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Aliens Novels Book 10, Original Sin 1 59582 015 9In my review of Berserker , I lamented the fact that none of the aliens novels so far have strayed from the two basic plot lines of 1 mad scientist lets experiments get out of hand and 2 trained troops infiltrate hive in search of MacGuffin I noted that in both these cases, it s difficult to sympathize with the victims because no matter how likable they are, they really should have known better than to muck with aliens I ve actually, in fact, been pretty surprised that none of the novels so far have taken place from an innocent colony infiltrated by unexpected alien egg perspective, which would seem to practically write itself Fortunately, along comes Original Sin to answer my request and in a thoroughly original and compelling manner Original Sin is the first of the aliens novels to key directly off of the film series, and it does so by following the survivors of Alien Resurrection Now, I liked the Alien Resurrection movie farthan most although I did not think highly of the novelization of the same , but I would be the first to note that some of the characters in the film were not fleshed out thoroughly beyond basic, familiar stereotypes Freidman has addressed that particular problem right out of the gate and wastes no time fleshing out the characters and motivations of the survivors, all against a backdrop of interesting action and constant narrative movement.This deserves a mention Original Sin is one of the best written aliens novels from a perspective of exposition versus action Friedman seems to instinctively understand how to start with a bang, where to insert quick characterization within the action, and when to pull back the throttle slightly and feed a littleexposition to the reader And after over thirteen of these novels nine novels and four film novelizations , I deeply appreciate this talent.The motivations of the survivors are elegantly simple Ripley and Call are driven to protect humans and eradicate aliens the rest of them are simply hoping that an eradication of the alien race will allow them to sleep well again at night In order to provide adeadly antagonist, Friedman has invented a shadowy organization a bitsubtle than the usual W Y setup intent on growing and utilizing the aliens for their own nefarious ends How much the reader will go along with this will depend, I think, on how much you need the aliens novels to fit a canon, but again, after thirteen of these novels, the series seems badly in need of mixing it up a bit Similarly, the alien species in Original Sin have been genetically tampered with, largely to provide a bigger challenge to Ripley Eight Despite its unorthodox plot elements, I regard Original Sin as one of the best in the series Ana Mardoll Tie in novels don t often aim high, but most of them at least come with the satisfaction of a good story This one in particular misses the mark, and although some of the blame is on the author, a lot of it is the general difficulty in writing outside stories in the ALIEN franchise.Compare, for example, towell known franchise tie ins, such as STAR TREK Paramount operates an ongoing STAR TREK office and partners with editors at Pocket Books to ensure that TREK titles don t stray into territory that might be explored in canon, they don t allow story elements that could permanently impact the canon or be contradicted later, for the most part Apparently there s not any similar apparatus at Fox with ALIEN franchise titles, since the book generally strays into all of these areas.Friedman is a capable author, but the book seems like he was given a few directives to make a splash with this title this was the first of Dark Horse s mass market ALIEN franchise novels, and they clearly wanted to debut with one starring Ripley, and exploring the background of the overall franchise However, as anyone who s seen the ALIEN films can attest, there s not a lot of extra territory to explore with Ripley Anything that happened before ALIEN is irrelevant to the overall storyline, and the character doesn t have significant lapses in time between any of the films Friedman took the only opening left available, which is to set the story after ALIEN RESURRECTION, and while it s nice to explore Winona Ryder s character Call further, other character holdovers from the film that appear in the novel areuninteresting than anything else Each of the four ALIEN films explores a different genre genetically melded like the alien xenomorph to the host genre of science fiction ALIEN was a horror film, ALIENS was a war film, ALIEN 3 was a prison film, and ALIEN RESURRECTION was pure space opera Joss Whedon was the screenwriter on the last of these, and introduced a character group that felt like an incomplete sketch for his later FIREFLY SERENITY I m inclined to think that Friedman picked up on this same line of thinking for this novel However, compare this to asuccessful ALIEN franchise story such as Bissette Dorman s ALIENS TRIBES, and it s easy to see that tie in fiction for this franchise might be overallsuccessful staying away from the Ripley character andwithin the heart of the Ridley Scott James Cameron areas of the franchise More frustrating, Friedman explores the background of the franchise as a whole, and introduces an explanation in the novel as promised on the cover copy of why the aliens were there in the first place when the Nostromo found them in ALIEN At this point, with Scott s PROMETHEUS, virtually all of this exploration is going to wind up well outside of what will now be official ALIEN universe canon Again, this is frustrating, but I wonder if a better line of communication between Dark Horse and Fox might have stopped this from happening, particularly since the inclusion of this aspect of the plot doesn t really add much to the overall interest of the novel.Don t think that the book is completely disappointing, however The alien infecting the colony aspect is pretty well done, and was actually theinteresting part of the novel It s done with the right amount of buildup and even, surprisingly, with some humor I wish that the novel hadfocused on this area of the story and had been less driven to be an epic follow up to ALIEN RESURRECTION, and that the editorial directive to explain the whole ALIEN universe wasn t really so big an aspect of the book Friedman does the best he can to balance all of this, so I don t think he s to blame for the book s general iffy ness However, this does make me question whether reading other titles in Dark Horse s ALIEN novel line will be worth the effort. I love anything from the alien universe and I was so excited to find another story with Ripley It s good to know she s still out in the universe kicking xenomorph butt. Not a masterpiece but still a nice light booklet for the lazy afternoons. This gets a solid 3 stars 3.5 would have been my choice if I could fraction star things Basically the book has a bunch of the elements I want to find in an Aliens book piece of media These things are done for me fairly effectively However, I found the cast too large to engage with, I constantly lost track of who was who, what their background stories were, and that took quite a lot of the tension out of it, as I often found I didn t care that much about character fates.But I enjoyed it, had no problem getting to the end So 3 stars it is.SPOILERS.Book is a sequel to the Alien Resurrection film I enjoyed having characters I already knew, with faces I already knew, in it made a change from normal situation with Aliens books.I would read a sequel to this book if there is one but I don t know, and will just keep reading I liked that we had lots of creeping around, wondering where the aliens would come from in the books And I liked the location it mostly played in a big greenhouse was a pretty spooky place to have crawling with Aliens. As in most aliens stories, you won t see the monster until it s too late It s the same here It s not until the very end we actually encounter the creepy aliens, and when we do they doesn t feel like the monsters we ve come to know and fear from earlier novels, games and movies.The monsters are supposed to be of a new anddangerous kind, but after reading the novel they feel weaker, slower andstupid than their predecessors.There s a lot of questions left unanswered Not the kind which makes you think or ponder, but the other kind the one where you just gets irritated view spoiler Did all of those monster come from the same host What is Loki How could a ship, there heroes had full knowledge of manage to ambush them How did the monsters manage to multiply and why did it only take about two hours hide spoiler ,, , 3,5 , , Michael Jan Friedman takes up Ripley s tale following the events of Alien Resurrection Joined by Call, Johner, and Vreiss, Ripley takes on a mysterious organization whose agenda includes home delivery of Alien eggs The books seems a little light It s a setup forstories to follow and I think it would have made a better comic mini series than a novel.Published in mass market paperback by Dark Horse Books. THE ADVENTURES OF ELLEN RIPLEY CONTINUE Nearly Three Centuries Ago, The Weyland Yutani Starship Nostromo Investigated What Appeared To Be A Distress Call Emanating From The Barren Planet AcheronWhat The Crew Of The Nostromo Found Was An Alien Life Form A Hideous, Slavering Killer, Quicker And Powerful Than Anything They Had Known Before Only Warrant Officer Ellen Ripley Managed To Escape With Her Life, Destroying The Nostromo Rather Than Give The Monster A Chance To Reach EarthBut She Hadn T Seen The Last Of The Breed Now, Centuries After The Death Of The Original Ripley, Her Clone Has Taken Up The Fight And She Has Found, With The Help Of An Android Named Call, A Brutal Hired Gun Named Johner, And A Paraplegic Mechanic Named Vriess, That There Is To The Alien Horror Than Meets The Eye In This All New Ripley Novel, Best Selling Author Michael Jan Friedman Asks The Unasked Questions That Pierce The Alien Mystery To Its Seething Acid Chamber Of A Heart Leaving Nothing In Ripley S Universe The Same As a sequel to the Aliens movies, this was a little disappointing I was hoping for something bigger, either in the action or the suspense, or at least something that would drive the story of Ripley onwards Though it did set up for a continued story in the end, this book in itself did little for the overall story But as a stand alone Aliens story with the characters from the Aliens franchise, it was still enjoyable.