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She was the shy girl with a troubled pastHe was the man who rejected her years before Should she give him a second chance?Brittany lives a uiet life haunted by traumatic memories that make her hide from the world—until the only man she’s ever loved comes into her life again Several years ago Trey had watched her blossom into a stunning young woman But when their relationship began to heat up he not only backed away he moved away When they meet again Trey realizes that he’s been waiting for her all the timeBut how can he ever persuade her to trust him again?

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    NO CLIFFHANGER NOT CONNECTED TO EITHER THE DEATH DWELLERS OR PHOENIX RISINGWhat would happen if we had a cop who had to deal with his girlfriend's traumatic past? Brittany also happens to be Trey's best friend's little sister AND Trey suspects who her attacker is Which side of the law will he be on when all is said and done? What would YOU do in the name of love and revenge?

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    I love Kats books so since I found out about AMT I was curious The description sounded so good too But let me tell you when I started to read Well the blurb doesn't do justice to the story It's much The story will make you annoyed and roll your eyes it make you smile and roll your eyes it make you so angry so furious because a years go by without justice A year when she is suffering alone Brittany spend those years in the dark Not living Letting go her dreams her happiness Letting 'him' win Believing in 'his' humiliating and shattering words It just broke my heart Brit suffering and 'he' happily living on To say I hate 'him' is not enough Is really not enough words to say how my heart was full of hate and full of plans for revenge From the beginning I guessed who 'he' is And why 'he' did it And I was close enough on both pointsYou see Brit had a crush for her brothers best friend Trey She never felt for anyone those feeling except for Trey But he was 7 years older Brit 16 and Trey 23 So not really a go to any relationship between them Though Trey had a thing for Brit too And he was close to give in But 'he' interferedI think 'he's' jealous of Trey You think why? I thought about that a lot too Because isn't like 'he' don't had what Trey did 'He' has it all And 'He's' polite perfection But then again don't monsters hides behind beautiful facade? No one could ever guess what truly lies behind perfection And when the reason why 'he's' like this is revealedHoly moly I didn't see that coming It's fcked up then you can imagineAnd TreyWell he's is really a good and loyal hottie Just a little a manwhre But partly thats understandable You see he's father was a cop And he died in the line of duty when Trey was twelve Since then he changed Trey was really close to his father And this loss crushed him So he don't want a wife and children Trey don't wanna for someone to feel the way he did And now his parade of women is his walls Trey don't let any woman close to him Though one beauty was able to go through his walls But Trey still fights his feelings The stuborn man And that's where one of my annoyance comes from The guy don't know when to just drop to his knees and acknowledge that he's conuered The battle lostBrit brother Bryson annoyed me too Why? Well let's see He disapproved Trey and Brit as a couple He kinda savagely disagreed I really don't get it what his problem was that he was so against Trey He drived me mental And also that's so hypocritical of Bryson Because he had something similar going on with Brit bestie So judge those twoTst tstOh and lets not forget Bryson surprise on one moment OMFG And he was so smug about it How can he be so stupid? I wanted to scream What the fck Bryson Jezus Christ Stupid Bryson Poor BritWhile Trey didn't get a sht from pale Brit face what the hell is going on He's idiot or what? How can he be so blind? pure of heart Is he for real? Pure my a wilde and unfair conclusions Shake of head And then Yes Finally He got it But then a gentle soul I really wanted to scream Are you shting me right? You really can't be so blind?At that point I didn't know if I wanted to throttle them all exept Brit of course Or pull my hair and bang my head on the wall because I was soooo frustratedAnd again poor girl It's kinda felt like she's alone in a full roomBrittany is really strong girl Yes the nightmare plagues her She lives with the darkness inside herself But that's understandable after what she been through And maybe you think that Brit lives like that for too long but everyone having its own amount of time to heal And Brit at some point started to having again emotions in her life and not living numbWhat made me angry but also I partly understand was why Brittany keept uiet about 'him' Who 'he' was She was scared Not only scared of what 'he' threatened to do to her Bryson and Trey But also how Trey would take it Bcause Trey valued a family Brit was scared that he won't believe her He turn his back on her And if she lost himShe don't have him even as a friend in her life Brit would shatter completelyThere is a lot of happenings I don't know how to go about everything and not spoil anything for any of you So I just want you to know like I said at the before there is so much to the story There really was so much tension intensity On moments where I was like 'Oh no' 'Oh sht' 'You moron' etc Yeah it seems I wanted to scream a lot through this story I was all over the place and practically was biting my nails That's was for a while where I wanted to scream and curse through some episodes in the story Kat did a good job with this And I really hope you give it a try You wouldn't regret it

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    check out this review and others atwwwTwinsietalkcomwwwFacebookcomTwinsietalkwwwTsucoTwinsietalkTwinsietalkI received this book from the author for an honest reviewIf you have never read Kat I highly suggest it Her books are so raw and gritty along with intense and sexy This book is a great addition to her library and I hope people enjoy it like her MC series or her Rocker seriesThis is about Brit She was super popular and well likedadored but after her 16th birthday everything changed She became a shell of a person Her mom didnt care and her brother was older and attending school So fast forward to Brit in college and she sees HIMThe one who she always had a connection withthe one she cannot haveher brothers best friend Trey After a night of passion we fast forward 7 months later and Brit is living with him and her brother Bryson Bryson is telling Trey right away to keep his man parts away from his sister It seems everyone can see the connection the two have but noone knows what has happened in the past Brit finally breaks down and admits her life sexual experiences to her trusted friend Trey Slowly the story begind to unravel We find out that Trey and Brit are feeling each other Bryson is not happy but when he find out who who rapist isahhh snapeverything goes cray crayI loved Trey but hate that he feels the way he does about life He is so afraid of not hurting a woman he may love that he is hurting himself and a future Bryson is so worried about pushing his sister to have the life he wants her to have and feels her to have that he is pushing her around Brit is soooo scared of what happened and having night mares that plague her so this make her have a hard time since she allows her rapist to make her a victimI love the fact that Kat's characters are never perfect and always full of flaws They make you crazy but you fall in love with them as well and wanna throat punch them

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    This book was a emotional read as the content dealt with a subject matter that maybe hard for some readers to read about The road the character had to travel was filled with emotional ups and downs to over come and deal with what life threw her way It was a great read rated very good

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    Second chance This was a great read It may have some triggers but the whole story and outcome was a great readBrittany has been in love with Trey forever Trey was her brother Brysons best friend therefore; Brittany was off limitsA lot of things transpired and Brittany became a recluse As the story unfolds the truth emerges and how a lot of their livesThere were a few moments of nail biting that I wasn’t uite sure aboutI am glad I read this book and I would definitely recommend

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    Title All My TomorrowsSeries NoAuthor Kathryn KellyGenre Contemporary RomancePages303Heat level 3 out of 4 flamesOverall Star Rating 4 out of 5 starsReviewed by Naughty Book Snitch KayThis book has nothing to do with the Death Dwellers MC or her Phoenix series It's a stand alone and there's no cliffhanger It's a story about true love at least on Brittney's part I guess Trey always loved but he refused to accept that most of the way through the book Oh he admitted he lusted after her even when she was jailbait but not love This was a different story all together from what you usually read from this author I liked it and it was a good cat and mouse situation The suspense of the book in parts was heart pounding I enjoyed that part a lot I liked Brittney as a heroine She was a hard worker because other than Trey and her brother Bryson she had no support staff Her mother was truly a piece of shitWhat I didn't care for was Trey He was an asshole A total player and a hypocrite He was also very oblivious and stupid Even when all the clues to the identity of Brittney's attacker were staring him in the face he refused to accept it until it was almost too late Then there were some of Trey's women just showing up willy nilly at his house Hey playa don't let your sluts know where you live If you love a story about the power of first loves hot sex and a bad guy you can truly loathe pick this book up You'll enjoy it immenselyBook given in exchange for an honest review by the author