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A collection of haiku about bad dates bad boyfriends or bad situations broken down into their simplest elements 17 syllables at a time All the haiku in the book are about boys that I did in fact used to know and yes some of them I knew biblically Not all though This collection includes boys that didn't make it past the first date boys that became casual or even serious boyfriends and some boys that I am still friends with today

12 thoughts on “Boys I Used to Know...

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    All the best and worst about dating in a fun format I laughed I winced and I teared up a bit and it will leave you wanting to ask the author uestions And then follow up uestions Who are these awesome and awful characters? What's the story behind these dates these people? I've read through the collection than a few times and each time through I have a new favorite

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    I laughed I related I read my favorites aloud to my friends around a campfire This collection of haiku is fantastic

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    A very entertaining book I highly recommend it just for the fact that every time someone came into my apartment and saw it they would pick it up and flip through it Every Single Time More people read this book before I got to it Some will make you laugh Some will make wonder Some are sad They are all good Most importantly I think it shows people you're not alone in the weirdness of relationships

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    Barnes' haiku are mesmerising atmospheric accounts of love life and in a few cases loss She portrays each of the other parties respectfully which cannot be easy given the circumstances I very much enjoyed this book and can't wait for Barnes' next work

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    This book is an awesome funny uick and entertaining read and everyone should check it out