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Being A Teenager Is Hard Enough To Be Hard Of Hearing On Top Of That Is Like Being Stuck In The Middle Of A Never Ending Soap Opera In Compass, The Sequel To Sway, Jessie S Life Begins To Change Its Course, Sending Her Toward A New Reality When Her World Is Suddenly Ripped Apart By An Angry Rival, The One Person She Trusted To Stand By Her Side Simply Walks Away With Her Composure Shattered, Jessie Questions Everything She Believed About Herself, And As Her Life Takes Her On A New Path, It Turns Into A Perilous Journey Full Of Surprising Twists And Turns

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    to you by OBS reviewer Dawn SPOILERS Compass is the second book in the series by Jennifer Gibson I first want to express how much I respect Gibson for taking on such difficult issues.Jessie is simply a wonderful person She is humble, grateful She does not behave as if she s entitled due to her disability Compass follows Jessie through some new struggles and some of the old issues She is still bullied at school which is despicable.It s ironic that she gets in trouble for something that was done to her previously I understood her need to make a bully understand what it s like but it s a lost cause in those cases Most bullies refuse to change they seem to enjoy it.Jessie competes in a tournament and she does well She has come a long way with her martial arts During the fight Jessie gets a shiner and a concussion The concussion and it s side affects isolate her even She has a bit of memory loss as well She really struggled with being injured.The most difficult part of the book is when a close friend turns his her back on Jessie I was appalled She felt so betrayed and so did I Jessie was heart broken It was painful to experience that with her.Jessie also gets a new pet when a stray shows up at her house Serena is a blessing to Jessie at a time when she most needs it.Ethan and Jessie decide to work at a summer camp for kids with special needs What a wonderful way to give back I think Jessie might end up working in a field where she can help other children She intuitively knows what they need and how to comfort them Moreover, she can get them to respond when others cannot.I think parents should read this series with their children We all need to be aware That will happen only if we begin a dialogue about it Compass is also a good teaching tool for teachers I cannot express how much this series made me aware.

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    Compass is the second book of a series It s both well written and intriguing As if being a female teenager isn t enough, Jessie has to struggle as being hearing impaired You get to walk with her on a very personal journey, of school and relationships, of discovering her strength and herself I found myself glued to my kindle, as I read page after page of this truly amazing account of her life The story is inspirational and would be very eye opening for any teenagerfor that matter, any adult I will definitely recommend this book to others I ll also be looking into the other two books of this trilogy.

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    Compass is book two in the life of Jessie, and I have to say I enjoyed this book a whole lot than I did Sway I know that sometimes a sequel is not always good but this one was for me.Jessie is doing really good, life seems to be handing her a good one now a days She is doing great in karate, she has a boyfriend, she has really grown a whole lot I feel We start off with a prequel to the story and it was one that had me going what is going happen to Jessie Dizziness and confusion had me wondering if Jessie was okay and of course made me want to read on to see what could cause this I have to say I am proud of her for getting a trophy though As the story progresses there is time while in the dojo and of course Ethan isn t there because of a tournament, one of the karate instructors takes it upon himself to treat Jessie like crap and I think she handled herself very very well the best she could The outcome of is issue had me wanting to smack Ethan for not believing her when he asked her what happened Yes he comes to his senses but he breaks her heart by not believing her he is so quick to judge when Jessie has never had a reason to lie about anything Fast forward a bit and she ends up getting a summer job Her job is going to camp and not just any camp but a camp where there are kiddos who have some things going on For example some kids my have ADHD, other s come from a broken home, as well as having ADD and of course they are treated differently because of this And Jessie makes a perfect camp counselor.We get to see how she interacts with children and you can tell she can understand what some of them are going through, I enjoyed the ideas she had to make doing karate fun while in camp for the kids.Jessie doesn t let being hearing impaired get her down at all, yes it is difficult at times but she always tries to see the light at the end of the tunnel so to say After reading this I am hoping Destiny is going to be just as good as this one I want to know what else does life have in store for Jessie Will she still get bullied at school Will her relationship with Ethan stay going on Will she even get her black belt

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    Compass is book two in Jennifer Gibson s heartening trilogy about Jessie, a young girl who is hearing impaired Compass is solid as a stand alone book, but is a wonderful read when followed by Sway, the first novel in her series which is based upon a true story In book two we are reintroduced to Jessie who is plagued by bullies who capitalize on her disability to cause her merciless shame Despite her struggles, life is pretty good for Jessie She has a boyfriend whom she adores and she enjoys karate, a sport at which she excels But when a jealous karate coach and a competitor in a tournament pit against her, they manage to turn her life upside down, leaving her hurt and disheartened Jessie is a very genuine and likable character struggling with some pretty powerful emotions, some of which she succumbs to, and some to which she rises above But all the while she carries herself with dignity and grace as she searches herself for the truths that will help her sort out who she can really trust.When Jessie and her boyfriend help at a summer camp working with challenged kids, she is able to connect with even the most troubled kids These kids sense a true connection with her as she is able to empathize with them and their daily struggles Compass is delightful, insightful and a joy to read This book comes highly recommended

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    Having read Sway, a novel based on a true story by Jennifer Gibson, I was ready to dig right into the sequel, Compass, as soon as I received it The novel started where Sway left off telling the story of Jessie, a hearing impaired teenager, whose life if anything but ordinary Imagine all of the hardships many teenagers face amplified due to a handicap that some choose to use as a reason to poke fun and behave with malice and hate Jessie s journey is made easier by a supportive boyfriend, loving parents, and two pet cats that seem to understand her better than anyone she knows She focuses her energy on sports, academics and helping children like her who have found themselves facing hardships The author s descriptions of how one would experience the world as Jessie does pulls the reader right in and puts us in the middle of the story I found myself clenching my fists with anger one moment and crying the next as I read of the treatment Jessie received from students and staff in school Jessie is an amazing young woman who handles everything she is faced with maturity that rivals most adults and never lets her handicap bring her down I will be anxiously awaiting the next book in this trilogy to see how Jessie continues to handle what she has been dealt with in life.By Charissa Nelson for Platinum Book Reviews

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    Jessie s path is turning in a new direction Even with Ethan by her side things are still a little tough for her When someone with a little aggression isn t happy with her, they suddenly become rivals and the one person she can always count on to be her positive rock and stand by her puts space between them She fights to figure out if she was wrong to let someone close to her or trust them the way she has Compass continues right along with the story of Jessie and her life as a hard of hearing teenager With Ethan by her side she pushes herself to be better and keep her positive outlook I love the way she interacts and helps everyone that needs and will accept it The way she can get to the heart of a person to help them is a great way to show how she can shine.This story has a little bit of everyday life with a dash of martial arts and summer camp You will enjoy the adoring characters and the challenges that they face It makes you think about the unkind ways people can be treated and why But most of all, it s about overcoming and moving forward I recommend this read to young adults and adults looking for a good read minus the sex You don t want to miss this series, it s a keeper.

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    Compass by Jennifer Gibson is another wonderful instalment in her series about Jessie, a hearing impaired teenager We follow her as she comes into her own and deals with self esteem issues, doubt and the hardships of life She is a great character with unusual hobbies and a lot going for her The book covers important issues for teenagers love and rejection, finding and achieving goals and not letting things get to you.The book has a very likeable and deep heroine and some very inspiring moments and messages Jessie persists through troubles and achieves so much, it s a true joy to read I m not surprised at the critical acclaim for this author and her books A well worth read for young readers and those who want to know what it feels like for teenagers and hearing impaired people.

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    Compass by Jennifer GibsonMy favorite of the trilogy In this book our main protagonist is really coming into her own She goes to a Summer Camp as an instructor and manages to win the trust of the most difficult child at the camp while still shining as a natural leader This book had a bit angst to it as our heroin is growing up and feeling insecure not only due to her disability but also due to her being a normal teenager with a love affair of a near perfect boy Dreams of a future not identified and problems with children and grownups who simply do not know how to deal with a person not identical to them.WaAr

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    Second book from this author, and have to tell I love the way we are getting to live the life of Jessie through these books Clearly liked this book than the first one We follow her trying to cope with the normal things young people find in their life, like love, disappointment, rejection, hope, bullyingThe end of the book we have the summer holidays, and the first time Jessie tries out something new without her parents at least that s what it seems like Jessie clearly grows during that summer and at the end seems to be far sure of herself.Looking very much forward to the third book in this series

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    I received a copy in exchange for my review.I really think that everyone needs to read these books It was amazing to see how Jessie s life was growing and changing Jessie has a boyfriend and thinks are looking a little brighter My husband swears that two wrongs don t make a right, but I have to say that I like how Jessie handles things When she is abandoned by the one person that was supposed to have her back, I was devestated This is a book that keeps you enthralled.