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BelleAfter a grueling escape north Belle Palmer is free yet lost and alone Separated from her father on the harrowing journey Belle has nowhere to turn until she finds shelter with the Bests the first free family she's ever known For the first time in her sixteen years Belle is able to express herself freely except where her feelings for a certain dark eyed young man are concernedThe BeauDaniel Best is headed for great things Educated and handsome at eighteen he is full of the promise and dream of his people and is engaged to the prettiest if the most spoiled girl around So when a bedraggled stranger arrives in his household and turns into a vibrant lovely young woman his attraction to her catches him entirely by surpriseWhile Belle is determined to deny her feelings for him Daniel is caught between his conscience and his infatuation with her That the two belong together is undeniable but that it could ever happen seems impossible

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    I am an addict so my review will be biasI adored the story of this young run away slave named Belle Belle is found by Daniel and his sister Josephine Best The Bests help Belle get back on her feet and something a lot like love develops between Daniel and Belle This is the first time I have read a PG Beverly Jenkins book and I am not mad about it The love story was very sweet and tender I still hate having history lessons when things are getting good but it is a historical romanceso what are ya gonna do?

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    Reading this book reminded me once again why I love Beverly Jenkins' writing so much Not only is she a great story teller but with each of her historical novels you actually get a full fledged history lesson By the time I was finished with this sweet love story it was 100 am and despite the fact that knew I had to be up in 5 hours to get ready for church I went to bed with a smile thinking about the very satisfying climax to Belle Palmer's and Daniel Best's romance

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    I have had this one on my kindle for yearsThis being slated as young adult is why I was such a hold out When I think young adult I just think angsty for no reason But I was wrong wish I had read this one sooner and I do plan on reading book two in the series This story features a young heroine 16 year old Belle Palmer who became separated from her father during an escape up north on the Underground Railroad She is mature as expected but this is a fish out water story for sure This story takes place pre civil war and in a town with free black residents We follow Belle as she enjoys her first taste of freedom learns what she wants out of life and her budding romance with Daniel There is jealousy mean girls and fantastic intertwining of history making this an exciting read Yes these are not the best of times but people still fell in love experienced new things and dreamed of a brighter feature This story captures the good while letting history serve as a backdrop I know writers do not like to touch this era especially with diverse characters preferring the early American domination with cowboys ranch owners husbands seeking mail order brides punctuated by a story featuring a heroine being captured by you know who It was wonderful to see “a black southern Belle” get a story and a Happily Ever After

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    Read Harder 2018 task Read a one sitting book 25 starsYesterday evening I came down with an apparent lung virus We think it might be pneumonia So obviously I feel awful This morning I opened my phone's Overdrive app to find a book that I could read or listen to for a little distraction I downloaded this book and finished it off in about three hours I don't read much romance apart from what I was pushed to read for a few other Read Harder tasks I read books by Alyssa Cole for those tasks and really liked her writing Unfortunately Jenkins' writing here is not as strong Many of the characters are two dimensional I also feel like conflicts were resolved really easily and in a way that just wasn't believable However the book was good enough for what it was and I'd consider picking up the companion novel if I need another distraction

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    Republished under the name Belle Belle and the Beau tells the story of Belle Palmer an escaped slave who is taken in by a family of free blacks the Bests in Michigan Belle must learn to adjust to free life and the idea that she can make her own choices and pursue her own goals Belle and the Beau is part of a series of books Avon True Romance written by multiple authors and reads as the hack job it most likely isBasically there is only one circumstance that would make this book worth while to read and that is as an American history companion in a 5th or 6th grade class It is heavily peppered with facts from the era Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 Frederick Douglass' Paper various Af Am firsts etc but the way they are worked into the story is fairly lazy It really seems as if Jenkins took a history lesson from a text book and put names to it Everything is done fairly shallowly and though it may help some students connect to the time a bit there are much worthwhile reads out there that work in the facts unobtrusively and realistically instead of resting them on the surfaceThe writing too seems very lazy It felt at times like I was reading a literature Mad Lib So many of the sentences were set up the same way with minor details changed a fill in the blank book EVERYTIME a character made a joke or said anything remotely funnysarcasticetc Jenkins would write she cracked Apparently the only way to tell a joke is to crack Also the only way to show mock anger is to plant one balled fist on one out thrust hip Everything seemed so half hearted and churned out and formulaic Even though Belle is an escaped slave living very near fugitive slave catchers there is never any real sense of danger or tension Every character is one dimensional and cheesy I feel like a traitor; this was written by someone from my region which is why I read it but Jenkins could have done a much better job and put a bit heart and thought into this book I don't know what age she was aiming for but there is no excuse there is a difference between simple and bad

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    I freely admit to knowing next to nothing about Pre Civil War America I learned enough in school to skate by on history tests but it wasn't a topic covered in great depth until High School when you could take the specific history class for it So a lot of the 'topical' discussions that went on throughout the story specifically people and laws I later went on to look up when I first read the book I mean not this re read Within the context of the story since Belle is from the South and obviously wouldn't be hearing about famous African Americans let alone famous female African Americans she had to learn all about them too so the reader is given a good overview of the people's importanceI liked this book for its simplicity There wasn't anything very complex about the relationships or people The shrew acted like a shrew the oily newcomer acted like the oily newcomer and the good folk acted like good folk There's no gray area in other wordsThe romance between Belle and Daniel starts slowly and you can see how their friendship slowly progressed Even though Belle begins in something akin to hero worship of Daniel well of his entire family for that matter she uickly overcomes that and realizes that it was important to be his friend then to have aspirations to being his ladylove She sought his approval but she basked eually in his praise as his parents' praiseThere is a certain just conseuences to the actions of nearly everyone Without spoiling it Daniel's fiancee learns a hard lesson about toying with peopleComparatively speaking this book was a little daring then Samantha and the Cowboy but still within tame boundaries of a young adult novel considering Belle begins the story at 16 and ends it around 17 or so

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    This book was somewhat predictable What was missed was the final confrontation between the slave catcher and Belle The slave catcher does have a confrontation but not with the main character The story ties up way too neatly Belle is rescued from being a runaway falls in love with her rescuer lives with the most wonderful family imaginable The rescuer breaks off his current engagement with his mean spirited spiteful and cheating fiancee who tried to get him back by revealing her pregnancyin order to woo Belle Belle and her father were separated as they escaped and were joyfully reunited after he was caught and escaped again I kept expecting the slave catcher to go after Belle like anyone was convinced that she was a cousin of the family Or someone to raise an eyebrow when Belle's father started living with them Heck I even thought Francine would tattle on Belle to the slave catchers in order to get her out of the way The hardest thing we see Belle has to endure is the taunting of Francine I know she misses her father but aside from vague hints we know nothing about the man We know that her mother was sold away as a punishment for her father running away Why did her father run away and leave the two of them behind the first time if he loved them so much? I expected a run in with her and a slave catcher but that didn't happen either So Belle's troubles didn't seem that troublesome If we had journeyed with her from the escape and through fleeing from the slave catchers I think the reader would be sympathetic with her struggles to understand what freedom is The author did show that pretty well; her not understanding things because she was not brought up with them This story could have been better

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    Belle has lived all her sixteen years in slavery As a young girl she lost her mother who was sold away Her father has decided that he wants a better life for himself and his daughter so they flee Kentucky hoping to reach freedom in Canada But the two are separated and Belle finds herself lost and alone in Michigan She is found by the side of the road by Daniel and Josephine Best the children of free black parents who operate a station on the Underground Railroad Belle finds herself taken in by the Bests being treated like a member of the family But while enjoying her newfound freedom she also longs for news of her father And though she doesn't mean to Belle finds herself falling in love with Daniel even though he is already engaged to another Can they ever be together and will Belle ever find her father again? I highly recommend this book to teenage girls who enjoy historical romances as well as older readers who enjoy a sweet love story The romance is very cute and sweet and the historical setting isn't extremely detailed but creates an interesting background for the story while teaching a few historical facts

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    Cute story about Belle Palmer a 16 year old who has just escaped slavery in the US South but who was separated from her father during her journey and is now completely alone until she's taken in by the Bests a free black family in Michigan Through the course of the book she's adjusting to life being free—learning things she never could have imagined before and realizing the vast array of possibilities she now has for her future Oh and falling in love with Daniel Best her benefactors' 18 year old son ; Overall it's pretty cuteThere's a sorta seuel about Josephine JoJo Best and Adam Morgan Josephine and the Soldier

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    It was a sweet and typical love story The kind where the desired couple is cute and perfect with zero flaws and there's a horrible person standing in the way But from the beginning you know what you're getting into and you read it as the young adult love story it's meant to be I'll probably read it over and over when I need a short and nice pick me up