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A Moving, Funny, Tongue In Cheek, And Deadly Serious Story About How One Woman Lost And Found Herself By Going Online Nancy Makin Weighed An Astounding Pounds In May She Was Forty Five Years Old And Suffered From Diabetes And Other Obesity Related Maladies Thanks In Equal Parts To Shame And Logistics, She D Been Homebound For A Dozen Years But All That Changed After A Gift From Her Sister A Computer A Technophobe, Nancy Ignored It For Months, Until Finally Boredom And Curiosity Pushed Her Into Cyberspace And There, In A Political Chat Room, She Found The Friendliness, The Connection, The Acceptance She D Been Missing For So Long Nobody Flinched When Nancy Spoke Up People Treated Her With The Same Respect Accorded To Anybody Else Thanks In Great Part To These New Emotional Connections, Nancy S Life Was Transformed She Followed No Particular Diet Plan No Pills, Potions Or Ab Crunching Exercises Played A Part There Was No Silver Bullet, No Magical, Elusive Ingredient And Yet Today Nancy Has Lost Than Pounds Nancy S Tale Is One Of Redemption, A Story Of Reevaluating Her Worth And Insisting She Had Value Simply Because She Was Human It Will Show A Growing America That There Is Hope, There S Always Hope If You Believe

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    The outline of this book sounds a lot coherent than it really was It reads like an adaptation of one of the author s motivational speeches, and I am guessing it probably was, because that is how the author makes her living these days So it s not in a conventional autobiographical format.Which is too bad, as there s some fascinating stuff there The author was raised in an Irish Catholic family of girls in Seattle, only to be yanked out of that environment at a young age to be subjected to a renegade Catholic religious cult near Montreal And on escaping, turning into a child of the late 1960s, marrying early, becoming a military wife, then a single mom in culinary school However, the author does not reflect on these events, or depict how they led her to overeat In fact, she never really says why or even what she eats It s just something that happens Other autobiographical elements are also seem underfleshed I truly wondered why the author allowed her narcisstic, shrewish mother the one who forced the entire family to join the cult to remain in her life when any other sane person would have kicked such a toxic parent to the curb That element still bothers me in fact, as what ultimately happened to the older sister who embraced the cult and became a nun.What the book did well was depict how it feels to be dangerously obese In one harrowing section, the author at her heaviest moves into a new apartment and lies down for a nap, but is unable to get back on her feet because of her size It s a page turner for snippets like that alone Yet when she does lose the weight, it s disturbingly easy and pat a reader might feel cheated.In sum, a gripping read, but on reflection, could have been a LOT better.

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    Not a typical weight loss book, which is a good thing After getting to an all time high of 703 pounds, and isolating herself from all social interaction, the author has pretty much given up on life Until she finds a way to reconnect with the people again through the WWW Compared to society s negative opinions of the morbidly obese, internet friends don t judge on appearance, and Nancy is slowly able to rebuild her self esteem Once she starts caring about herself again and finding joy in living, her weight starts to melt away friends and interaction become important than stuffing down negative feelings with food While I wasn t expecting a detailed memoir of her whole life, her background kinda sorta helps to explain how she got to be so heavy The loss of the weight is the shortest part of the book, and felt a bit rushed But Nancy makes some excellent points about how, for many of us, paradoxically, excess weight is not really about the food It s about how we deal with our emotions some scream, some drink or use other addictive substances, and some choose food as the vice of choice Why not It s always available, and there s a food to fit every moodShe didn t follow a diet plan as she lost weight, and, even now, doesn t freak out if she eats an extra bite of a sweet one day, and feels that life is enjoyable when we are not obsessing about everything that goes into our mouths Once the emotions were under control, for her anyway, the food and activity pieces of the puzzle just fell into place There was the obligatory for these types of stories appearance on Oprah to end the book, but the life story, while interesting in parts, was a bit of a slog to get to the point of the book.

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    This was a fascinating memoir of a woman whose weight ballooned to 703 pounds and who was homebound and living on disability Her childhood was strange as she had 7 sisters and a strict Catholic mother who dominated her husband When she was a little girl the family left their comfortable life in Seattle and joined an off shoot monastic community in Quebec that had been formed in defiance of the Vatican II reforms It is a horrible, bordering on abusive, experience that seems to be one of the obvious catalysts that contributed to her morbid weight gain Her story is fascinating and horrifying and amazing Her recovery started after a sister gave her a rehabbed computer She started to make personal connections with other people on line that began to help her grow in her concept of self worth She loses so much weight that she has to go off disabilty and starts to clean people s houses, which continues her ability to develop deeply connected relationships with her clients, one of whom pays for the surgery she needs to get rid of all the excess skin flaps It is an amazing story that culminates with her finally going on Oprah with her story and getting the book deal She now gives motivational speeches.

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    When Nancy Makin weighed herself in 2000, she was 703 lbs She was barely mobile, never left her home, and had all kinds of obesity related health problems Even though she knew her weight was problematic, she wasn t really able to do anything about it until she developed a sense of self worth this, oddly enough, she did by connecting with people online Her sister gave her a computer and she went out onto the internet and forged friendships and relationships in cyberspace This activity distracted her from her own problems and negative feelings and eventually enabled her to get a grip and take control Nancy s story was not what I d expected This is really a memoir let s start at the beginning with my parents and how they met and go from there and not just a tale of how Nancy gained a lot of weight and then lost it again I got to the part where her mother forces her and her sister to join a cult as children and was gobsmacked Wait, what They joined a CULT What am I reading I thought there would be a moment where Nancy had some kind of epiphany isn t that how it usually happens that made her see what she was doing to herself and her family And she sort of does, but that s not what changes her behavior What does happen is that she gets so wrapped up in her online life that she forgets to eat, forgets to entertain all of the bad feelings, and finds that she s losing weight Oh hey She eventually has to work for it when she s finally scheduled to have surgery to remove the excess flesh that remains from her days as the 703 lb woman That s a major battle struggle I m not sure what to think of her story I m glad she s healthier and happier and no longer heavy , but how did she ever allow herself to get to the point where everything was so hard and hopeless perplexed

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    The book took a while to get off the ground, but was fairly interesting Those looking for food plans or diet tips should look elsewhere This book is the personal journey of someone who had a weird childhood and became isolated as an adult by her weight which eventually became 703 pounds She talks about how overweight people have to think of things others don t think about Spindly chairs, especially chairs with arms, are enemies Narrow store aisles Air flight Forget it Stairs Another enemy The overweight are second class citizens and people who claim to never discriminate or be hurtful to anyone often have no compunction about doing so with the overweight I ve been an overweight adult and have gained and lost numerous pounds I ve never been as large as 703, but I understood Nancy s travails The book lapses into platitudes toward the end, but still worth reading Despite the strange childhood, Nancy is careful to say throughout the book that her weight is the result of her own bad choices, and she takes full responsibility for her state The good news is that she lost a bunch of weight Nancy s sister gave her a computer and Nancy discovered the internet community Friends she never met pulled her from her isolation and she began to lose weight She communicated with others instead of sitting and eating She eventually was able to start work again and formed her own business Nancy is maintaining her weight loss and writes and is on the lecture circuit.

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    An admirable story, told in fairly plain prose with the occasional dip into self helpy love yourself moments While not a scholar or a gifted author, this book still has a few clear and important messages Overeating is not about food, and yes, America has some issues with fear, control, and appearance None of these things are new or surprising, but the author does a good job of laying her thoughts out simply and directly Not an amazing read, but still, you want to applaud the intentions And thank god, not once does she discuss her diet, exercise plan or her current weight loss regimen in any way that feeds into someone else s desire to know her secret Which is, I think, the book s most important if not directly stated point.

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    This book was odd It started out being a memoir about the author s childhood experiences in a cult, which was actually pretty interesting The rest of the book, however, seemed to consist of a lot of People were mean to me and then I moved, and then I lost my job and then people were mean to me and then I lost weight And her weight loss plan appears to be I got a job cleaning houses, and became so obsessed with the internet that I forgot to eat I m not really sure what this book was trying to be.

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    The author had a top weight of 703 lbs She lost the majority over 500 lbs of that weight and recounts her story here in hopes of inspiring other people It was a decent story The author started the story as a child and worked her way forward, but there were large gaps in time in her story I listened to the audio, so sometimes lost where we were what age she was, what weight I found her childhood particularly interesting She never really said how she lost all the weight, but I still found the perspective interesting She didn t leave her house for years when she did, they needed special equipment to get her out and to the hospital The comments and stares are things you don t think about Even how to do so many things that so many of us take for granted When she did leave her house, her son would stand in such a way to try to block people s stares There are just so many things we take for granted.

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    This is a memoir of a women who works her way up to, and then back down from 703 pounds I was morbidly curious, frankly I m disgusted by people that get to be over say 350, and cannot fathom it However, it happens, it happens a lot, and there has to be some very good reasons for it I know that sounds terrible for me to say, but I m sure I am not alone in the sentiment and it is true Even with my Sociology degree, respect and understanding for the morbidly obese was not discussed and certainly is not in public realm That said, Nancy Makin taught me some much needed humility She shares her story as a way to give hope to others in her situation, and to show people like me that big people have feelings, families and a need for self worth I had never thought about the fact that household scales do not go beyond say 300 pounds so after a person reaches that point, they really have no idea what they weight Nancy would look at a 10 foot walk as being almost too daunting, and stairs as being a week s worth of effort Her grandchildren had to get up on the furniture when Nancy went to get up just in case she fell, she didn t want to risk them getting injured or killed I m not trying to be funny,these were serious limitations, that I can easily say most of the world know nothing about.I won t spoil the plot with her ups and down through life, but what I will say is Nancy is a talented writer and witty to boot She lost all of her weight on her own, without surgery or a strict plan I laughed out loud, or at least snickered fairly often which I did not expect when I began the book I also teared up when Nancy wrote of driving for the first time in 16 years, eating in a restaurant for the first time in 18 years, and wearing her first pair of Levi s in her 40s Nancy is a worthy role model by candidly sharing her challenges while offering encouragement to others Much of the book was her sharing her life story, not necessarily directly tied to her weight I m embarrassed to say I wanted to hear about what she ate, I waited the whole book to hear the gory details only to have Nancy say essentially , people that just want to hear what I ate all day, or when I last had sex are not interested in me as a person, they are interested in the sensationalism of my situation, and I m not willing to give them that satisfaction It s true, and I will never view an obese person the same way again, thanks to this book Everyone should read this book, for one reason or another If I haven t convinced you, she was cool enough to be on Oprah

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    I cannot imagine having a life like this author, her parents were a bit different Especially her mother They took the whole family to a convent type establishment in Canada and the children were seperated from the parents Nancy, the author, adored her father and being seperated from him was extremely difficult for her Food was scarce and many times rotten She learned to hord when she could and to over eat when the food was good After the convent she moved around and then ended back up there only to finally refuse to return Pregnant at 15 and married that same year, brought changes and weight Her life seemed like one diet after another and yet when she was in the hospital the tests told another story Nancy was over 703 pounds and yet malnurioused Her body was obese, but her system was starving for nutrients I think that is the way it is in America We have some many options for food and yet many of us chose the nutrient free high calorie alternative Do you reach for an apple, or a brownie Nancy lost the weight and she did it without surgery or other aids She learned to eat healthy and to eat normally Eat when your hungry, eat nutrient rich foods and treat yourself every once in awhile She now is a public speaker and helps others do what she did Her life was one bad thing after another, until she took over Changing her life allowed her to find it.This is an inspiring book, a bit long in places, but interesting all the same.