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Every girl wishes she was a princess—and Claire’s cousin is living the dream But will this  royal romance end in disaster?Eleven year old Claire Gross is fascinated by all things royal—especially because her very own cousin Belle is engaged to the Prince of England Even though Claire is going to be a junior bridesmaid she’s not as excited about the wedding as you might think For one thing she can’t tell anyone—not even her best friend And for another Claire’s parents are divorced so she’s not so sure that “happily ever after” even existsBut when Claire gets to England and meets mean girl Pandora—also a junior bridesmaid—she uickly realizes that whether or not she believes in true love if she doesn’t take action Pandora could break up Belle’s relationship It may be the royal party of the century—but between the mishaps the mayhem and an awful social climbing princess wannabe will there still be wedding bells for the happy couple?

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    This is one of the most amazing books I have read Claire is an eleven year old girl who lives in Lake George upstate New York Her life turns around when she realizes that she is invited to a royal wedding Her cousin Belle is getting married to the prince of England Claire thinks that he is a bad guy and doesn’t love Belle She thinks this because he used to go out with other girls but never talked to them again Aside from that Claire is going to be a junior bridesmaid She is being followed by the paparazzi She feels so famous Also Claire feels s like she is falling in love There is a downward point in this book when another junior bridesmaid is trying to sabotage the wedding Will Claire be able to handle everything but still save the wedding? It feels as if Claire is talking to you about what’s happening It is in first person point of view Though some people think it may be a diary it isn’t I wasn’t able to put this book down because of the suspense At the end of the chapter you keep on wanting to read and I would recommend this book to girls only It is about love and princes princesses and the royal family It isn’t only for girls like that It’s for girls who like suspense and like a hero I rated this book 4 starts because at the end it can get uite boring I mean the last chapter I also rated it 4 stars because the story includes letters that Belle and Claire wrote to each otherThis is nice to see how they thought in the past To conclude this is a great book

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    See I read this when I was little and LOVED IT I’m a teenager now I was especially excited to read the chapter at the end previewing the seuel “Royally Unexpected” I couldn’t wait for the whole book to come out and waited for it for years only to find out it would never happen I don’t blame the author or anything that was just one of my first real disappointments in life and I had a hard time with it But the book is great just don’t read the preview chapter at the end unless you want to be sad or you want to write it yourself 4 stars only because of my lasting childhood distress about the seuel

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    Cute cute cute I love this short book about a royal wedding and possible curses and happily never afters

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    I personally LOVE this book Why? you might ask because this book is very well written Jennifer Roy really made this book a romantic heartfelt comedy that really makes you feel like you never want to stop reading this book I like this book also because I am personally into these types of books The ones like The princess diaries which is very similar to this book

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    it was awesome I read this one so fast

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    355 starsThis was a cute middle grade I liked the royal wedding aspect of the story and I found a lot of similarities to Prince William and Duchess Kate's wedding which makes sense as they were married in 2011 and Cordially Uninvited was released in 2o12 The formatting of the story was also cool with letterstexts starting most chapters I'd probably recommend this to younger readers because the writing style was geared toward a younger audience The drama in the story also seemed like it would appeal young middle grade readers In all it was a royal filled middle grade and that was all I asked for

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    This is a really good book for 5th graders who like drama I would recommend this to anyone that enjoys reading love story's with a twist also there is so many problems Claire has to face just when you think you found your way life will through you on to a new path lieutenant mateo frozen 2 I think that is a great uote for this book because when Claire finally solves a problem she gets a new one

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    It was very interesting and empowering thinking about a girl who is afraid to hurt her family that she is not even that close in blood to her It was great to see a girl like me taking a stand to stop a bully and threat to not only her but an entire kingdom

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    A pre read as I thought my girls might enjoy it I did not

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    This actually one of my favorite books this is the second time I’m reading it and I’d recommend it to anyone it’s a really cute book