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download Best The Work and the Glory, Vol. 5: A Season of JoyAuthor Gerald N. Lund –

The Popular, Award Winning Series The Work And The Glory Continues With A Season Of Joy, Which Literally Spans The Globe As It Follows The Story Of The Restored Church And The Fictional Steed Family Through Two Eventful Years It Is A Season Of Rejuvenationas, After The Horrors Of The Missouri Persecutions, The Saints Find Refuge Across The Mississippi In Illinois, Where They Found The City Of Nauvoo Their Community Grows Rapidly, Miracles Occur Including Joseph S Raising Of Many From Their Sickbeds , The Work Of The Restoration Rolls Forward And The Steeds Are There For It All Matthew And Derek Accompany Members Of The Twelve On The Quorum S Mission To England, And There They Witness A Dramatic Harvest Of Souls, Including Wilford Woodruff S Remarkable Success Meanwhile, The Fate Of Will Steed Is Made Known, And Characters From Previous Volumes Reenter The Story In Addition, Since This Period In Church History Is Not Without Its Tensions, Its Trials, And Its Tragedies, Members Of The Steed Family Experience All Of These As Well Through Some Of The Most Realistic And Tender Scenes Of The Series, Readers Will Come To Know These Beloved Characters Even Intimately Than Ever Before As With The Previous Volumes, Personalities From Church History Come To Vivid Life Here, Particularly Those Of The Incomparable Joseph Smith And The Faithful, Steadfast Brigham Young Here, Then, Is Another Exciting, Engaging Installment In This Acclaimed Series, A Story That Reveals God S Infinite Mercy And Wisdom In Granting His People A Season Of Relief, A Season Of Hope, A Season Of Joy

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    This 5th volume covers a very short time period in LDS church history The saints had just been forced to leave Missouri or face brutal atacks The Governer had issued the extermination order and they were forced at gun point to leave everything they had They settled in Illinois and soon founded the beautiful city of Nauvoo from what was once only a swamp I really enjoy these books because they use real church history to tell the story of the restoration and the Steed family are really fun to follow.

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    I enjoyed the love triangle in this book I felt many of the previous marriages just happened to find the right person with no hiccups or questions asked Made it real with the she likes him, but he likes someone else type of thing Most of the history with this book involved setting up Nauvoo and the big mission to England most of the apostles went on I didn t realize that there were around 6,000 converts from that They also started building the temple during this book Starts in April 1938 and ends in July 1841 I like these books to learn the history, but I think I like the church s new book Saints for that purpose better I ll probably still finish the series since I m halfway done.

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    This is just as the title suggests an account of the joyous reprieve the Saints were given after the difficulty in Missouri and before the tragedies in Nauvoo In this book, the miracles of the mission field are numerous and we see not only of the kind character of Joseph Smith, but also of the stalwart Brigham Young This is also a period that advances the fictional story lines of several Steed characters, which can feel a little tedious I wish there was about church history and less of the fiction, but that s okay I listened to this one while on a long drive and I will say this there narrator s British accent particularly a woman s British accent is hysterical And not in a good way

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    I hate cheesy things, and I have to admit these books have parts that are cheesy, but what makes it TOTALLY worth it is the beautiful narrative of church history It brings a lot of emotion into the history You would have to read 10 boring church history books to learn what you learn by reading just one of these novels I was openly weeping during the part of this book that talked about how many people died from the malaria outbreak when Nauvoo was first being built RIGHT after they had been expelled from Missouri and had so many casualties from that , and a big part of it was how good the author is at endearing his characters to you You can really put yourself in their shoes.

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    I m not big into this series, but I keep thinking that I SHOULD finish it But, after reading this one I think I m done I like the books historical information but they seem so cheesy I m just not into them.

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    This is my favorite volume of the series I adore this series because the characters are deep and the historical events so powerful.

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    The United States of America is the country founded by seekers of freedom from oppressive governments But did you know the Mormon Church, born on April 6th, 1830 in New York State, was forced with violence from New York, to Ohio, to Missouri, to Illinois, and ultimately west across the plains and over the Rocky Mountains because of their beliefs The governor of Missouri actually issued an official declaration that all Mormons were to be driven from the state or exterminated It has always been ironic to me that the first Mormons actually had to leave the United States the country founded on freedom and travel 1300 miles before they were able find a place where they could peacefully worship.This is the story found in the 9 volume series The Work and the Glory, by Gerald Lund.5600 pages exactly in 32 days That s what it took for me to read all 9 volumes of The Work and the Glory Along the way I kept promising a grand review of the entire series once I finished book 9 Now that I ve closed the cover on the last page of the last book, I feel a bit lost for words I want to share what I learned, how I felt, what I liked, what annoyed me, what brought on the happy tears, and what caused the sad tears I m quite certain no one wants to read a review as long as the series itself, but I m afraid that s what it s going to take.So how do I do this What do I say How do I squeeze all these thoughts and feelings into a book review I dunno Let s find out The Work and the Glory is historical fiction The historical part is thorough, accurate, well researched, and well documented The books chronicle the incredible, inspiring, often tragic, always miraculous, and to us Mormons deeply meaningful first 20 years of existence of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints Book one begins in 1827, just before Joseph Smith is to retrieve the Golden Plates that will become The Book of Mormon Book nine ends in 1847, a few months after Brigham Young leads 12,000 Mormon Pioneers from Nauvoo, IL to the Valley of the Great Salt Lake.The fiction part is engaging, well written, and breathes life into the historical events Through the eyes of the fictional but representative of the time Steed Family, we become first hand witnesses to all of the major events surrounding the Restoration as it s known within the Church The Steeds meet Joseph Smith shortly after moving to Palmyra, New York in 1927, and soon they find themselves involved with all the peoples, places, and events those familiar with the history of the LDS Church will quickly recognize Martin Harris, Oliver Cowdry, the Whitmer s, Brigham Young, Parly P Pratt, Herber C Kimball, Emma Smith, Hyrum Smith April 6th, 1830, the Grandin Press, the Sacred Grove, Hill Cumorah, the Kirtland Temple, Haun s Mill, Liberty Jail, the Nauvoo Temple, Carthage Jail Mission calls, the law of consecration, plural marriage, the Kirtland Safety Society, extermination order, martyrdom, the trek West, the Donnor Party, the Mormon Battalion Palmyra, Kirtland, Independence, Far West, Nauvoo, Carthage, Winter Quarters, the Salt Lake Valley Conversion, apostasy, persecution, miracles, revelations, visitations, resilience, tragedy, joy, and finally, peace and rest The Steeds are part of it all For me, the best part of The Work and the Glory is the way becoming invested in the lives of the Steed Family makes history personal Now, instead of just knowing the facts surrounding a historical event, I have an idea of what it was like to actually be a part of that event What did it feel like to hear Joseph s testimony straight from his own mouth What was it like to be told to leave your lives in Palmyra and follow the Church to Kirtland Can I really imagine the terror of the hateful mobs driving us from every place we worked to start a new life How about the joy of being there when the Kirtland Temple was dedicated Cutting stone for the Nauvoo Temple What would I have thought on the great day of healing when Joseph rose from his sick bed of malaria and healed so many others who were sick What was it like to ride in a wagon across Iowa and Wyoming How did it feel to watch your children leave bloody footprints in the snow after being forced at gunpoint from Far West What about when Joseph was killed What did it feel like to witness Brigham Young suddenly look and sound like Joseph on that day in Nauvoo And on and on After all the trials, I feel like I caught a glimpse of their joy and relief to finally reach the Salt Lake Valley, where they would be out of reach of their enemies.I m a firm believer that the best books are the ones that make you feel, and there is a lot of feeling to be felt in reading The Work and the Glory.As literature, the books are engaging and well written but packed full of Mormon cheesiness The cheesiness wasn t too distracting for me, however, thanks to the strength of the characters I really cared about the Steeds and I loved watching their family grow through both sorrow and joy over the course of 20 years.It was also fun to read about my own pioneer ancestors as the Steeds even interacted with some of those that I am actually descended from.Mostly, I feel proud of my heritage The first members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints had the faith and courage to do and endure impossible things I feel steeled up than ever before to carry on with the work they started and to live my life with as much faith and courage as I can find in myself I want them to look down on me from heaven and be proud that I am carrying on their legacy.See, now I m caught up in Mormon cheesiness But, what can I say It s how I feel after reading The Work and the Glory.I recommend these books to everyone, especially lovers of American History and members or friends of the LDS Church For non Mormons especially, I think reading a detailed history of the LDS church such as this would go a long way in helping you understand better what makes us tick.Happy Reading Dan

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    I enjoyed reading this book, but it did feel like it was quite long with not that much actually happening It was interesting to read about the Saints journey from Missouri to Illinois, the malaria epidemic, the miraculous healings, and the subsequent mission to England I wish the whole book had been about Brigham Young and Wilford Woodruff preaching in England.This book reminded me a lot of the 3rd one because it spent a lot of time talking about the fictional characters, especially their romances The Mormon Non Mormon romantic relationship is a theme that Gerald Lund likes to explore as much as he can I m not that into teenage love triangles, but I do like Caroline as a character and I enjoyed seeing of her perspective on the Church I just wish of this book had related to Church History Joseph Smith spent several months in Washington asking the federal government for assistance in Missouri That could have been a major story, but it was left as a footnote.

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    I loved experiencing the joy that the Saints felt for a time after so much hardship This one did not seem to have as much action compared to others as it was a time of rest from previous trials and trials yet to come Still, the story was enjoyable and there was still a fair amount of hardship especially with the malaria outbreak shortly after the Saints settled in Illinois.

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    Fictional characters intermingled with true life stories is a good read Ready for volume 6 LDS church history or history of any kind is fascinating to read for anyone Gerald N Lund is a good author and has done a great job with historical research.