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[Read Online] 聲の形 3Author Yoshitoki Oima –

It is the first time I ever felt these feelings whilst reading this volume. broken heart Occasional crude moments aside, this was yet another touching volume of this manga series. That ending broke me Remember how I mentioned that the past never leaves us Yea well for this particular volume the past has become a sharp knife and its stabbing Shoya constantly throughout this manga.Shoya is trying his best as usual to help Shoko in any way possible to become a better friend but fix the damage he caused from their childhood Shoya is afraid to communicate properly to Shoko and at times it becomes frustrating yet understandable why he puts up a wall and leads to major problems in miscommunication.Shoko wants to reunite with some of the friends of the past and Shoya has faithfully done everything in his power to reunite everyone Shoko wants to get in touch with Miyoko who was practically Shoko s only friend in elementary school Miyoko wanted to become Shoko s friend and sacrifice her time and studies to learn sign language to better communicate to Shoko but sadly that friendship was diminished because Miyoko was bullied by everyone and left the school before Shoko transferred.Shoya gets major flashback to his childhood and we start to see the extent of the damages he has done that cannot be erased and at times we see that he wants to avoid dealing with the pain or wants to fix it so that way there is a legitimate reason why he wants to move on which is not always the solution Yes sadly there are moments in our lives where we take a tragic moment regardless who is the victim and we use it for something productive to help ourselves or others but that does not mean that the pain that was damaged can be forgotten.One clear symbol of that is the return of Naoka After the success of Miyoko reuniting with Shoko, Shoya thought it was possible to reach out to Naoka because she was considered a friend to Shoko even though she is a horrible person who is extremely jealous and at times I genuine wanted to slap her I know at times this manga is not 100% realistic to the real world but if I had to spend countless hours with Naoka I prefer to stare at the wall and wait till the paint dries instead of being her friend.When Shoya sees her again immediately he regrets it because he realizes that she has not changed at all and there are issues with her that has not been resolved I never liked her character throughout this entire series and it gets worst with her involvement Clearly from the beginning it was apparent that she was in love with Shoya and then became angry and heartbroken when she makes the connection that Shoya s true feelings revolve around Shoko I understand where her anger and jealous comes from but it does not justify bullying a girl to the point where it might be considered torture.I do not know Japanese culture and the way they deal with daily life in Japan but there are moments with Naoka that I have never seen in any art form when it comes to abuse and I do not know if its a cultural thing or the author added it on purpose to illustrate her point of view for these characters Regardless what happens I deeply dislike Naoka and wish her character would leave this story. I LOVE THE INNER DIALOGE AND INNER CONFLICT THAT ISHIDA GOES THROUGH SO MUCH It seems so real and reflective, not as superficial as some other Bad Guy to Good Guy transformation. This is seriously so good and so cute D This series just keeps being good Years from now, I ll want to remember that this is the volume that includes the visit to the Meow Meow Club.I love how different characters are brought into the story in a very natural way When I read the first book, I had no idea that seemingly minor characters would come back into Shoya s story later on It wasn t a book that felt to me, at least like it was setting up a bunch of little details that were destined to be brought together in some ingenious way So when that does happen, it feels muchrewarding, because it was unexpected.It s interesting to bring Naoka back in, as a different kind of foil for Shoya a bully who hasn t grown up and changed I was less interested in the lub moo of the conclusion, because that doesn t seem quite right yet but we ll see how the story develops after this.I hope we ll seeX s fall away as Shoya continues his journey I m impressed with how long we re being made to wait to see those kinds of changes start to happen. ARE YOU AFRAID OF HER Shoya S Decided To Do Everything He Can To Make Up For How Terribly He Treated Shoko, His Former Classmate Who Can T Hear But Than The Challenge Of Learning To Communicate, It Means Facing A Past He Thought He D Left Behind Forever Now A Reunion With Old Friends Will Transform Shoya, And His Relationship With Shoko Great volume I love the pacing, the illustrations and the complexity of the characters.It s touching story, I feel a lot and I think about all kinds of things while reading this story.Can t wait to read the next volume. I just love this so much That is all.