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For Middle Aged Jersey Girl, Lucille Mazzarella, Only Two Things In Life Really Count Her Family And Her Friends When Her Brother In Law S Body Falls Out Of The Confessional At Church, Everything She Holds Dear Is Threatened, Especially When The Police Arrest Her Husband For The Murder Plagued By Hot Flashes, A Thickening Waistline, A Mother Addicted To The Home Shopping Channel And Tempted By A Sexy Old Flame Come Back To Town, Lucille Really Has Her Hands Full But While Lucille May Not Know Much About Solving Crimes, She Does Know Her Patron Saints With Some Prayers, Fast Thinking And Even Faster Talk, Lucille Manages To Nail The Killer And Restore Order To Her LifeLucille S Number One Favorite Patron Saint St Jude, Patron Saint Of Lost Causes Because Bernadette Is Pregnant And Unmarried, Her Boyfriend Is In Jail, Lucille S Husband Might Be Playing Around, Her Best Friend Could Be A Murderer, And Lucille Has Gained Ten Pounds Thanks To Her Latest Diet

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    Enjoyable read with an twisty plot, interesting characters, hidden secrets, and humor sprinkled throughout The setting is in New Jersey, but it is not explicitly pointed out at the beginning I thought the grammar was poor until I realized it was written with a specific dialect in mind From that point on, I heard the Jersey accent loud and clear The characters are clearly Italian and Catholic, and there was a specific Saint prayed to for every possible scenario the MC encountered Not being Catholic, I felt a bit out of my element there Enjoyed the MC, who was older, a bit overweight, and loved her family.

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    Confession is Murder is the first in the latest series by Peg Cochran This series stars Lucille, a middle age mother and wife who finds the dead body of her sister in laws husband in the confessional at the local church There is than one death in this book, and you will have a hard time figuring out who done least I did This book didn t leave me wanting anything and I will be reading the next and the book after that in the series I enjoy Peg Cochran s books She can make you feel like you are in the scene and hear and feel the same things the characters do I always look forward to her next book in a series and I m sure this series will be the same way.

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    This was a very entertaining book for a first novel and ends up making you want to read the next book soon.Lucille is a devoted Catholic wife and mother who is going through some of life s bumpy hills Lucille s husband, Frank has used her savings to visit the Pope, without her okay This is a large enough sin that he is thrown out of the house Lucille isn t alone though Bernadette, the Mazarella s only child still lives at home and that presents problems.Lucille works for the local parish and is changing flowers when she finds a body in the confessional Not only is Bernadette s boyfriend accused of the crime, a spotlight also shines upon Frank as he is partner and brother in law of the victim.There is humor as Lucille calls upon most of the Saints of the Catholic church, current and past This book does stereotype New Jersey a bit I feel it was only due to trying to add a personality to the characters.Lucille is likable and figures out the killer to rescue Frank and Bernadette Secrets are also uncovered.

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    Cute cozy catholic mysteryThis cozy mystery brings back memories of my growing up in the Catholic church Lucille is adorable character trying to keep marriage and parenting an adult child in check Something about the sweet characters seem real and heartfelt Enjoyed the story a lot Looking forward the the next book and what else can happen in smallish town with tons of nosey Italian family members and a cute RC church.

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    Very light readAfter a long stint reading science fiction etc, I thought a light beach read was in order Although the general who done it storyline generally held my interest, there were a significant number of times where the time line just didn t follow.

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    Entertaining read although there were some inconsistencies Brought back memories of Jersey

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    Title Confession is Murder Lucille Mystery 1Author Peg CochranPublished 10 9 13Publisher Beyond the Page PubishingPages 207Genre Mystery, Thrillers SuspenseSub Genre Amateur Sleuths Cozy Mystery Women SleuthsISBN 9781837349813ASIN B00FQPQ7M4 Reviewer DelAnneReviewed For NetGalleyMy Rating 4 1 2 Stars Lucille Mazzarella is a typical Christian housewife and mother Her world revolves around the church, her family and friends Replacing the flowers in the sanctuary Lucille finds the body of her brother in law, Joseph when he falls out of the confessional Shaken she returns home but there is no Frankie there to comfort her as she had kicked him out the night before when he withdrew her Vacation savings from the bank Money she had been saving for a trip to the Vatican hoping for an audience with the Pope After attending the funeral separate there is no way to hide the fact Frankie is not living in their home Then her best friend Flo s son is arrested for murdering Joseph and when he is released and another has a warrant issued on him Lucille knows she must step up her game and find the real killer and find a way to forgive Joseph and fix her marriage before it is too late Just who does Betty think she is flirting with her husbandConfession is Murder is the first book in the new series by the talented Peg Cochran and as a whole is very good I read book 4, Room With a Pew first and was pleased to see than Ms Cochran writes each book as a stand alone, but wanted to read the series from the first so that I could still see the growth of the characters If you enjoy light humorous cozy mysteries with charming characters with a down home flavor, then you will love the Lucille Mystery series The only problem was the over abundance of use of colloquiums As I have never been to New Jersey before other than for a few hours when visiting New York, I am not sure if that is the speech patterns are normal or not, but the heavy uses made it trying at times to concentrate on the story I do not remember Room with a Pew being this way so maybe it lightens as the series progresses Other than that I adored being introduced to Lucille, Flo and the others My overall rating is 4 1 2 out of five stars. link Barnes and Noble link link The Reading Room link

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    Lucille Mazzarella is a middle aged housewife living in New Jersey The most important things in her life are her husband, daughter and her extended family and friends Things go crazy for Lucille when she throws her husband out of the house, her daughter has boyfriend problems, her mother buys non stop from QVC and most of all she stumbles upon her brother in law who falls out of a church confessional, very much dead Lucille s husband, Frankie, and her brother in law, Joseph, are partners in a pest control business The primary suspect in Joseph s murder is Frankie Lucille is not about to let her estranged husband go down for a murder she knows he didn t commit, so she begins her own investigation Along the way she runs into one of her old flames, Richie Sambuco and he still makes her heart flutter.Much to Lucille s surprise, she learns that there were a couple of people who wanted Joseph dead The story takes a few twists and turns and leads Lucille to many of her family and friend s darkest secrets.Lucille is a fun character She s from a large Italian family Their weekly family dinners are at her house She faces realistic problems such as hot flashes, weight gain, and a husband she loves, but is not sure she can keep the marriage going Lucille is a character that readers can fall in love with and care about Her best friend Flo is another one of those characters readers will love The entire cast of characters are fun, quirky and realistic.The story moved along at a nice, fast pace There s both humor and mystery throughout the story What I thought was great was that there was a reason she was sticking her nose in the investigation to save her estranged husband Sometimes the amateur sleuths have you scratching your heads, wondering why they are butting into things Not this time.I already have the second book in this series on my e reader and it looks good too FTC Disclosure NetGalley provided me with a copy of this book to review This did not influence my thoughts and opinions in any way All opinions expressed are my own.

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    Lucille Mazzarella, from Jersey, is an endearing fun loving girl, who cares about her family and her friends In this book, she finds her brother in law dead in the confessional at the local church, where she works and sets out to figure out what happened Along the way, she copes with a pregnant but totally unambitious daughter, friends who surprise her with longstanding secrets they never did tell her though being BFF, a husband who, like her, is going through the strains or middle age and a stale marriage, and a long forgotten beau who chased her in school The author has provided a heartfelt and warm picture of a great small, Jersey town, where nothing is secret or sacred, and what goes on is usually not what everyone thinks is going on I loved the down home feel of the book These are ordinary folks, trying to do their best to get by in life The mystery of Joseph s death is intriguing, as we follow Lucille through many twists and turns to the finding of the true facts The author definitely knows how to weave a good tale I especially enjoyed the way everyone, as is generally the case in a small town or community, knew everyone else from way back when and had formed ideas, opinions and fondness for each other over the years I definitely felt like I had become part of the community and their lives I have not read anything else by this author but will look for her books after reading this one Anyone who enjoys a good book, filled with memories of what life was in the past and how it made you what you are today will enjoy this book The mystery is genuine and intriguing The characters endearing The writing superb and well done I received this from NetGalley to read and review.