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Meredith Malone's dreams of motherhood had finally come truedespite the fact that little Anna happened to be a different race than her mommy To escape the media barrage due to the clinic's obvious mix up of donor sperm Meredith headed to the shoreand into the arms of Justin WeberMiniseries Logan's Legacy

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    Instant Loving FamilyThis is the first novel I've read by Cheryl St John And I was very impressed She spun a wonderful tale of tradgedy triumph trust and true love This was a fast paced page turner that I was caught up in from beginning to end and even though I couldn't put it down I hated that it ended so soon A sweet and endearing tale that crept into my heart and warmed my very soul This story had unforgettable and heart warming characters and the emotional depth of the storyline just flowed effortlessly I enjoyed watching Justin and Meredith's budding friendship bloom into a full blown love affair with great promise for both of them Ms St John also handles the interracial relationship and Anna's mixed heritage in a very mature and respectfully understanding manner I not only fell in love with lil' Anna but with Justin's sons Lamond and Jonah who didn't seem to see the color at all and only offered instant friendship to Meredith and her baby girl A thoroughly enjoyable read

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    A well written story I liked the interracial aspect because it was something different I do get tired of the same old story lines sometimes This aspect was well handled I think This wasn't as extreme as it could be since they both came from similar backgrounds otherwise The AI baby story was also interesting

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    25 stars

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    Rating 25 starsTo be honest I wasn't expecting much from this book considering it is a Harleuin type The book is written well enough but it failed to really capture my attention I mostly kept reading out of determination that I would finish at least one book this weekThe story is about a Meredith a white woman who was accidentally inseminated with sperm from a black male resulting in the birth of her biracial baby The clinic whose negligence resulted in the mix up sent her on a paid vacation where she can reflect on whether or not she wants to sue the company At the same time Justin the clinic's lawyer is staying at the same resort with his two young sons The two meet and connect not realizing their connection until it is too lateMy biggest problems with this book as with most other romance books revolves around the heroine She runs away from her bigoted mother because she apparently doesn't know how to stand up for herself and tell the woman to back off She is also super sensitive about being stared at while out with her biracial baby I get that people are insensitive rude andor overly curious but the woman needs to learn how to copeThere were other problems but I don't have time to go into them allIn the end I skimmed the last few chapters If you're into HEA you won't be disappointed

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    4 stars for a phenomenal hero BMWW romance is possibly my favourite heroheroine combo of all time so I was always going to froth on this book Add in that the hero is faithful caring honourable funny ah be still my beating heart BUT can I just say that I was pretty astounded when I found out this book was written in 2010? I was 100% certain the whole way through that is was written in the 80’s due to race attitudes shown in the book especially by the heroine’s mother Now I’m Australian and as a country we are disgustingly a very bigoted one google ‘detention centres’ but this book and the casual racism displayed in 2010 really puts in context how vicious murders like George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery are not aberrations they are systematically entrenched in the psyche of a nation It makes me ashamed and anxious to think what casual racism I encounter and I pray God don’t unconsciously perpetrate in 2020 may produce white evil in 2030 I’m pretty ashamed that the attitudes of the heroine’s mother and occasionally in the fears of the heroine herself expose to me how ignorant I am about race relations in our world an ignorance that endangers everyone The fact that I was surprised by these attitudes in the book when people are still being lynched in real life is a harrowing testament to bystander blindness and silence perpetuating violence and hate crime by failing to condemn the attitudes that cause it I’m rambling but also trying to talk about this so that the discourse doesn’t stop until we achieve change A great book with unexpected but very timely food for thought Recommend

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    Interesting idea; poorly executedI cringed through a lot of this It was painful I think the intent of this book was good It’s intended to support interracial relationships as well as show how idiotic it is to value a human life based skin tone It is clearly meant to be an antiracist book That said it’s really painful how casually racist the mom is in this —and how normalized that is by the casual racism of the board too I love her books I kept reading because I love her books This one felt like an unsuccessful attempt to do some good

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    I won this though Goodreads First Reads and received my copy shortly after with a nice note and signature from the author I have read and enjoyed Cheryl St John's books before and I always enjoy them This is my first contemporary romance by her that I have read and like her historicals she writes a sweet refreshing romance that will leave you with a smile on your face when you finish This book centered around an interracial couple and while I've read interracial romances before they're not as common and always a treat If I had one complaint about the story it is that the main characters are almost too perfect which for me can make them boarder on boring The external conflicts saved the read for me I was curious how things would turn out with Meredith's mother who did not respond well to the fact that Meredith had an interracial baby I was also wondering when Justin's affiliation with the Children's Connection would come to light and how Meredith would respond I was definitely happy with the resolution of the story and recommend this to anyone looking for a light easy romance to entertain them

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    I loved this book I'm not usually into sappy romance novels but this one had me not wanting to put it down It was an entertaining book that proves true love can conuer anything even the problems interracial relationships can bring

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    This book was part of a series by a number of different authors As I hadn't read any others in this series I was a little lost as to the cast of characters NeverthelessI did uite enjoy this story