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The War Is Over, And The Thomas Family Is Slowly Coming Back Together At Home In Salt Lake City But That Doesn T Mean All Is Well In ZionIn As Long As I Have You, The Final Volume Of The Children Of The Promise Series, Author Dean Hughes Presents A Moving Picture Of What Life Was Like For An Ordinary LDS Family At The End Of World War II

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    Dean Hughes has managed to make the Thomas family and all they interacted with seem real to me I think he put it best in his afterward.I will miss the Thomases I know that they only exist when I put words in their mouths or invent their actions, but it doesn t seem so to me They seem like friends, or family, with all the complexities of real human beings Not only did he make the characters real to me, but I feel like I have been on the battlefield with Alex, in a prison camp with Wally, in Hawaii with Bobbie, in Germany with the Stoltzes This is such an excellent series, and I highly recommend it to LDS readers in particular So glad to know that he has another series based on the sixties which revolves around the grandchildren of Bea and Al Thomas Guess I know what series I ll be reading next

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    I can t help but feel some sadness as I finish this series I ve grown to love these characters immensely and saying goodbye to them at this point in their lives was difficult A great book should make you feel things and touch you deeply This novel series did just that Overall very well done I loved it

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    This was a really good read and I flew through it Like, less than 5 days And for a mom of young children, that s booking it Answers were found for most everything and there were some surprises I was unsatisfied with some of the character s endings and I hoped to learn about what LaRue and Beverly would end up doing in life, but all in all, it was good The ending could ve been stronger, which is why I didn t give it 5 stars.

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    Forget ourselves The we look inside the worse things seem Concentrate on others suffering and we won t have time to think about ourselves When we do that, God heals us There is no way we can know all the things that the Lord has in store for us Prepare ourselves the best way we know how, and work hard at whatever we do be the best we can, give the best we can If we do something well, someone will come along and give us another opportunity When an opportunity comes, pray about it Whatever we do, work at it like it s our life s ambition don t just put in our time.Be united Be prayerful Love one another Remember God in everything we do and seek His counsel and guidance We must remember not to expect too much of others, especially those who are going through rough times War must break Heavenly Father s heart How can He stand to watch what we do to each otherWhen we stop hating, we find understanding and then we can forgive.We need to experience some of the pain of this world in order to appreciate the good.

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    I just finished this series and so I am reviewing them as a whole I loved them I really appreciate it when an author takes the time to do research, include it correctly in detail in their books and then even give references at the end I thought the characters had depth and it was interesting to see them change over time But what I really loved about this series is the appreciation it gave me for those who not only fought in WWII but in all wars I don t believe I could ever understand the horrors of war and the consequences to one s own psyche because of war and I am so grateful for anybody that had to endure for the sake of freedom.

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    I really enjoyed this whole series This book, being the last, was my quickest read I m a decent reader, but I don t consider myself a very fast reader I couldn t put this book down and finished it a lot quicker than I expected to still may not be fast in the eyes of speed readers I love that the history is as accurate as possible Dean Hughes is very thorough with his research and it made me feel as if I was really there, or if I knew exactly what the WWII era was really like I would highly recommend this series to anyone It s a great historical fiction.

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    Al Thomas drives me nuts So does LaRue And sometimes Bobbi And yet, some of the other characters have me wrapped up in knots and I just may end up reading some of the next series because I want so much to find out what happens to them Peter, Wally, Alex hmmmm I m really torn Again, I enjoyed the historical perspective but some of the characters and writing style really took away from my enjoyment I seemed to have a love hate relationship with this series Glad I finally finished will have to see if I give series 2 a try.

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    Although I only read this book to finish the series, I ended up liking it best This book is about the lives of the Thomas family as they returned from war and tried to put their lives back together So many books about the war years end when the war ends This book continued through the aftermath of WW II and showed how the tragedy of war continues to effect all people after treaties are signed and soldier are brought home.

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    It s been a while since I read this series I LOVED the series But if I remember right, the last book was a little bit of a drag after Wally gets home The suspense and hope are pretty much gone and it s back to the daily grind of normal everyday life It was interesting to better understand the post traumatic stresses and how it must have felt to come back and try to live normally again.

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    I loved the whole series I learned so much about the time a bit how it would have been like to live back then My heart was with the characters the whole time I couldn t put the last book down, I wanted to see how things panned out but then it was hard to see it end I ll definitely read the next series that spins off this one really soon.