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WHEN RIVALRY BECOMES PASSION With Warfare Blazing Through Scotland, The Fate Of The Comyn MacDougall Legacy Depends On One Woman Recently Orphaned, Young Margaret Comyn Must Secure Her Clan S Safety Through An Arranged Marriage But When An Enemy Invasion Puts Her At The Mercy Of The Notorious Wolf Of Lochaber, Her Every Loyalty And Secret Want Will Be Challenged AND A KINGDOM IS AT STAKE Legendary Warrior Alexander The Wolf MacDonald Rides With Robert Bruce To Seize The Throne Of Scotland But When He Takes The Fiery Lady Margaret Prisoner, She Quickly Becomes Far Than A Valuable Hostage For, The Passion Between Them Threatens To Betray Their Families, Their Countryand Their Hearts

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    4.5 amazing historical romance stars I received this book from Netgalley for my honest review.I admit it has been a good number of years since I have read a Brenda Joyce book and right now I am kicking myself wondering why This author has true talent with words She set the scene for this book, engaged my emotions, retained my interest and truly I was sitting on the edge of my seat right up to the end.A Rose in the Storm is set at a time in Scottish history when everything is in turmoil Men rule, they are either warriors or politicians or common soldiers but they play the game and women are a disposable commodity In this story we have Margaret who is going to home to her mothers Castle and her dowry home It has been arranged for her to marry Sir Guy, and English Knight When she arrives at her home, it is besieged by Alexander The Wolf MacDonald Alexander has to admire Margaret for her bravery in not backing down and admitting defeat, she stands and tries to fight to keep what is hers Unfortunately they are outnumbered and she is soon his prisoner and from there they have fight on their hands From her, the battle of not falling for her lifelong enemy and trying not to be a pawn in the battles of men.She said, very slowly, and choosing her words with great care, I cannot wish you well, Alexander He did not make a sound, but she thought she saw disappointment flaring in his eyes.She added, But I do not wish you ill You could tell it was a hard thing for her to swallow, as her loyalties were with her family I admired her standing her ground.Alexander s fight was with his emotions and trying to get a girl to understand that what he offered her was real and that he wanted her and not her castle.Alexander Last night changes nothing You go to war as does my family and we fight for different kings Last Night, he said quietly, changes everything I adored Alexander, he was an admirable man with the patience of a saint with Margaret He was the perfect combination of lethal warrior and honourable man.This was a fantastic historical romance Brenda Joyce had done her research, because although I am sure these characters where of her own making Names, places and battles all had a ring of familiarity to them Names that I have heard in textbooks and history classes It made the book and the characters all the real in my mind, I felt totally swept back in time A Rose in the Storm was a pure pleasure to read, if you are a historical romance fan I guarantee you will love this book.

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    I received this book from Netgalley for my honest review.It s actually 3 and 1 2 stars, but for the research and historical value I ve gladly upped it to 4 stars.The book is very, very well written and historically accurate, even if I think, but I m not a historian the MCs are BJ s invention.Still, I couldn t connect with them There was too much politics and I don t like nowdays politics, so shrug , too much war strategyI prefer to have a bit romance in my romace books.I understand that this is a medieval romance, so Alex is supposed to be a man of his time but I hate when the hero makes love to another woman What kind of hero is that For me he slipped than sevral steps down in my esteem.But that s not the only thing I didn t like Margaret s stubborn attachment to her brother, even when it became obviously pointless.The book definitely is worth reading

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    On one end you have the wallpaper historical romances The history is just a pretty set for a romance between people with very modern mindsets The history is often non existent, poorly researched, or just plain wrong On the other end there is historical fiction, which ideally seeks to tell things as they were with lots of historical context and detail and make the fictional part seamlessly fit in Personally I prefer my romance to be somewhere between the two extremes, leaning toward historical accuracy However, I come for the romance I just want to feel like I m immersed in that time place and not be thrown out of the story by a lot of anachronisms or people acting thinking like they live in the 21st century But, I don t want to be given a history lesson either A neat fact here or there, an appearance of a historical person, etc is enough for me I don t want a textbook I want the main source of conflict to be the H h relationship and the history to fit into that.This book was the opposite The main source of conflict was the Scottish War for Independence Lots and lots of name fact dropping I m not saying it was 100% accurate, for one thing I don t think there was ever any proof Countess Isabella was manipulated had an affair with Robert the Bruce My point is that the tension between the H h was nearly non existent.It started out promising with the H putting the h s castle under siege and promising all sorts of dire consequences if she doesn t surrender Then he prevails and the dire consequences never quite materialize Alexander was sadly a cardboard character when he could have been very memorable Joyce had him do things say things at times that hinted at the ruthless nature of a warlord of his time, but she always pulled her punches The worst he did in this book was sleep around with the h s maids and that was only because he couldn t get the h to be his willing mistress I m also still not believing he actually let the h go into the castle that was held by her evil betrothed where she was almost raped Yeah, that s what she wanted to do her brother was in there but since when did medieval men care what women wanted to do I can t believe he allowed her to put herself in such danger She was only 17 Aside from screwing around with maids and making some very sexist comments about them, Alexander was surprisingly pro feminist for the early 1300s Don t get me wrong, I love a man who is obviously smitten from day 1, but that doesn t mean he isn t still a man of his time.Margaret was highly frustrating at times She was 17, so she ran off into danger like the idiot teenager she was But, the whole clan family loyalty thing got old I tried to be open minded than some of the other reviewers Her mindset would have been totally different from ours, which is limited to loyalty to immediate family and doesn t include always sharing the same beliefs My dad loves to bait me about my opposing political views, it s a game not a matter of treason disloyalty I think it was just the fact that Joyce repeated the theme too often when she could have come up with a million other sources of conflict that would have been much exciting.Also, I was surprised after reading some of her earlier novels that the sex was almost fade to black No passion and certainly not the bawdiness of The Conqueror Honestly, I think Joyce has lost interest in romance and wants to write historical fiction Just my uninformed opinion.

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    3.5 stars.The setting of this story is Scotland, 1306 A Rose in the Storm narrates the story of Margaret Comyn and Alexander The Wolf MacDonald, who are caught in opposite sides of a war Alexander is a warrior of Robert the Bruce, and Margaret s family opposes Bruce and favours England When they meet, Alexander is attacking Margaret s castle They start off as enemies and remain that way for most of the book.The major conflict is Margaret s unwillingness to betray her family She is caught between doing what is honorable, and following her heart.The historical details are rich This is my favorite time period in Scotland and I truly enjoyed the historical background The romance was secondary at times Margaret s character is a blend of courageous and weak she spends a lot of the time crying, complaining about how much she hates war, and obsessing about what to do The best part of the story was Alexander He was a warrior, strong, brave and he truly loved her almost from the start Sadly, the entire book is written in 3rd person strictly from Margaret s POV We never get to see what s going on in Alexander s head, so we don t really get to know him We don t know what really motivates him, why he falls in love with her, why he follows Bruce He would ve been a much richer and developed character if we had gotten a glimpse of his thoughts And the romance would ve been believable.Overall, an enjoyable story that felt like historical fiction than romance We do get a great HEA, the story is very well written and researched.

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    3 to 3.5 stars It took me a while to read this one It s quite long a little TOO long IMO , but the writing style is appealing and very readable.I really liked the H, the Wolf of Lochaber He s gorgeous on the cover of my paperback copy Rawr A very traditional medieval HR type hero Alpha male to the max A brave and fearless soldier to the core OK, before he hooked up with Margaret, he did tend to bounce from bed to bed, with any willing wench But once they were together, he became loyal to her I also liked Margaret, Lady Comyn Aged seventeen, which in those times was a lot older than a seventeen year old of today But still young and fairly innocent Daughter of a great family, but now all of her closest family members except one brother are dead Margaret fights desperately to hold onto the family castle, but it s a time of war and the castle falls to the enemy the Wolf of Lochaber Da na na naBut somehow, these two enemies fall in love It s genuine, and real But here is my problem with this book Waaayyyyy too much of the book was then spent in the to ing and fro ing between them, especially on Margaret s part Yeah, of course it was admirable that she was so loyal to her own family, but hey, let s cut to the chase It seemed like there were about 300 pages where Margaret would be with Alexander, then she would leave him and go back to her extended family Then she would be back with him again Then not etc Margaret took soooo long to make up her mind to finally commit to Alexander Alright, already I just got tired of the will she won t she stuff It was too much, and it detracted from the book IMO There was too much stuff about the back and forth of medieval Scottish politics too If I didn t have some interest in this, I wouldn t have read this book, but I felt the balance needed to swing towards the romance and away from the wars and politics SighSo, overall, I really liked the writing style, and the romance, such as it was But I would hesitate before reading another book by this author because I like my romance front and centre But if you re a history buff, then this writer might be for you.

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    3.5 stars This review is for a free copy courtesy of Harlequin via NetGalleyThis book was full of history Familiar historical names are interwoven with the fictional characters to produce a solid historical setting.It is the year 1306, Robert the Bruce is at war with England, he has proclaimed himself King of Scotland He is on the march to Scone capturing castles and gathering supporters as he go Alexander MacDonald known as the Wolf is at the gates of Castle Fyne capturing it to gain its support for Bruce s cause.But Castle Fyne is Margaret Comyn s inheritance, left to her by her much beloved mother, it s her dowry for her marriage to Sir Guy, an English Nobleman, a marriage arranged by her uncle to strengthen the relationship with the English now that King Edward rules Scotland.Margret tries to defend her inheritance but fails and Alexander takes Castle Fyne, making Margret and her brother Will his prisoners Alexander is obviously interested in Margret, despite the fact that their families have feuded forever, but Scotland is at war and he must follow the Bruce And Margret escapes but to what fate Both Alexander and Margret are closely involved in the struggle and war, which brings them together and divides them many times.The history was as accurate as I can tell, which had me wondering about our main characters fate till the end I really enjoyed reading this book, history comes alive as you read, and realistic too, which i think was the best part Margret had to make a lot of hard choices, sometimes I agreed and sometimes they were necessary and realistic.But the book fell short on relationship development.Margret and Alexander fell in love despite all the circumstances You read about how passionate she feels towards him, but you don t actually feel it I also think Alexander s character was very well written.Overall a good historical read and I really enjoyed it.

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    Dissapointed, truly and thoroughly and I m a big fan of Brenda Joyce s medieval works Conqueror and mostly the Promise of the Rose are among my all time favorite of the genre and I have to say, I was expecting it this to be as well Now, don t get me wrong, it s very well written, the text flows and the depictions are great, but, MY GOD, it s terribly boring there s politics and strategy here than romance it somehow seems inconsistent to me, I guess I better liked the old school Brenda Joyce, rather than the contemporary one

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    This book is filled with action and intrigue My only complaint is the lack of romance between the main characters Also, I had difficulty with how stupid the heroine behaved She wasn t a coward, but her foolishness was jaw dropping.

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    J ai d cid de le lire sur un coup de t te, alors que j avais dit que j arr tais les historiques d Harlequin Oui mais voil , c est Brenda Joyce, qui a d j prouv son talent la saga des de Warenne.Et donc, ce livre a tout pour me d plaire une h ro ne qui se met dans des positions pas possibles, au m pris du bon sens, des sc nes de sexe qui se limitent 2 phrases chaque fois et il l aima et une situation historique assez instable, o la s curit du couple n est pas d finitivement acquise la fin du livre.MAIS, je ne sais pas, a a fonctionn chez moi Beaucoup d aventures car l histoire est bien document e sur un pisode de l histoire cossaise et le couple y est parti prenant, travers une bonne partie de l Ecosse a change du huit clos syst matique du Oh, il a pris mon ch teau, et 250 pages apr s, il n en n a toujours pas boug Un h ros pas vraiment d monstratif, mais qui est s r de ses sentiments, tr s t t.Bref, on retrouve la touche Harlequin, mais c est de la bonne, et c est assez rare

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    2.5 What happened here This book started as a 5 medieval romance, only to plummet down to 2 due to droning on and on like a boring history book What s not to like 17 year old Lady Margaret s awaiting her arranged marriage, only to have her castle sieged and herself imprisoned by, none other than, Alexander The Wolf of Lochaber While her loyalties are to her clan and king, Margaret can t help falling in love with her strong captor Sounds great, right For Medieval Scotland romance lovers me , I thought I was in heaven when I started reading this book But About 150 pages into this 500 page book, I started getting confused did I open up a history book or a historical romance Towards the end of the book I felt like I was in the middle of a never ending history lesson, that had been taking place over the last 400 pages There was almost NO romance The hero and heroine were apart for most of the book I really wish they had on page together time, and for a pretty long book, too First of all for such a long book, why are the characters so underdeveloped We know next to nothing about anyone except our leading lady Margaret We know that Margaret is above all loyal However, I am not quite sure why she believes it is better for her a Scotswoman to marry an Englishman, than to marry The Wolf a Scot , even if he is from an opposing clan And her brother is even stricter in where her loyalties should lay he doesn t want her to marry the Englishman, because duh he s Englishbut he doesn t want her to marry The Wolf either, because he doesn t like his clan Oh come on Anyways, despite the 500 pages, we know very little about The Wolf, even less about lady Isabella why does she act the way she does and is there a reason for her betrayal , Margaret s brother William, Margaret s best friend and maid Peg who betrays her, but this is forgotten towards the end of the book , etc Why were none of these characters fleshed out or their actions at least explained Secondly the conflict between the hero and heroine is due to a war There is no real emotional conflict or connection between the two of them in fact, they spent so little time together in this book that readers can t even tell if there is anything between them at all They would be together, if not for the Scottish war and her being pulled tirelessly for her, quite tiresome for us by her family loyalties She kept repeating that her loyalties have to lay with the other side a million times And 400 pages of this Of battles, broken loyalties, war treasons, evil king, annoying king, a completely random countess who leaves her loving husband to be the mistress of the annoying king the point of this was as random, as it was unexplained and uneccessary Since it was written as a history book, maybe this really happenedbut we still got no explanation as to why it happened or how it was important to OUR story Really the relationship between hero and heroine didn t just take the backburner, it was non existent Thirdly the sex scenes What the heck was that Fade to black stuff Brenda Joyce Really The author of Captive Literally, the love scenes were also non existent and read something like this .He placed her on the grass, burning with desire She couldn t wait to feel his strength And after their lovemaking, she lay in his arms What Where was the lovemaking Finally, what was with the ending It felt like a door was left wide open for a sequel The king s story just seemed so unfinished and unsatisfactory Another unsatisfactory tidbit, was that Margaret s great friend, Isabella, was imprisoned and being tortured Margaret pretty much shrugs this off at the end It feels so untrue to her character so far Even just a fact that the heroine s friend is left caged and tortured at the end of a romance novel, with no hint at salvation, makes this a VERY strange romance novel So overall, great potentialI m assuming well researched But ZERO romance Come on woman if you want to write Historical Fiction, go for it But don t call it Historical Romance and sell it with a long haired, muscly chested dude, ripping off a girl s gown on the cover Go write history books and sell them to those who care to read about bloody battles and wars lost I.e the cover looked like this , while it should have looked like this