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eBook A Screaming Kind of DayAuthor Rachna Gilmore –

Scully, A Young Hearing Impaired Girl, Wants To Play Outside In The Rain, Away From Her Brother Leo And Her Busy Mother She Loves To Feel The Sensation Of The Rain Running Over Her Face After Escaping Briefly To The Wet Green Trees Outside, She Is Grounded And Not Allowed To Leave The House For A Day As Evening Approaches, Scully And Her Mother Are Able To Share A Special Moment Together Watching The Stars This book was great to read, it is about a young girl who is impaired and loves to dance with the rain and watch the sky fall asleep as she sees the stars come up. First, the illustrations in this book are beautiful Second, I am so happy there s a book representing the hearing impaired community there s certainly not enough representation in art media This book deals with the struggles of being hearing impaired and how sometimes people don t understand I liked the happy ending and the story it told definitely a book for my future classroom. I really enjoy that this book has characters from the hearing impaired community because there is not enough representation for these people The book deals with the challenges of being hearing impaired and how sometimes people just do not understand The happy ending made me smile.