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Chocolate is better than men and so are dogs At least that’s what Dakota Parker tells herself as she mends her broken heart and finds forever homes for rescue animals So far so good She can indulge her love of chocolate where she works while her foster dogs provide her with the unconditional love she craves What does she need?Seattle architect Bryce Grayson is counting the days until he can return home to the big city with his father in tow That is if he can convince his dad to leave Montana Bryce’s escape plan however goes astray when he meets Dakota Her sweet kisses put the chocolate she sells to shame Maybe he should be the one to move to Marietta but could he be happy living in such a small town?He has until Thanksgiving to decide

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    A Thankful Heart is book two in the Love at the Chocolate Shop series by Melissa McClone This is a multi author series in which six authors are participating One comes out each month I have not read the first book in the series but was fine starting in on the second bookDakota Parker works at Copper Mountain Chocolates in Marietta Montana and also volunteers for the town’s pet rescue center She fosters pets whenever needed Currently she has one large nine month old puppy that needs some calming one small sweet dog and a pet rat that has bonded with the small dog They are so adorable together Even though it’s been some time since it happened Dakota still hasn’t bounced back from being jilted at the alter by her now ex fiance It severely effected her confidence and she hasn’t dated since She just throws herself in to all her projects Currently she is trying to work on a proposal for the pet rescue to get all the pets adopted by Christmas which is two months away But her proposal is rejected Bryce Grayson is an architect from Seattle who is currently in Marietta to help his father while he recuperates from an accident Bryce feels guilty about not spending enough time with his father and is determined to convince him to return to Seattle with him He is in Marietta for one month He returns right after Thanksgiving Growing up his father was always a workaholic and Bryce is just like him But he is having trouble recognizing this new Dad he is seeing now This man is relaxed has friends works some but volunteers a lot With a little conniving from Bryce’s Dad he meets Dakota and is smitten He is determined to ignore it but the sweet always optimistic woman who always puts other’s needs before her own gets under his skinThis is such a sweet both literally and figuratively book Bryce had to finally evaluate his life and his priorities And Dakota had to decide if she was ready to give her heart again So if you enjoy a book with lots of chocolate and lots of fur babies involved then you will most definitely enjoy this one

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    3 Chocolate Animals for the Win Stars Spoiler FreeIt has been my observation that Stubborn does not equal Strongand this entry of the Love at the Chocolate Shop series seems to reinforce that notion for me This is the second entry where characters we met in Melt My Heart Cowboy are getting their story told Tule Publishing has had success where different authors all contribute to one series Our bonus is all of these books take place in Marietta Montana meaning many of the past characters we have grown to care for make appearances The overall theme of this particular book is the need for a grown son to make up for lost time with his father The son went away to college and then stayed in Seattle to start his own firm Over the years he did not visit as much as he now wishes he hadHis mother passed and now the realities of his father being far away in Marietta has hit home The dad fell while doing a construction project breaking both legs It took a long plane ride for Bryce to get to him and now he has decided his dad needs to move to Seattle so they can be closer Bryce is determined to force the dad to move because he has decided the father must be lonely without his mom in this sleepy town Marietta He has given himself a month to make all the arrangements and convince his dad this is for the bestWhat Bryce didn't plan on was meeting Dakota Parker She is a woman who has found her way Over her lifetime she had to move countless times as an Army Brat The one place she felt like home was with her Aunt who lived in Marietta After college Dakota came to live here with her Aunt and ended up taking on the same passions Animal Rescue Dakota was left an inheritance and with it she has created a life which works She has her own home from her Aunt she works part time at the chocolate shop and she devotes the rest of her time to the local animal shelter She is also a foster caretaker for animals until she can find them Forever HomesNow these two cross paths through the chocolate shop and Bryce's dadand unfortunately it wasn't the best start Bryce is skeptical as to why his dad has been volunteering at the shelter and when he sees how friendly Dakota is with him he jumps to the wrong conclusions He even says as much during a time when he is frustrated with his dad and it does not go wellDakota was recently jilted at the altar so her trust of men and what they say is not high It doesn't matter that the man may be easy on the eyesBoth of these people may have interest but both are waryBecause they know Bryce is leaving in a monthCircumstances do happen which force them to spend time together and each begins to have feelings for each otherbut they also try to keep them at bay During all of this the shelter plays a be part and all of the animals contribute to the feel of the tale We also had a continual arc of secondary characters we met earlier and we know their book will be coming soon This felt similar to many of the Marietta books however Bryce was a difficult fellow to like He had tunnel vision about what he thought was to happen with his dadextremely stubborn until the end His dawning came very lateand almost was too little to late for me I do like the series and it has 12 books scheduled to give us Chocolate and Love Melt My Heart Cowboy Love at the Chocolate Shop 1 A Thankful Heart Love at the Chocolate Shop 2 Montana Secret Santa Love at the Chocolate Shop 3 The Chocolate Cure Love at the Chocolate Shop 4 The Valentine Quest Love at the Chocolate Shop 5 Charmed by Chocolate Love at the Chocolate Shop 6 The Chocolate Comeback Love at the Chocolate Shop 7 The Chocolate Touch Love at the Chocolate Shop 8 Sweet Home Cowboy Love at the Chocolate Shop 9 Sweet Summer's Kiss Love at the Chocolate Shop 10 gifted copy was provided by Tule Publishing via NetGalley for an honest review For Reviews Free E books and Giveaways

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    A Thankful HeartMelissa McCloneReceived from NetgalleyA THANKFUL HEART by Melissa McClone is the second book in the Love at the Chocolate Shop series Dakota Parker has just come out of a bad relationship and fills the hole in her heart with chocolate and animals She works at the chocolate shop and also at the Whiskers and Paws rescue center All she wants to do is find forever homes for all the animals in the rescue center That is how she met Bryce Grayson His dad Walt volunteers at the center well before he broke both of his legs At first Bryce thinks Dakota is only Walt's friend so she can have a free handy man at the center He couldn't be wrongBryce lives in Seattle and his dad lives in Marietta Montana Bryce is there to help his Dad but also to convince him to move to Seattle Walt isn't buying any of it He made a life for himself in Marietta and he is not going anywhere A THANKFUL HEART is going to teach Bryce what he has and could have if he just opened his heart and stopped being so selfish Bryce doesn't want to hear it and gives himself one month to change his father's mindThings keep happening that throw Bryce and Dakota together but both hold back on their feelings because Bryce is going to be heading back to Seattle at the end of the month A THANKFUL HEART is a wonderful addition to the Chocolate Shop series where ten different authors will be writing about love and chocolate The animals in this story are going to steal your heart I found myself cheering for Dakota and hoping she would be able to trust someone with her heart again At the same time I was wishing that Bryce could let go of his guilt and leave it in the past I really enjoyed reading this sweet tale and found all of the characters very relatable as well as their situations that they found themselves in I'm excited to continue this series

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    After coming out of a bad relationship Dakota Parker's new motto is chocolate and animals are much better than men So now Dakota works part time in the at the local chocolate shop and volunteers at the animal shelter Her mission to find forever homes for all of her fur buddies that are up for adoption Bryce Grayson has come to Marietta to help out his father after a construction accident caused him to break both of his legs During his time in town Bryce has decided it's time for his father to pack up and move to Seattle with Bryce but Bryce's father has other ideas and plans a few chance meetings with Dakota to try to set up the pair A Thankful Heart is the second book in the Love at the Chocolate Shop series taking place in the lovely town of Marietta Montana Anyone following my reviews knows I'm a huge fan of any of the series taking place in this lovely small town especially during the holiday season so it's no surprise that I did enjoy this one too Dakota is working in the chocolate shop part time but the story mainly focuses on her rescue work and trying to adopt out the animals so while we get a few mentions of the previous chocolate shop characters the story expands the small town even bringing in the shelter which is nice I love a read with some cute critters involved For me the one complaint I could think of with this book was it took so long for Dakota and Bryce to come together in this story While I'm glad it's not an instant relationship in this type of read Bryce stayed stubborn for most of the story to the point I was beginning to dislike him I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley For reviews please visit

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    This is a thanksgiving romance based in Marietta and featuring Dakota Parker who works part time in the Chocolate shop and also volunteers at the Whiskers and Paws rescue centre She's a kind hearted young lady who was abandoned at the altar by her groom to be She no longer trusts her judgement of men and has decided to focus on dogs and chocolate to keep her happy It is whilst she is serving in the shop that she meets Bryce Grayson son of her friend and fellow rescue centre volunteer Walt Walt had an accident breaking both his legs whilst working at the centre and Bryce has come to stay for a month leaving his Seattle home but planning on moving his father back to the city with him His only problem seems to be convincing his father to leave the friends and connections he has made whilst living in the close knit Marietta communityThis is a great story highlighting how sometimes it really is important to step back and listen to the opinions thoughts and needs of others rather than trying to impose our own views and attitudes on them Only by being open to others can we sometimes discover the truth of situations for ourselves and so hopefully have the opportunity to make things better for them and for ourselves This story has great characters laugh out loud incidents and a heartwarming romance It is a great addition to the series and I have no hesitation in highly recommending itI received an ARC of this via NetGalley This is my honest review

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    4 StarsI am so thankful that I ran across this series Only two stories in but I just know I am going to love all of themThis is the story of Dakota and Bryce and their's is a enemies to lovers story Lovers may not be the correct terminology though as this was a very tame story in regards to adult content but very sweet It was just perfectLike some other books that I have read recently that featured animals the animals at the shelter and that Dakota fosters are also big parts of the story They have their own personalities and stories and I thought that was really well doneI did have some issues with Bryce he was a jerk but he does admit to it though I felt that Dakota was a bit to quick to forgive him Also when its reviled as to why he doesn't like chocolate I thought it was a little weakYou don't find out who the benefactor to the shelter is but I have my suspicions and I am hoping that comes up in later booksYou are also given another glimpse into Portia's story It reminds me quite a bit of how Daisy's story arched through the Lakeshore Chronicles by Susan Wiggs I know Portia's story will be the last in this series but I'm going to enjoy all the ones in between Challenges ♥ RRRC November 2017 Monthly Challenge 4 Chicken Soup for the Soul Day♥ Candyland Quarterly Challenge Task 21 Ice Cream Sea – A bubbly ice cream sea where Queen Frostine resides Read a book set at sea or a book with a Queen or a book with a character with a 'bubbly' personality

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    For manga recommendation scroll to the very endIt's a 3 for 3375 In the end I still settled with a 3 cuz I like it but not on the level of really liking it I feel like there's something really good going on but it didn't reach its full potential but maybe that's just me A digitized ARC of this book was provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewI have to write certain parts of my review in Chinese don't worry it's nothing bad just that my first reaction can't really be fully described in English lolSo the lovely book cover and the promising blurb led me clicking the request button on NetGalley without further thoughts I've not joined the website for long and I didn't know what the chances are for me to be approved so I figured hitting the button wouldn't hurt When I got approved that's when I headed to Goodreads and proceed to shelve it only to find that there wasn't a page for it at the time It was then I took a look at the other works by Author Melissa McClone and to my horror at the time I could only form the following thoughts 我的媽呀!?這難到就是傳說中的海外言小嗎!!!???xD 好吧 說是言小可能有些言重了 畢竟就這一本來說 是沒有什麼重口味的煽腥畫面 但我的重點是我還真的沒有讀過明顯就是愛情小說的英文書啦xDAnyways once I got over my initial shock with the fact that I've already been approved for the ARC I figured there's always a first time for everything might as well just take a leap of faith My hopes of for the proportion of the following elements were quickly dashed howeverChocolate 33% Dogs 33% Romance 34%Not even Chocolate 30% Dogs 30% Romance 40%To me the book is likeChocolate 6% Dogs 47% Romance 47%OrChocolate 6% Dogs 52% Romance 42%Looking at it this way makes me feel better lolAnd well despite not being a chocolate fan myself what attracted me to this book was in fact the false impression that our main gal Dakota is fully surrounded by both chocolate and dogs While that remains true the chocolate aspect was basically brushed aside and the sole focus was her volunteering job which is in no way bad and is honestly quite refreshing though just wasn't what I expected to readAt first nothing really stood out everything felt very generic not even the chocolate description was particularly memorable to me it felt like the author was trying to build an atmosphere but I wasn't sold I scoffed when our main girl Dakota was mentally drooling over our main guy Bryce but that was when the author made the first save thank Gawd for this dude apparently doesn't like chocolate so at least that was some sort of twist xPJust like the chocolate shop Bryce's work as an architect initially felt ungrounded like some background info that we had to know but not exactly detailed enough to be believable At that point I basically decided everything else was secondary and I should probably be prepared to just be wowed by how their relationship folds out which wasn't looking good cuz Bryce was downright a dick in the beginning Thankfully around that time the author made her second save this time personally I think it makes the book worth checking out Walt Bryce's father is a likable character him and descriptions on volunteering at the rescue all but made this book enjoyableI'm not some expert with animals but as an illustrator I had the foresight to know it's probably beneficial for me to know how to properly draw animals so I'd taken an animal anatomy class where we'd draw live animals that were brought in or we'd go to zoos and horse stables During that semester some of the guests who brought in animals would talk about what being at animal shelters and volunteering was like Like I said I may not be exactly familiar with the situation nor do I have a personal experience of it but I commend McClone's effort for what Dakota does really felt just like what I've heardI felt Dakota's passion and love to me it was convincing As for Bryce he came to life during chapter 6 Dakota's Victorian only on the outside house was great it was darn interesting Unfortunately it also became what made me feel this book didn't reach its full potentialHonestly after focusing on Dakota's participation with volunteer work I was actually enjoying the book and looking forward to what I'd be reading but it sort of felt rushed towards the end? Like seriously while Bryce realized he said some truly horrible stuff and immediately worked on making up for his actions it takes time for the damage to be healed you know? And we didn't get that we kind of just get well at least he said sorry Well SORRY that's NOT GOOD ENOGUH for what's supposed to be a romance novel Again that's just my opinion I mean what Bryce did to apologize was great don't get me wrong but hurt was done and I just didn't feel we had a full closure Bryce seems like a person with anger management issue and he lashed out his frustration on Dakota a few times in the book to me he's like someone on probation you know? Nowhere near a full on boyfriend if he's just gonna be unreasonably rude every time he was upsetSighs All in all this book isn't bad but I really feel it could have been even better Not sure if anything got changed in the actual published edition and if I wasn't clear I do enjoy enough for not minding reading a few timesManga recommendationWhile reading this book it brought back memories of reading original Japanese title 路地裏しっぽ診療所 animal lovers I'd say this series is worth checking out D

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    I loved everything about this book Melissa McClone has become one of my favorite authors In this story we revisit Marietta Montana and specifically the chocolate shop Dakota Parker works there and also volunteers at Whiskers and Paws Pals rescuing animals and finding them good homes a cause near and dear to my own heart I might add Poor Dakota is recovering from a broken heart Her fiance dumped her the day of their wedding leaving Dakota to inform their invited guests as well as return all the wedding gifts Now she's sworn off men Or so she thinks until devastatingly handsome Bryce Cranston walks into the chocolate shop Bryce is in town to help his father Walt who broke both legs in a construction accident A successful Seattle architect Bryce is currently working on a proposal that if accepted would take his firm to the next level He's only planning on staying in Marietta for a month just enough time to convince his dad to move to Seattle so the two of them will be closer together and so Bryce won't have to take time off in order to be available for Walt However Walt loves the small town and the people he's met there He has no intention of going anywhere So he decides to play matchmaker for Dakota and Bryce giving his son an incentive to remain in Marietta and running his business from there I loved the way the relationship slowly builds between Dakota and Bryce Nothing felt rushed about it Bryce had a goal when he arrived in town He didn't count on meeting someone like Dakota She's nothing like his former girlfriend who broke things off with Bryce when he decided to come to Marietta Dakota works in the chocolate shop Bryce hates chocolate Dakota works with animals Bryce is halfway scared of dogs and has no desire to be covered in animal hair or be licked in the face by some four legged creature Still there's something about Dakota herself that appeals to him So when a pipe bursts at the shelter he literally wades right into the fray helping with the animals passing out pizza and giving solid advice to those responsible for the clean up While it takes some time for Bryce to finally ask Dakota out they do spend time together before that However both are leery given Dakota's recent heartache and the fact Bryce will be leaving the moment Walt is back on his feet And on that subject Dakota thinks Bryce is wrong in trying to convince his dad to leave His reason seems about what he wants and not what's best for his dad The characters are people you can easily connect with The setting is warm and inviting with the appeal of small town living And the love story is sweet and nicely written An all around fun read

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    The multi author Love at the Chocolate Shop series continues with a tale of a giving woman and the closed off man who doesn’t know a good thing when her rescue dog jumps all over him It’s a lovely read that combines many things that I enjoy – Marietta dogs chocolate – and ends up with a sweet tale that I savouredBryce isn’t always a great hero His love for his father is the best thing about him but his wish for his dad to move with him to Seattle is partly selfish and mostly driven by guilt He’s a man who works hard but has almost forgotten to live a life beyond that It was great to see him change during his stay in Marietta even if his continued stubbornness on many points almost made me give up on himUnlike Dakota She’s lovely Friendly generous caring she is everything that Bryce isn’t – especially at first Her volunteer work with the rescue centre was great and I loved her foster pets – particularly young Rascal I also liked that she wasn’t blown away by Bryce and did a good job of holding her own against him especially when he’s so keen on leaving She’s no pushover even if she does have a marshmallow heartAlongside the romance we also see a few familiar Marietta faces and get a further glimpse of what may or may not be happening in Portia’s troubled life There’s also the issue of the mysterious possible benefactor for the rescue centre which left me very curious about what’s going on thereIn all this was a lovely continuation of the series perfect for fans of Marietta chocolate and cute dogs even if you’re new to the series It was easy and sweet and enjoyable and I can’t wait to see where this series heads next especially with Christmas just around the Marietta calendar cornerARC provided by the publisher via NetGalley

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    Dakota Parker had two passions chocolate and animals When she wasn't working at Copper Mountain Chocolates she could be found at Whiskers and Paw Pals Volunteering filled her heart with joy and the animals gave her the love she craved She didn't think she needed a man in her life until she met the son of one of her volunteers Bryce Grayson had rushed to His father's aid when he heard he had fallen off a ladder and had broken both legs His goal was to convince his father to move back to Seattle with him where he could be closer if he needs help again But Walt had created a life that he loved in Marietta and refuses to leave He has friends that he sees often and volunteers at a local animal rescue When the animal shelter gets flooded and Walt can't help out he sends Bryce in his place Bryce figures it will give him something to do while he is in town Bryce and Dakota soon find themselves drawn to each other and eventually start dating They both no it can’t last as Bryce lives in another state But who says they can’t enjoy themselves even if it is for a short time? I really enjoyed this book The animal rescue story was a nice addition to the romance I also liked seeing how Bryce and Dakota overcame their hesitations about new relationships after they both had bad experiences in the past The appearance of characters from past books also makes this book fun to read If you are looking for a nice clean romance and love animals this book is definitely for you