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Three very different women work together at Cadbury's Bournville factory and their lives become entwined by war and work and a child called DavidEdie the main character marries young to escape her unhappy family home Widowed at 19 and after losing her child from the marriage she faces the war grieving and lonely Then one night during the Blitz an infant mysteriously abandoned during the bombing is handed into her careRuby meanwhile doesn't want to be left behind in the wedding stakes and settles for marriage with FrankFinally there's Janet kind hearted and susceptible to male charm who is hurt desperately by an affair with a married manDavid the child who steals Edie's heart as she brings him up through a time none of them will ever forget is the love of all their lives And when David is old enough to wonder who he really is he leads Edie through struggle and heartache to a life and love she would never have dreamed of

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    This was a book about 3 women living and working in Birmingham The time frame was from 1939 to 1959 It follows the paths of three young women Edie Ruby and Janet and tells of the hardships of that time both in terms of relationships and the effect of the bombing during the war The difficulties of their men going off to war and the women having to face all the problems that entailed It covers such topics as miscarriages childbirth domestic abuse but also lovefriendshiployalty and the bonds that tie people togetherI am not sure many men would enjoy this novel I felt it was very much about women for women I enjoyed the story

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    Loved every word that was written on the pages of this book Recommended

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    Love the book it's a historical fiction The characters My favorite characters were Edie and Francis bless them It was nice to read a book about a family who lived through WWII in England The 3 main characters Edie Ruby and Janet went through a lot Edie lost her husband months after their marriage and her child right after labor she then adopted a child that was rescued from a bombed home and then turns out to be Jewish and he leaves her after she raised him and gave him everything she could to live with his people in Israel He was my favorite character until he left his mom and went to help rebuild the state of Israel over the bodies of the land owners tried not to get angry over it but couldn't

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    THE CHOCOLATE GIRLS This was an interesting story of three women whose lives were woven together by love and war;Though it started slowly and gradually gathers steam an at the end it was worth every minute of my time spent reading it

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    Love love love these kind of books

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    This is a captivating story about three young women growing up in England at the outbreak of World War II Despite family conflicts immigrating to other countries enduring hardships and heartbreaks these three women manage to maintain their friendshipThe story has an 'English' accent through the use of local dialect language and British terminology as well as landmark references Ms Murray successfully interweaves the families' histories through the decades to keep the reader wondering how the dilemmas will unfold The author generates a multitude of emotions in the reader depending on how heshe relates to each character Over the course of the story the author gradually reveals the background of each character so there is always some value or flaw to add to their description The setting of WWII adds to the drama highlights the resiliency of a society under duress and emphasizes how different people cope with violent deathThis was a good read and I would recommend it to anyone

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    The Chocolate Girls are Eadie Ruby and Janet Eadie Ruby started working on the lines at the Cadbury Chocolate Factory in Birmingham when they were both 14 and Eadie met Janet who works in the office during WWIIEadie had a horrible home life so as soon as she was able to at 19 she married her boyfriend Jack Tragedy stikes early though and Eadie loses Jack and not long after she loses the baby she was carrying While doing her voluntary work one night she is given a baby who was found outside a bombed house Not long after this she moves in with Janet and her mother Frances and they help her by looking after David while she works at the factory which is now making items for the war effort as well as some chocolate Eadie spends the next 16 years bringing up David and really has no other life but that of a mother When David turns 16 she tells him that she is not his real mother and that if he wants to she will help him find out who his parents were They find out that his mother was a young Jewish woman who had been sent from Berlin by her husband so she and her child could be safe in England they also find out that his name is Rudi Mayer After spending time with people who knew his mother David decides to go to Israel to find his father and to learn his origins While there he decides to stay there and become an Israeli Eadie is quite upset to find that he wants to turn his back on her and his upbringing David asks Eadie on behalf of his father to write to Anatoli Gruestoff who had helped David’s father Hermann Mayer at the end of the war in Germany Against her better wishes at the time she writes to him and arranges to meet him and they fall in loveRuby marries Jack’s best friend Frank and falls pregnant as well but her marriage is short lived and Frank dies in the war After this Ruby meets an American soldier who is based nearby and they have an affair that results in a child as well Ruby is left with 2 small daughters Marlene and Grita Eventually she finds out what happened to her American and meets his family and actually goes there to live in America for a few yearsJanet meets Martin while working as an ambulance officer and after WWII they get married and go off to live in the Congo where Martin is a doctorThis story took me to places I did not expect to go The story is mainly about Eadie and David

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    To me Cadbury's stands for quality so I was surprised and a little let down by the fact they plastered their logo all over this book It made me think it was actually going to be a good read Unfortunately not The chocolate factory barely features as one of the main characters is leaving it to get married in the first chapter The plot just meandered on FOR YEARS AND YEARS where nothing really happened I don't mind books that span decades if they're well thought out and there's you know character growth and development This just felt like the author wrote until she got bored tossing in the most bizarre plot twists Girl #2 is going to America And she's back again because her American husband beat her up Girl #3 is going to Africa to be a missionary wife And she's back again with her adopted black twins the SCANDAL Girl #1's adopted son is off to Israel to live in a kibbutz and find his birth father and then abruptly ended it for no reason And throwing in the random love interest at the end just to give Girl #1 a happy ending I just Don't even knowI also disliked the use of miscarriages as a convenient plot device Obviously they do happen but it was ALL THE TIME I lost track of how many there were Girl #1's husband is dead and she's pregnant how's she going to care for the baby? Oh no don't worry she's had a miscarriage Girl #3 is having an affair with a married man and she's going to have his baby and her life will be ruined Hang on panic over she's had a miscarriage Girl #4 feels forced into marriage because her boyfriend's got her up the duff and she's angry that she won't be able to go to university Wait it's ANOTHER miscarriage

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    Absolutely loved it It was so intriguing and it just kept on going I hate the thought of parts of the story being true especially about the German war camps It was great to see everyone becoming part of a family Now onto reading part 2

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    Gostei muito deste livro e gostei da escrita de Annie Murray fiquei agradávelmente surpreendida com o livro e quis logo comprar a continuação no As Novas Meninas do Chocolate recomendo a leitura e prometo reler este livro I loved this book and enjoyed Annie Murray's Writing it pleased me enormously and went right away to buy the second one so I recomend and will de re reading it soon