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KM Peyton is undoubtedly one of the most competent contemporary writers of horse fiction of any age out there with a distinct style of prose and a refreshingly realistic view of the horse world As far as pony books are concerned a parent with literary standards looking for a well written novel for a middle grade or teenage horse rider is well served buying this book So, why only the 3 stars Two reasons and they are purely to do with this reader s personal conviction and subsequent likes I abhor hurdle racing I consider it almost on par with blood sports And the problem I had with this was that although Peyton certainly doesn t airbrush over the realities of the racing game as she calls it , she isn t exactly critical either and the book is quintessentially another in a long line to serve the glorification of that sport The other aspect that down marked the book for me was that after a run of reading truly fabulous horse books such as the various works of Monica Dickens, then Eleanor McGraw and finally The Scorpio Races , all of which have a real understanding for horses and their nature at their heart while the horses in Blind Beauty are very objectified in a true to the racing world style and boast not just distinct but individually beautiful writing, Blind Beauty just didn t cut the mustard for me If I had read this before the others it might have been a different rating story After all is said and done I will certainly explore Peyton s other books in due course but this one wasn t really for me. Tessa Has Major Attitude And An Impossible Dream Not A Greatcombination For Success But She Believes That Fate Has Delivered The Ungainly Horse Buffoon To Her, And Tessa Is Determined Never To Be Separated From Him What S , She Intends To One Day Become A Jockey And Ride Buffoon In The Grand National But How Can A Girl With A Violent Temper And A Can T Do Philosophy Gain The Physical Strength, Courage, And Money Needed To Become A Jockey Especially When Her Stepfather Would Like Nothing Better Than To See Her Fail Determination And Grit May Not Be Enough But Tessa S Not Going To Let Go Without Giving It Her All This is a book written in 1990s with a troubled YA heroine 12 at first, then teens and a racehorse whose incipient blindness isn t initially noticed, then later provides a series of dilemmas This is somewhat romanticised at the end but contains plenty of life lessons and some heartbreaking scenes I can t really believe a racehorse being named Buffoon A Thoroughbred being loaded into a box when he is old, cold and skinny, would be rugged up on the spot before travelling, maybe leg bandaged as well He d be given a flu shot and worm dose before being allowed into a yard with racing horses No mention of clipping the horses during winter or the facefuls of hair being brushed out when young horses are unclipped and coating A jockey is not allowed to ride their own horse, something which it would have been easy for writer and editor to check Tess, our heroine is also an antiheroine as she gets in her own way and is taken from her family than once Only when she starts to work with horses and, of course, falls for one horse in particular, does she turn her life around This book reminded me a lot of Vian Smith s The Horses of Petrock We could see it as the female version Like Johnnie Driscoll our Tess becomes a jockey, with some notoriety attached The racing scenes and horse point of view passages are well done The villain of the piece is too nasty and one sided for my liking not saying nobody is like that, but we should know about his self made past and the press would certainly winkle it out, though I approved of the course taken by his son Read and enjoy, maybe not if you are too young Parental guidance suggested.This is an unbiased review. Surprisingly, I have read this book while overlooking Black Beauty, possibly because the horse in the story is a gorgeous sun tanned chestnut I love brown horses for some slightly unknown reason I absolutely LOVE horses, so it was really no shock that I fell in love with this book On its face, the topic its self was enough to win me over, but I loved how complex the book became when entwined with romance A gripping tale of mystery, ever lasting love, and the incredible friendship of a horse and rider I PROMISE this book WILL NOT LEAVE YOU DISAPPOINTED. Tessa fits in nowhere with a horrible stepfather and a bad record of getting kicked out of boarding schools Her stepfather arranges for her to work at a stable and she falls in love with horses The characters in this book are so interesting they come right off the page into your imagination There are many things going on the growing up of Tess from anti social to social, the horrible stepfather and her mother s relationship and the other people who work at the riding yard The riding yard characters I loved Jimmy who taught her to ride horses and Sarah the stern but caring head worker Read this and you will enjoy it This is one of my favorite books I must have read it at least twenty times Which is big seeing as with 99% of other books I cant read something when I already know the story line I love Tessa, how strong willed she is And Buffoon is such a cutie at least in my head I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone I love it that much. I swear I cried at this book than I have at any other book It may just be very personal, this book reflects all of the things I have felt about horses in my life in such an honest, heart wrenching way I couldn t articulate And the ending is what I needed. I adore KM Peyton as a writer, if I am having a bold day I would say she is my favourite writer Now she is predominantly known for her equine novels, this in my mind is the finest example and one of my favourite books of all time ranking along there with such classics as Anne of Green Gables Now this may will contain spoilers but you have been pre warned here Blind Beauty is the heart enchantingly delightful tale of an emotionally abused teenage girl meets decrepit looking racehorse However this is NOT your Heartland dribble of girl finds horse, fixes completley and they ride off happily into the sunset without any hitches It is a book where the character struggles a lot, to find herself, emotionally un thaw and learn to be able to love others In some aspects it is a tiny bit predictable her big dreams are achieved, she rides off with the knight in shining armor but not before she fights for the one thing she ever loved Buffoon The great, ugly racehorse Buffoon is the first thing she has loved since dragged cruelly away from her horse and Father as a child, this connection is no surprise when the past is found out Within the first half of the book it seems like it should last no longer than another half but there are some unforeseen twists which are so beautifully done This novel screams of Peytons knowledge of both horses as a whole and of racing It shows the sport as it is, a passionate game but sadly stricken with challenges for all who want to participate, from the richest to the poorest Characters are unraveled and developed throughout with such attachment developed to them One of her specialties as an author as well is creating lovable horse characters, this has no exceptions, both Buffoon and his pony companion scream realism at you Although I adore this book I can the plot is flawed in areas with predictability, however it is expanded beyond what could have been a mediocre book by the beautiful writing of Peyton, her characters could make any book better and it has raised this book to a high place in my favourite books A place I expect it to maintain. Blind Beauty is a heart warming story about a girl who finds the horse she owned as a child when she was a teenager She gets asighned groom to the horse and finds out that this was the blind horse that she knew as a child Overjoyed, She begs and pleads for the horse She starts to get to ride her agein She was very happy After a few months of working with him, She got told that the horse was mostly hers Now, She knew that this horse could compete in the Grand Nationals With a step Dad that is a drunk and abustve, Will she be able to do it You will have to read the book to find out, But I can tell you this story will warm your heart If you have any questions about this book, Message me.