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A poignant story about dealing with grief through the magic of reading and friendshipCalypso's mum died a few years ago and her emotionally incompetent Dad can't or won't talk about Mum at all Instead he throws himself into writing his book A History of the Lemon Meanwhile the house is dusty there's never any food in the fridge and Calypso retreats into her own world of books and fiction When a new girl Mae arrives at school the girls' shared love of reading and writing stories draws them together Mae's friendship and her lively and chaotic home where people argue and hug each other make Calypso feel normal than she has for a long time But when Calypso finally plucks up the courage to invite Mae over to her own house the girls discover the truth about her dad and his magnum opus and Calypso's happiness starts to unravel

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    Calypso is living with her dad Her mother passed away a few years ago Her dad is emotionally closed off and spends all of his time working on his book A History of the Lemon Even though Calypso is ten years old she has to clean the house look after her father and cook her own dinners There's never a stocked fridge and the house is dusty Fortunately Calypso can lose herself in stories She reads and she writes and her father has taught her that being her own company is enough That changes when Calypso meets Mae Mae is vibrant and cheerful and she brings Calypso the joy she has missed in her lifeIt isn't easy for Calypso to share her world with Mae While she's been at Mae's house many times she avoids inviting her back When Mae finally visits Calypso's house Calypso can't hide what her life is really like any longer What will happen to her and her father now that other people know?A Library of Lemons is an amazing story about a girl who learns to find light and happiness after being lonely for a long time My heart ached when I read about Calypso and her father Sometimes life can be unfair but being brave helps to get through the bad times I loved her strength and her creativity Calypso and Mae are both intelligent main characters They love stories and it's clear that Jo Cotterill is passionate about books and reading I loved her enthusiasm about the topics she's chosen for her book Jo Cotterill has written an amazing story about a sensitive topic There are so many children who don't have an easy life at home and she writes about it in an understanding and moving way Her sentences flow easily and her writing is beautiful A Library of Lemons is sad but hopeful It's a book about light and dark I loved the philosophical character of the story It's interesting but also easy to understand I liked this book very much highly recommend it

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    This book was a gift from a friend who knows just how much I adore books and lemonsI had just finished Edith’s Diary by Patricia Highsmith when my eyes landed on the recently arrived copy of A Library of Lemons Its bright cover seemed to whisper promises of a lightness that I most certainly craved after having read the haunting Highsmith Little did I knowI would say that A Library of Lemons is a considerately written novel about the importance of people – when I say people I don’t simply mean the ones that surround us the others but also ourselves our own existencePeople need people You can’t just keep yourself apart all the time so that you don’t get hurt All that means is you get hurt anyway and you’re aloneI believe Jo Cotterill than succeeds at conveying the message that we need each other We may not always know how to reach out we may not always recognize when someone else is trying to reach out but closing our eyes altogether will certainly not help We may feel as if we are protecting our loved ones but they know they know something is going on they just don’t know how to ask – or perhaps they are afraidI think this is one important book particularly for young readers The language is than suitable for youngsters and the storyline creates a safe haven that I believe is vital to the process of learning how to open up In a world that seems far too quick to judge and way too slow when it comes to forgiving A Library of Lemons is like a friendly hand leading us toward a middle ground that seems utopic to many but that existsA novel about grief yes A Library of Lemons is the light at the end of a tunnel that might at first feel endlessly long A Library of Lemons is a reminder that no matter how long a tunnel will always be a tunnel and that means it will always have a way out Baby steps One And another And another‘So how can two opposite things both be normal?’Mae bites her lip thoughtfully ‘It sort of makes you wonder how anyone works out what normal is’‘And if no one is really sure’ I say ‘If people are just making up their own idea of normal then’‘Then anything is normal And everything’ concludes Mae

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    A beautiful book about the mistaken routes we take to cope with grief and the long term harm they do Lovely lucid writing I particularly liked the image of the father receiving an invitation and looking like a hamster about to be plucked from its cage Recommended for readers aged 10 including grown ups

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    Warning tissues will be needed Calypso's mum died and now her dad has become very closed off and remote telling her that she shouldn't cry but should instead develop 'inner strength' Calypso is quite a solitary girl relying on the company of the fictional characters in her beloved books until a new girl Mae arrives at her school who has a similar love of words and books The girls become fast friends but Mae's very normal noisy family life serves to highlight the disparity with Calypso's quiet lonely life with her dad Things come to a head in a heartbreaking scene that involves lemon throwing and afterwards Calypso finally starts to get some help with her father's and her own griefJo Cotterill's writing is just beautiful without being overly sentimental and the story both highlights the lives of young carers and portrays grief in a very realistic and poignant way I'm not ashamed to say I cried buckets and Lemons is a book I will definitely reread I can give no greater compliment than this I rarely read a book than once as my tbr list is far too long The story although achingly sad is hopeful too there are no easy answers for Calypso and her dad but things do start to improve by the end of the book I loved it last year I spent the year recommending Sarah Crossan's One to anyone that would listen this year I won't be shutting up about A Library of Lemons it is simply wonderful

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    24 hours after finishing this wonderful book I'm still mentally and emotionally processing its themes In simple terms it's an easy read but it would take a mature KS2 to deal with the core issues of bereavement mental breakdowns and young carers These themes are beautifully woven through the story of a young girl Calypso who makes friends with a fellow book worm Mae It's beautifully written and it's impossible not to feel deep sympathy and empathy for Calypso who has the weight of the world on her shoulders

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    This is a gentle and deceptively understated story and yet it has an emotional punch Sadly children acting as carers are increasingly common and for the right child at the right time this book written with wisdom and care could be a life saver Jo Cottrell's story covers subjects often found in Jacqueline Wilson's books and so this would appeal to readers who enjoy her style Calypso is a child that you very quickly care about and her quiet courage is heartbreaking at times This would be an excellent book for prompting discussion particularly about what is 'normal' and whether in fact anything can be described as 'normal' The importance of books and stories to Calypso is very interesting too A lovely book

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    A lovely story about family friendship love of reading and writing but also the danger of immersing into books and stories escaping the whole worldThe narrative tone is perfect simple and naive without being childish The narrator's point of view is cleverly used to slowly revealing reality layer after layer Things seems simple enough until we understand what is really happeningThe characters are well defined endearing in their qualities and flaws The story's contemporary but the style has a really nice vintage flavourThe enthusiasm of the two young readers is communicative there are a lot of references to classics especially children's books as Anne of Green Gables which is in my to be read soon books'list P

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    I read it about a few months ago and it was very inspiring and entertainingIt is pretty good

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    Is my favourite book

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    A LOVELY book – I highly recommend itCalypso and her dad live an isolated life their main company being their books – for which each has their own library at home When Calypso looks up from a book long enough to make a friend Mae she comes to realise how lovely it can be to be part of a normal family Mae has mum dad and younger brother who offer her support she scarcely knows she needsCalypso who misses her late mum does all the cooking and housework hardly realising how dependent her father has become He has a determination that everything can be sorted through channelling ones’ inner strength leaving Calypso feeling something of a failure if she becomes tearfulA poignant story of a lovely youngster who has become a carer for her bereaved dad and finds her comfort in a wonderful array of books a passion she learns to share with a special friend Jo Cotterill and established author covers the difficult topics sensitively making a highly readable novel for readers of 9 Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for an advance copy in return for this honest reviewI have since bought it for school