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Julie Is In School Detention For Passing A Note To Joy, A Deaf Student Who Has Trouble Understanding What Their Teacher Is Saying Indignant, Julie Decides To Run For Student Body President So She Can Make Changes To The Detention System But The Other Students Are Put Off By Joy, Her Choice For Vice President, And Julie Worries That She Ll Have Little Chance Of Winning If She Partners With Someone Who Seems So Different With Persistence And Creative Campaigning, Julie Wins Over The Students And Wins The Election Without Compromising Her Principles The Looking Back Section Discusses ThePresidential Election Author Megan McDonald Paperback Or HardcoverPagesThis Book Is The Final One In A Series Of Six Historical Books Filled With Inspiring Lessons Of Compassion, Courage, And Friendship Julie S Entire Book Set Includes Meet Julie Julie Tells Her Story Happy New Year, Julie Julie And The Eagles Julie S Journeyand Changes For Julie

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    I like the julie books But I often forget while reading them that I m reading a story that took place in a different decade There s usually not too many mentions of anything that pulls me back to the correct era until the end when I read the looking back section and it talks about events that we re going on st the time that may have made the characters act the way they did I think it s hard with that era being so much similar to the present than say the civil war or colonial eras to really make the story set apart without a lot of pictures to remind us people dressed differently and without that looking back section to really tie it all together.

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    this book opens in such a totally insane way apparently it s a new school year julie has a new friend joy is deaf i guess we are supposed to assume that she is in julie s class due to new legislation that has been passed, allowing for students with various disabilities to be mainstreamed into regular classrooms because there is a bit about this in the looking back section in the back of the book joy lip reads is having trouble following an assignment because the teacher s face is somewhat obscured by the angle at which she is standing she passes julie a note requesting assistance julie passes back a note explaining the lesson the teacher busts them passing notes sentences them both to detention after school she does not permit julie or joy to explain what the note passing was all about.julie s experiences of injustice are pretty egregious, aren t they maybe i am having trouble swallowing it because her stories are set less than forty years ago deal with laws that are currently on the books, but i really don t understand how any adult in julie s school is managing to hold on to their job.rather than stewing over this obvious example of egregious discrimination poor teaching standards while in detention, julie instead frets over how pointless detention is she has to write i will not pass notes 100 times, like she s bart simpson or something she thinks her time could be better spent doing something to help the school, like cleaning up litter or something sweetie, that s why they have janitors maybe julie grew up to be newt gingrich s campaign manager a few days later, julie learns that elections for student government are happening soon the most popular boy in the sixth grade is running for president everyone assumes he s a shoo in because, you know, he s the most popular boy in sixth grade julie swings by the principal s office learns that fifth graders are certainly welcome to run for student government, although none ever has what the fuck is wrong with this school when i was a kid, student government elections were a big deal the rules for running were carefully explained in every class so that people could decide if they wanted to try it or not but julie had to hear about this shit through the grapevine ridiculous.she decides to run on a make detention useful platform she enlists joy to be her vice president shenanigans ensue people make fun of her her campaign because she s only a fifth grader she s not the most popular boy in school she s a girl her vice president is deaf she has a platform that goes beyond just pizza should be available in the cafeteria someone defaces her campaign posters lots of people make fun of joy for being deaf julie starts to realize that having a deaf running mate is a big liability wonders if there s some way she can ask joy to drop out of the race without looking like a total asshole joy picks up on this things come to a head when julie overhears some popular girls in her grade making fun of the way joy talks she tries to shield joy from the truth, but joy doesn t appreciate it the girls do get in trouble they are sent to detention but joy spends a few days skipping school.julie convinces the teacher to let her conduct her own detention with the girls who made fun of joy she teaches them some basic sign language they start to think that sign language is really cool like a secret code listen, bitches, sign language is the way deaf people communicate it s not some totally awesome secret language for you your buddies to co opt they want to apologize to joy julie takes them to joy s house they apologize in sign language they also pledge to vote for julie joy to help get out the vote on their behalf which they do, julie joy win.ugh.

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    My Review Changes for Julie is the last book in the Julie series and it is way better than the first book Of course, I haven t read any of the other books in the series so far To be honest, the only reason I chose to read this book was because a deaf girl Joy was in the story It was a cute story, and like I said, better than the first one but I wish the author had put information in the back I expected a page or two of some American Sign Language, since Joy is starred in the book, but nothing There s only info about the presidential election in 1976 and quick mentions of disabled children There is a picture of a deaf actress who is using the I love you sign, but a little disappointing that there was nothing about ASL The story was cute, and I suppose good for younger girls, but I got the impression it was unrealistic in a way I suppose, in general, I feel like the whole series is unrealistic, based on the two books I read.No content warnings Only mentions of Julie s parents being divorced, girls making fun of Joy the deaf girl , and mentions of a bully flushing other students lunch bags down the toilet This review was written in my own words and opinions.

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    The American Girl Series is a wonderful series for mothers to share with their young daughters Each of these books have led to varied and meaningful conversations with my own daughter In this series Julie has tackled many obstacles such as dealing with change after a divorce, equality for women in sports, social awareness of the environment, and in this latest book discrimination for people with disabilities Julies friend Joy is deaf Since many of their fellow classmates do not understand Joy they don t know how to approach her or even comfortably share space with her As so often happens when people are unsure they become afraid and act out meanly toward Joy Julie has to make some difficult decisions about what is right vs what is easy.

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    Five of My Thoughts on Changes for Julie1 Why is this teacher so mean Shouldn t she be aware of the disabilities of one of her students Shouldn t she at least look at the note 2 Julie, clearly your school has bigger problems than useless dentition I feel for you though because we also had to write lines in my high school In fact, we had to copy sections from the student handbook 3 Joy is probably one of American Girl s best characters I d really like to see stories with Joy in them.4 Student elections clearly haven t changed since the 70s.5 Recommended

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    I liked this one than most of the others in the series It has those Mean Girls stock characters who appear in every single piece of media intended for mid elementary to preteen girls but for once they have a change of heart and turn out to be not so mean in the end That was refreshing Changes for Julie also has a neater, interesting story arc than the other Julie books I ve complained about I guess I m going to need to turn myself into a big fan of Julie pretty quickly, because Isobel has decided that s the doll she wants for Christmas

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    I felt bad for Joy because she didn t really fit in, and people made fun of her just because she was deaf.

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    Ivywatch minimally here, helps Julie with her campaign posters After getting detention for note passing and mouthing off to a teacher Julie was trying to help out her new pal Joy, who is deaf and missed what the teacher said , Julie decides to run for student body president After all, there s no rule restricting it to sixth grade so why not, especially when the shoo in candidate is running on promises he probably can t keep, like Pizza Fridays and a pool A bit of civics, some empathy lessons for people with disabilities, and it all turns out in the end Though this takes places 43 years ago, there s still echoes to today who could imagine a candidate that makes fun of the way someone talks s Markers of the era Ford vs Carter consistent with the other books placing this firmly in fall of 76 , Little House and Happy Days running on air Kids on the bus singing the theme song to Flipper feels a decade too late unless it ran in syndication

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    I found this book slow to get into but it eventually picked up and got better It was an interesting story showing Julie trying to change the injustice that her school offered as their way of punishment Julie and her friend Joy get given detention as Joy didn t understand what the teacher was saying Julie soon realised the system was wrong and something had to be done about it She signs them up to run for Student body president but faces a tough battle as the competition is the most popular boy in school and people are scared of her friend due to her being different Julie gives up defeated until the popular girls in her class bully her friend and gets detention This gives her the opportunity to show the change she wants to implement The last few chapters were really great reads, I loved how she changed the mind set for everyone and stopped the ignorance that was spreading through the school.