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[[ Read Pdf ]] A Slave to the Servants Author DoctorWolf –

Honestly I would buy it if it were in print. I just kind of fell in love with the storyline and characters. I really wish this author would take up writing again... professionally. I've reread this one at least 5 times! Sorry, no. No way. Reads as if written by a teenager. A young one. Endlessly long as well. Everything told so far. I read this on lit first and became entranced with it .Brilliant writing and world building and had to buy it when it was finally self published .A rich plot full of twists and turns. A Great Story about Freedom, Equality, and Family This is a WONDERFUL story. It's all online. The web site is and here's the link:

I've been trying to get various friends and coworkers to read this for a while, unsuccessfully. Even if the fact that it's online bothers you, it'll only take a day or so to finish it once it's started, because it's THAT GOOD! Read the comments, too. This is one of the better authors on the Literotica site because she actually finishes her stories, while many on there don't. In the comments you'll find a prevailing theme"you really should publish this"!

I highly recommend this story. Then send me a message about it so I'll finally have someone else to chat with about it! Completed Novel ~ Alien Abduction
Earth Woman Finds Herself Sold Into Intergalactic Slavery
Part Series