism She talked about living in dumpy student apartments, her failed relationships and her uneven path toward finding a joba careerand, mainlycoverage.And I liked her for it I have a liberal arts degree I had no idea what I could do for a living when I was twenty I chose the wrong man than once I pieced together part time jobs to get adequate health coverage and the rent paid throughout my twenties I made mistakes I was often depressed by my lack of progress I worried.People who are already on board with the concept of basic universal coverage will root for Sonya They will either empathize through shared experience or they will take a there but for the grace of god go I view of her 20 year ordeal.But the segment of America who is not yet on board will probably use Huber s honesty against her She should have bucked up much sooner and done something practical The right brainers don t deserve to get treatment doctine even if they work as long each day as you do She should never have had sex with those guys The single women who have sex deserve untreated bladder infections doctrine She is probably over stating the case because of her emotional problems The it s all in your head doctrine And she is nothing but a treasonous crypto commie pinko anarcho anyway The Far Lefties deserve everything they get doctrine Because reallyand pardon me if I m getting obnoxiousIf we are still giving the outsourced middle age tech worker the F U Health Plan and if we are still giving the pink slipped and then re hired as a freelancer the F U Health Plan and if we are still giving the poor kid who worked his way through school on scholarships but developed a life threatening illness before he landed a full time job with bennies the F U plan Then what is to stop us from holding all of Sonya Huber s human frailties and individual quirks against her Despite her talent.We are precariously there with health care reform But it hangs by a thread and there is constant pressure to revoke and chisel away at the proposed changes I would love to think that Sonya Huberand the 40 million Americans who share her experience are almost out of the woods But I m not breathing that easily yet And I have health insurance Huber is a vivid writer and her work shows a lot of integrity Cover Me is a memoir of the most intimate nature You will feel like you know the author personally once you have turned over the last page I should have read this book as memoir and immersed myself in the author s personal story Instead, I read the book as a health care activist scanning each section for the points that would bolster the argument for universal coverage and worrying over the paragraphs that might give the other side traction Reading the memoir in this manner was inescapable for me but I think I cheated myself. A memoir of Sonya Huber s harrowing journey through almost an entire life without health care benefits In detailing the day to day stress of living without coverage, the story generates almost as much suspense as a thriller Her feelings of vulnerability are emotionally documented here along with the dread of encountering some new health crisis In our country s current climate where tens of millions have no medical coverage whatsoever and healthcare is bartered as a privilege rather than a godgiven right, our bodies are our own worst enemies.Huber s writing here is clear and grounded as she explains navigating the bureaucratic labyrinths of HMO networks, free clinic procedures, WIC applications and charity healthcare orginizations in an easy to understand manner Not only was I never confused by what hoops Huber had to jump through to get the care her or her family needed but I came away with a decent understanding of how all these processes worked.Huber is also a generous writer who never fails to record and credit the many examples of encountering kindness from strangers A hospital forgives a 3,000 bill, a doctor gives free medications samples, free clinic administrators treating her with respectful dignity and a Lenscraftor counter person sneaking Huber a bag full of free supplies after discovering she has no insurance were all incidents that sent my heart soaring and kept her story from becoming too grim Final conclusion Its not us humans that are broken but merely our impotent political process that can t fix this current horrific system. Cover Me traces Huber s experiences in and out of coverage and in and out of network from childhood through college and graduate school, marriage, childbirth and single motherhood, and while you might imagine this would be as dry as reading your insurer s Explanation of Benefits, Huber s writing is electric it sparkles with sharp observations, wry humor, and unsparing honesty about her health care hookup story The book is timely and important, but also, always, a flat out pleasure to read Here s a little taste of her writing In between my months of insurance I gravitated toward loser, slacker, emotionally unavailable jobs that wouldn t support my healthcare needs I ve always had a thing for the bad boys, and maybe I kept unconsciously choosing those chain walleted tattooed health plans that looked fine in the dim and smoky light of a fling The second my body exhibited a need, however, these health plans turned grouchy and distant, coughing up loopholes and denials of coverage Maybe my full coverage, low deductible dreamboat was still out there somewhere, bobbing above the surface of the ocean as I muttered, plenty of fish and sorted the bottom feeders below.