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[ Free pdf ] Baptists at Our BarbecueAuthor Robert Farrell Smith –

At Age , Tartan Jones Has Seen Little Of The World Outside Of Utah And Nothing By Way Of An Eternal Mate Frustrated, And Still Single, Tartan Makes A Desperate Bid To Change His Life And Luck By Accepting The First Transfer That Comes Along At Work Fate Lands Him In A Small Town Affectionately Nicknamed Longwinded Located Deep In The Mountains, Somewhere In The American Southwest Longwinded Is Home Not Only To Some Colorful Personalities But Also An Equal Number Of Mormons And Baptists Tartan S Arrival Breaks The Tie And Intensifies A Feud That Has Existed For Years Between Zealots On Both Sides Of The Argument Suspicions Really Fly When Someone Hauls Off Half The Double Wide Trailer That Has Served As The Mormon S Chapel To Make Things Worse, Likely Marriage Prospects Remain In Short Supply Baptists At Our Barbecue Is A Story For People Of All Ages, A Reminder That Life Is A Barbecue To Which God Has Invited All Of Us Whom We Sit By Or Pass The Salt To Is Up To Us Bon App Tit

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    Funny Don t see the movie The book is typical RFS style quirky mormon characters narrated by a cynical sarcastic funny person that I totally relate to They make me happy.

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    Oh my Gosh I just have to say that I love, love, love this book I ve always loved the movie, but the book is amazing I will admit that there are some things I like better about the movie, and things that I like better about the book If you want a good, easy read this is definitely a great book for that It is cute and cheesy and clean Plus it is just hilarious and funny Definitely a good book to laugh at

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    Another book that shouldn t be judged by the movie The movie was good, but the book is much better I love this author because he makes me laugh out loud with the situations in the book and has great wit and turn of phrase.

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    This is one of the funniest LDS novels out there I actually laughed out loud when I read it Truth is, Mormons take themselves WAY too serious All the one and two star reviews of this book are evidence This book is fantastically quirky and funny for a group of people in desperate need of humor Dang waterdrinkers

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    After wading through 45 pages, I have given up This has got to be one of the most ridiculous books I have ever read It s obvious this author thinks he s hilarious, but he tries too hard and ends up falling terribly flat.

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    Tartan Jones is 29, a returned missionary, forest service employee and has never left Utah He accepts a transfer to Longfellow or Longwinded as the residents call it and becomes embroiled in the dispute between the Baptists and Mormons When the niece of a member for AZ shows up, he finally falls in love The church members are a little strange from being in the middle of nowhere so long Finally Salt Lake starts straightening them out and Tartan is called to be 1st counselor in the bishopric They finally plan a barbeque to try and heal the town breach and things finally start happening.Very twisted and not real plausible Not as good as advertised.

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    A fun, adventure filled book about how Mormons and Baptists in a small town try to get long.

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    This book is exactly how I thought it would be Funny and super entertaining If you want a super quick and funny read tomorrow, this is the book or any of his other books

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    Tartan was so named because his mother was fond of Scottish fabric He moves to the very small town of Longfellow where there doesn t appear to be even one normal person He had hopes of finding a wife in this new location but folks there are all quite unconventional One woman is trying to fix him up with her daughter but upon seeing the girl, he makes a wide berth from the young woman s mother Because the bartender laughed when Bob made a lousy shot at pool, he took pool balls and threw them at Tartan and the bartender Later Bob throws his empty beer can at the back of Tartan s head Tartan shares a slice of sweet pie with someone he s just met The pie is so sticky sweet, he motions for his host for water His host only has a canteen and takes it for himself, wipes it off with his shirt and hands it to Tartan who immediately gulps gulps gulps it down and discovers it ain t water but vodka Having a weak stomach, he proceeds to get sick right on his host s sofa This small town contains a motley citizenship of mostly Mormons and Baptists, with some Catholics and atheists and other religions thrown in The Mormons and Baptists far outnumber the other religions In fact most of the time those two sects are tied in numbers That is until Tartan arrives He s a Mormon but when the eldest in their Mormon clan dies, the numbers are tied once again UntilYawnmaybe another time I ll feel like working on this one Sorry can t gave it to the library

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    I saw the movie based on this novel before I read the book It was cool to see that a lot of the funny dialogues in the show were lifted straight from the book I understood better some of the story lines, like the missing half of the mobile home, worked out the way they did I enjoy this story of a small town, divided on the issue of religion The charm of this story lies in the feud between the Baptists and the Mormonsthe population of the town is one half Baptist, and the other half Mormon, give or take a few people The story is a good reminder that it s important to build good relationships with your neighbors, no matter what their religion It also pokes a lot of fun at the silly things people do in the name of religion that actually have little to do with being a good member of any church This book is fun and engaging, and a great fluff read.